Yuki Hiiro Wallpaper: Vengence

Yuki Hiiro, Magic Wallpaper
Yuki Hiiro Mangaka Magic Meta

1280x1024 Wallpaper

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Hey yall, because my last wall wasnt so great Im not counting it as my come back piece....so ignore the last one. This wall, i spent a good amount of time on, about 3 days, trying out different things, originally i had feathers but they overflowed teh image and looked akward so i resorted back to making soem spirally lights.

Choosing a space for a bg was influenced by Greg Martin, ive followed his work for a long time i jsut didnt actually get around to space walls until this one. Im unsatified with how the lights turned out and how they spiral up but I think everything else is ok.

The water i wanted to try a more oily and thick kind of water instead of standard ocean type scene. Since a purple moon sets up an unnatural setting i figure why not unnatural water?

one more thing: I didnt even think it was necessarry to say this but i was convinced to, i didnt even considerate it until my friend pointed out that this wall looks very simiar to shinta's wall. This is pure coincidence, Im not worried about the ppl who know me, but before i get a Spanish Inquisition on my ass Id like to say this is my original work, I made this from scratch. I have nothing but respect for shinta's walls and yes i do agree that it bares resemblence but I completely made this on my own.

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  1. XDarkDestinyX Jul 22, 2004

    Oh wow..beautiful~~~ I like the water and the..... stars and the moon. So pretty I find that the stars in the corner upper right just...takes away...

  2. Akemi-chan Jul 22, 2004

    SO great O_O!!

    congratz =)

  3. halcyonTwilight Jul 22, 2004

    The galaxy swirl in the background looks pretty cool. The water effect looks pretty sweet too. While we're talking about things i like XD, the colors and how they match person (can't tell if it's girl or a guy) i like. Really nice work!!! Great wall :)

  4. super-alfalfa Jul 22, 2004

    Character looks like the charcter from a wallpaper at raveanime.com

  5. Jinzhou Retired Moderator Jul 22, 2004

    Quote by super-alfalfaCharacter looks like the charcter from a wallpaper at raveanime.com

    Yeah, I did a wallpaper with the same character.

  6. blumik Jul 22, 2004

    Outstanding colors , great job!!!!!

  7. MHF Jul 22, 2004

    Great work!!

  8. danoz Jul 22, 2004

    It's pretty good, I can see that you've put alot of work into it. My only problem with it is that it looks very segmented, and doesnt really appear as one whole thing. The starscape background and the water, for instance, dont blend together all that well. I know what you mean by unnatural, but I dont think it works very well. The sparkly swirls around the character, whilst are veyr well made swirls, don't suit the wallpaper much either. The moon behind the character, however, looks fantastic :) And the text seems to go pretty well too.
    Sorry for all the criticisms, but I just love that character image, and i figure if anyone's gonna make a wall of it, it better be damn good :P.

  9. Ranawen Jul 22, 2004

    That is some nice color coordination there, and quite a nice background. ^_^
    What a wonderful character too!

  10. GundamZZ Retired Moderator Jul 22, 2004

    wow!! O_O nice one!! i love how he is under the moon .....but the typo can use some more work ^_^

  11. darkwaterbunny Jul 22, 2004

    yum, large knife, sorry, Like it! very nice!

  12. WunAngelwHoney Jul 22, 2004

    hey hey!
    this wallie is so good! the background and the effects is amazing!

  13. Rex Jul 22, 2004


  14. chunli61 Jul 22, 2004

    i love that image!! the background is really nice too! and the effects XD all around A+

  15. ixus Jul 22, 2004

    omg! this is so cool!

  16. euna Retired Moderator Jul 22, 2004

    oh wow! I wov it!

  17. Mizuki-Chan Jul 22, 2004

    XD Really awesome! XD XD

  18. AkinaSpirit Jul 22, 2004


  19. kyojun Jul 22, 2004

    cool, great wall

  20. Silence Jul 23, 2004

    That's one hellova sword. nice wall :D

  21. darkassailant001 Jul 24, 2004

    very nice

  22. tyohn Aug 08, 2004


  23. TwilightNoir06 Aug 13, 2004

    I really love the background! It flows very smoothly from one element to next.

  24. polar Oct 11, 2004

    cool wall~the color is pretty ^^

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