Yuki Hiiro Wallpaper: .:The.Day.After.Tomorrow:.

Yuki Hiiro Wallpaper
Yuki Hiiro Mangaka

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

another wall from me!
this will be my last wall for a while.... because I just got a job of Scanlation Editor. so I won't have time to make any more walls.

I started this wall like 3 weeks ago and never finnished it. aat first this wall was very purple but I decided to change the hue of it , so it turned out grayish-blue. the buildings are made up of two stock images I put togeter and changed it a little, so it won't look like a stock image. found scan here under "male scans" but I think this person is a girl ~_~ *points to the short skirt*
Layers - 32
enjoy, ill have to thank everyone for the favs and comments! they are really appreciated!

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  1. Taurec Jul 17, 2005

    very nice, the outlines of the buildings could be a little sharper...
    alle achtung.

  2. PhoenixNox Jul 17, 2005

    definitely a girl, real cool tho... i don't get the title >_>

  3. Maruko87 Jul 17, 2005

    he is very impressive your drawings are very good
    mmm I think that he is a boy, another person that I know would say is a girl with boy face :)

  4. RainHybrid Jul 17, 2005

    cool. ... i like his sword-thing ... good job.

  5. Kiku-chan Jul 17, 2005

    Cool scan ^^
    The background is nice too!
    I like it alot. Great job!

  6. DREAM Jul 17, 2005

    as a sucker for "cityscapes" i must confess that i love your wallpaper. :)

    damn i want her sword- ^^


  7. ladygoofy Jul 17, 2005

    Aww...it looks CoOL
    I like what you did with the effects on the buildings and water...or whatever it is... :\ :D
    Umm....I think is a guy...if it was in the "Male Section" hehehe....But I don't think is a girl :hmpf:
    Well good job I really like it!! XD :nya:
    Keep it up...(for real though) your doing a good job! ;)

    +fav's for sure!

  8. Sandra Jul 17, 2005

    Owwww ! This one is amazing !
    I just love the bg you made here !
    And also i'm a fan of this chara :D
    Girls can be dangerous too ;D
    Well this is absolutly my favorite !
    Nice city
    And great abstract effects too.

  9. SoraFumumura Jul 17, 2005

    GOD thats beautiful. Great job as always. Keep it up ^^ *favorites*

  10. patience Jul 17, 2005

    Beautifully done. thank you for sharing this, and I will be looking forward to your next piece.

    Thanks again!

  11. sukie Jul 17, 2005

    this is very ncie! the darkness of it is very cool! and the scan used fit well. I the clouds looks great, and the city behind the dude looks sureal! great work!

  12. lunaregina Jul 17, 2005

    Very beautiful! I just love the buildings... I'd like to see more of them in the wallpaper. The sky seems a bit empty.... maybe some lightening would help emphasize the scene. The blue tones fit the scan perfectly though. Great wallpaper!

  13. MS0B9 Jul 17, 2005

    Owww... How pertty. I've only seen this scan used in one wall. Seeing it in this one makes two. I think you've done a great job with blending everything in with each other. :) Awesome work and adding to favs!

  14. melymay Jul 17, 2005

    whoa...nice wall..the back round looks great too. great job!!! +Fave

  15. jaderabbit Jul 17, 2005

    awesomeness!!! i love in it... wow only 32 layers... it'd taken me a crapload more than that >_< ... and am i adding this too my fav's list for awesomeness >.<

  16. echidnaboy726 Jul 17, 2005

    Whoa, 1337. I like that giant scythe. I always wanted one of those... Also, I couldn't tell if that was a guy or a girl, either. It's either a very masculine girl of a very feminine guy. Regardless. It's awesome.

  17. Rella Jul 17, 2005

    Wow, another wonderful wallpaper! The abstract work on the bottom looks awesome. The whole scene looks so cool and dark. Great work! =D

  18. heavens-Dragon Jul 17, 2005

    Wowies, this is just amazing! I really love the effects at the very bottom, it looks so wicked! Also, the buildings looks awesome! Really nicely done! Great colours! What a cool looking character! Awesome work as always! Keep it up!

  19. miraku-spike Jul 18, 2005

    Oh. I like this wallpaper you got there! Great job. I even like the background too. Keep up the good work and this is going in my favs for sure.

  20. yuiyui01 Jul 18, 2005

    wahhh !! nice wallie as ever, ayasal!!
    I don't understand the title either by the way O_o has anything to do with the film? XD
    I like the BG and all, and the chara looks well!!*keep starring at the wallie*
    I just love those kinds of wallies!! :D let's fav*

  21. HailStoRm Jul 18, 2005

    Nice apocalyptics background there.

    It's a cool wallapaper; didn't like the film though :). +fav

  22. aoirochelle Jul 18, 2005

    wow cool scan..... :o
    the blade hes holding is so unique.....
    and the bg is great.... :D
    thanks for sharing.... :)

  23. ayane-heine Jul 18, 2005

    aww~~ nice scan and the wallie is cool.. ^^
    the scan looks like ger to me.. :D
    the effects on the bottom is great.. luv it..

  24. bbls Jul 18, 2005

    i really like the blending of photos and your scan with your background. and i think the bluish-gray colors suit the mood of your wall perfectly. :D

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