Haibane Renmei Wallpaper: [Haibane:a City called Old Home]

Yoshitoshi Abe, Radix, Haibane Renmei, Rakka Wallpaper
Yoshitoshi Abe Mangaka Radix Studio Haibane Renmei Series Rakka Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

hmm not one of my better walls =/ but i thought i would upload anyway >.>
well its kinda more spiritual looking and cloudy. the city in the bg is supposed to be a bit futuritic compared to the style of the scan.

yes i hope my future walls WILL be better than this.
just another messy wall for now i guess.

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  1. Kiako Jun 14, 2005

    the background looks good, i like the buildings. everything fits well on it.

  2. Angel-on-Dragon Jun 14, 2005

    Nice wallpaper^^ I like the sad looking angel.... And the bg fits perfectly.
    You're getting better ^^ Thanks for sharing *adds to fav*

  3. AC2N Jun 14, 2005

    Good job dude... really good... love it !
    ---> Fav.


  4. Nona Jun 14, 2005

    great work as always! I like it!
    keep it up!!!
    :) :) :)

  5. DarkEVO Jun 14, 2005

    Greatly done wallpaper.
    I like the city in the background. Pretty good.
    The character kinda blends together but not sharp.
    Still good. +Fav.

  6. meteorcloud Jun 14, 2005

    hmz.....a weird composition...but I like your idea ^_^~!
    hmz..city looks fuzzy wuzzy=O..... ow well..anda...I think old home...should be warm and feeling good.....but this wallpaper looks feeling left out..and lonely....kinda sad feelings ~_~"....ow well...I'll be looking forward to your next wall ^_^

  7. Kougaxgirl Jun 14, 2005

    aww i thnk its a good wallie....yeah the background is pretty awesome XP and thast a nice sacan...and i just love love love it...sorry i didn't say more i gotta freakin go! grrr! tootles

  8. Idril Jun 14, 2005

    nice wallie! background is good and melancholic. This girl looks soo sad too.
    Keep it the good job!
    gonna add it on my favs!

  9. Odysseus Jun 14, 2005

    Nice wall! Good scan and the Backgroun is very nice... quite calm and sad. As is the girl. Nice work on the city and the boxes the character is sitting on. Colors blend well over all a great wall!

  10. Veronika Jun 14, 2005

    Why did you name the city Old Home? And it's not a bad wallpaper, Rakka in clouds looks really good ^_^

  11. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jun 14, 2005

    Kinda serenic in a way, like if life was all gone nothing would be nice than just to see life grow back... Love the atmosphere and movement of the city from real life...Great job Kai! :)

  12. SaschaC Jun 14, 2005

    beautiful feeling U got there... I lke it... a lot ^_^

  13. pegassuss Jun 14, 2005

    It's very nice! ^^ Love the scan and the background fits very well. I like that city ^^ and the atmosphere is great. Great job! ^^

  14. asianspirit Jun 14, 2005

    you always make good walls, kai. no doubt about it.

    the background fits very well with the scan. it's like a sudden mist just filled the air because something that's supernatural is on it's way. nicely done! :D

  15. zephiris26 Jun 14, 2005

    I'm loving this wall, Kai.
    I love the atmosphere, and the fog is great. The less saturated, neutral colors match the scan and overall mood of the series very well. I'm adding this to my favorites. :)

  16. Cadi Jun 14, 2005

    this wall is so nice! the mist and the sky is soo pretty! the girl looks like she's lonely... it fits the bg well!great job!

  17. Hikaruu Jun 14, 2005

    Whoaaa I don't think that's messy at all, kai! That's an awesome wall. hehe when I read the title I had a feeling it would be from Haibane Renmei. I only watched half of the first episode so I don't really know what it's about. Looks interesting though!! Very pretty job on the wallpaper. It may be ugly to you but it's beautiful for me *_* i'm so adding this to my favs....^_^

  18. Leaf Jun 14, 2005

    ooo pretty pretty. ^^ +fav very nice job on this one! XD

  19. slivermoon Jun 14, 2005

    okay this took me half an hour to upload
    MT kept timing out on me >.<
    anyways the bg looks nice, i like it
    and the scan is interesting, the textures on it are nice
    its a good job ^-^

  20. KittyCyn Jun 15, 2005

    Hi Kai! I like the idea of your wallie...its gr8, the only thing I see is a lack of perspective between the far buildings and the thing where the angel is sit on XD It seems like the far buildings were inclined like almost falling down...well maybe it's just my eye x_x
    Besides that I like lots the concept, mood, colors and scan U use! :)
    Keep it up! ;)

  21. MagicianFairy Jun 15, 2005

    mmmmmmmmmm....i dont know what to say you ^_^'
    i like the bg and the girl, this anime i have never heard before.... :sweat:

  22. bani-kyu Jun 15, 2005

    Personally, I really like this one... it's got a lovely atmosphere to it. I don't know, I just really like it for some reason, it's beautiful. *adds to favs!*

  23. crewcifix Jun 15, 2005

    i think that this grunge theme is really getting out of hand.. its actually starting to become a bandwagon. lol. well, there are a few things i'd want to critique on your work. i personally do not feel the spiritual accent of it. lol. i know spiritual.. this one is just well,,.. grunge angel type of wall. Not that its bad, but the fact that you considered this wall spiritual is rather well.. of wrong basis. Though the angel does give it a touch of spirituality, the down to earth concept of the wall's background, which is well done by the way, dropped it off into becoming grunge because of the wall's texture. just so you'd know. this is a nice wall.. but like you said, not one of your best. primarily because of the theme. Its a tad bit confusing really. I see a broken angel but I do not feel it. In art, there is more to just mere graphic. I want to see more from you because I expect more from you. So i want to see art that persuades me into thinking indepth and not skindeep.

  24. Holt Jun 19, 2005

    Nice grundgy feel. Some of the extraction edges seem a bit abrupt so to speak. The background looks quite good but imo doesn't quite fit because of the difference in textures.
    Nice work though.

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