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Yoshitoshi Abe, Radix, Haibane Renmei, Rakka Wallpaper
Yoshitoshi Abe Mangaka Radix Studio Haibane Renmei Series Rakka Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Hi. '_'a

I hv this scan lying around in my comp for awhile....and i really love Rakka..hehe
I didn't really like the dark mood in the originial SCAN....
so i decided to vector it...and gave it a fresh look instead....
now i think Rakka really looks like an angel here...maybe becoz i added a halo, LOL XP
btw, i tried my best to make the wings look ok....@_@...and here it is...
I kept the green in the background...:) and kept it simple?...

Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: Calisqo
Wall: ::Unspoken Memories::
Reason:I love the texture in this wall..and how it incoporates with the character. >_< it's just so lovely...

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  1. Wearealltrash Jul 18, 2005


    This is really good. I love the vector, it's perfect! Her hair and wings look especially good.

    Only thing is that b/c of the background, the vector doesn't stand out as much as it should (especially her dress and face don't stand out). And the writing gets in the middle of the icons which is annoying in a wallpaper, but other than that you did a really good job!

    +Fav :)

  2. frozenwilderness Jul 18, 2005

    what a classic vector.. it looks great, must have taken a long time *__* favvv

  3. Asahi Jul 18, 2005

    thtats kick-ass work !! *__* definitely a fav for you =) ... really beauti vector.

  4. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jul 18, 2005

    Sugoi, i love how the whole vectored work is a breath off the dark scary one but yeah all together with the simple bg and the radical text all i can say is Great work !! XD
    Fav flava!

  5. FlowerDog Jul 18, 2005

    My, this new wallpaper of yours is so breathtaking. :o I am so impressed with your vectoring skills. The way you have most of the skin, hair, clothing, and wing lines the same color as the solid color surround it's inner area. You're a genius when it comes to creating a wallpaper. True master piece and the BG looks so beautiful and truly matches your vector. The halo was a very good touch for the angelic atmosphere. :) Excellent job on this wallie, Ayaki-sama. :D

  6. Yina Jul 18, 2005

    amazing vector.. XD wow.. the hair of the girl looks great.. XD and the atmosphere is so beautiful... >__< the bg fits perfectly to the vector.. I love those green colours and textures you used.. dunno what I should write now.. cuz the wallie makesme speechless.. O__O nyaa.. excellent work, +fav ^^

  7. Rella Jul 18, 2005

    Wow, good job on the vectoring and the wallpaper! Yeah, this version looks better than the dark scan. Great work! ^^

  8. neppari Jul 18, 2005

    Gorgeous work, the vector (especially the hair...) is beautiful. Added it to favorites!

  9. rocknroll-isgo Jul 19, 2005

    <3 vector! XD

    Vectoring that image to create the light atmospehere was definitely the right decision, Ayaki. And the hair and wings are just... incredible. *___* A nice light bg, too. It leans towards abstract which was a better choice than grunge.

    Great stuff, Ayaki. I'm really impressed with this one.

  10. Saikusa Retired Moderator Jul 20, 2005

    Really beautiful... your vectorising gives it a really fresh look that adds to the innocence of the little angel ;) Really bright & full of love ~ wonderful :)

  11. euna Retired Moderator Jul 21, 2005

    oh wow... beautiful vector work.. it's so well done and all that detail @_@
    like yurikohime said.. she's brimming with innocene and purity ^^
    the green goes really well with the vector.
    it looks stunning. brilliant work *fav*

  12. flyindreams Jul 28, 2005

    Can't imagine how you vectored this from that original scan O_O I'll bet very, very few people would've done it, but it looks amazing! Your new wall looks great too. I like how your style has changed a lot from some of your older walls~ I'll be nominating your two new walls for Simple-ism's featured gallery *^.~*

  13. Sumomo- Feb 15, 2006

    Very lovely and very well done. My only complaint is that is too bright.
    hard to see the details up close.
    Other than that, good job! :D

  14. kiukirilya Feb 15, 2006

    This wallie is beautiful! The colors are great ^^
    The atmosphere is very calming and strange...
    Awesome work! A fav' for sure!

  15. WWLAOS Feb 16, 2006

    Gah! It's...it's gorgeous! I love the vector, it looks terrific. The wings are excellent as is the hair. The soft colors you used are perfect, the whole thing is just so beautiful. The different shades of grey and white on the wings give them the perfect balance, and the hair looks so shiny, despite the lack of any actual shine effects. The crinkly nature of the dress is beautifully accentuated by the different colors, and it looks so soft and comfortable. The halo was a nice touch, and I love the look of the title. The sort of "fractured" look to the background is terrific, the competing colors and chaotic nature really gives it a feel of light pouring through trees, or something. My only complaint is that the star designs show a bit too much there in the upper right-hand corner.

    Absolutely beautiful wallpaper, ayaki. Thank you so much for doing all that hard work and then uploading it for us to enjoy. It's gorgeous...so soft and innocent and inviting. I can't believe I missed this when it was first posted.

  16. Sandra Mar 05, 2006

    OMG I LOVE IT , I totally love it , it's perfect , the bg and the vector ! My fav in your gallery.And one of the best wallpaper i've seen in MT.

  17. Monaliza Jul 12, 2010

    what an angel ...
    it is realy cute ...
    thanx for sharing ...

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