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lol... okay I got this idea of drawing a group pictures of alot of my friends at MT from Chara and drawing a Chibi drawing from & Lizzie awhile back and well when u put one and one together u get this. XD

so yup yup its a dedication to many of my friends in this MT community. =^^=
I would of keep drawing but hmm.. I'll be ending up drawing like hundreds of them and hmm... riiight... gotta have a stop somewhere. XP so if I didn't draw a chibi drawing for u.. sorrie ;__; I promise I'll get u next time when I decide to do something like this. ^_^ and hmm.. if u dont like the chibi pic I draw of u.. well... hehe laugh it off little... XD its just a silly drawing. =^^= *I think I may do a dedication to the mods version next time if this works out well* XD but yea.. what else.. ok yes, I draw each of them separately on different paper and some on line papers so hmm... yea the reason they look kind of disconnected or a little off ... well u get the idea.

okay the drawing itself didn't actually take too long but trying to draw the chibi to match the person, that requires a little bit more work *consider I have had always been the background person in this community* XP so I very much just draw how I remember u guys by, so I hope u guys don't mine. ^_^'

Bottom row: (going left to right)
To my friend *broken-dreamz* oh no ... u r u r all broken u co co clock. XD
and hehe aww.. well I guess is fine because now *jingjing1208* cam get some sleep now, even through u have all those books to study. ^_^'
and lookie here, arent they the cutie pies *Nayako* looks like as if she is dreaming of something yumi as she is chewing her pillow LOLx.
*YuunaChan* is all drewy as she sleeps and *chibikko* looks so cute with her cute little kitty sleeping hat. =^^=
look over there is the Silly girl *Sugasuga* she sure looks hapy with all that candy. XD
and goodie its grandpa me... lol... feeling all *Frosty* :nya:
but oh no... *chibi-lizard* is trying to melt me... mwhahahaha nooooo T_T hehe
and look over here we have angelic looking *FlowerDog* and the evilie but still cute looking *Devilet* don't forget to kiss the cook. ;)
and lastly heres the silent magician *slivermoon* and silent swordsman *DarkVirus* arent they adorable. :pacman:

2nd row: (going left to right)
*Eve* today is doing face painting, Splats on *belmikry*'s face XP lol...
*Electrastar* is doing alittle radio show with the Antique dolly *eunasahng* while *Evanrued* quietly waiting. :hmpf:
*Kitten* is doing a leaky *bucket-shot* x_x fishing. XD XD XD while miss piggy *walkure245* is going to get more bate.
*evasion* is doing alittle ball spinning.. wait a min. thats not a ball? :\
and lookie here we got pandas XD a *tareren*panda and a *PANDAgirl* and is *Fantasia* in a panda suit. very cute. <3 :D

3rd row: (left side only)
Its bunny *peachiemint* and *meteorcloud* doing the bagholding ... >_< for priness lemony strawberry *shyxsakura* "shes not shy btw... " and hmmm is she going to bother the knight in shinny magaman/gundam armor *Athrun* XD hes gotta go do battle with ... *hmm.. stay tune* XD

3rd row: (right side only)
to this side, we have *Celessa* looking over her ever so growing fanclub XD XD "we love u Celessa and sends her lots and lots of love letters" shes like oh boy... grr... >=0!! But in a happy way. ;) while *Aa-chan* is looking over her saying sigh... I want some of those fan letters. LOLx... ^_^'
and while those two are lookng over the fan mails. *charaznableamurorei* is doing the filing works to all the docs. XP that�s a lot of docs.

4th row: (left side only)
*Angel-on-Dragon* and *DarkCrimson* the lovely bust angels. :D
hmm.. whats this lamp here, its the *MadMover* Genie of the anime DVDs.... you name it he must likely have it. o_0 wow some collection u got there...
wooo I hear a rider coming in the town, its *pegassuss* and her trusty pony. oooo :o lol. ge de up. :D
and we have *chisana* cleaning up some mess in this crazy place. Order order. ^_^'

4th row: (right side only)
the girls are going to school. *Yumi-Chan* is jumping with joy. yay school. :nerd: "I'm sure you don't really that" :)
and the little little ones *winterlilac09* & *AnimexXxHolic009* the smallest members I know around these blocks.
and <_< >_> what are you holding there and whats in your head *sylvacoer* XD hahaha okay... riiight ;)

3rd and 4th row: (Middle only)
BOOM!!! whats that, oh no... run..... BOOM BOOM! oh no. they got *Rex* and his wallie garage. BOOM! ouch *KorganoS* got a big bo bo. I'm running... XD roflolx... Well have Hope! theres someone who can save us so stop, stop STOP! Nooo... *halcyonTwilight* is thinking to himself, what am I doing here... its the Mods army... its a Teddy bear army... *OracleAngel* leader of the invasion mod army is saying... til next time guys. XD

well that was somewhat long of a description but I hope u guys like it. :D Took me weeks to get it all in order. so yea... any comments are welcome. ;)

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  1. SilentMasamune Jun 23, 2005

    Haha, truly nice... T_T hey, I'm not in there. I guess I have to be a little more friendly, ne? It's an awesome drawing; hopefully, you'll feature something else soon. This is chibirific! XD :)

  2. chisana Jun 23, 2005

    Yay, Frosty, this is amazing!!! So many chibi mt members!! :D And they look so cool and cute!! And it is so original! And I'm there too! XD Thanks so much for drawing me there too :) It's really kawaii ^^
    What else can I say... the drawing itself is very nice, so no complaint about that. And you nicely placed them together too :)
    *9.9 and Grade aaaa* and a fav for the great artwork and the creativity :nya:

  3. Terra-chan Jun 23, 2005

    I feel the same way melmachine XD I do so much it's hard to keep up with everyone I've met on these boards~ I'm the Crazy Lazy Workaholic for a reason, ne? XD But really cute! With all these silly images I wonder how I'd end up being drawn? o.o I'm such a big mess of things so I wonder how Frosty sees me XD SamuraiHaruko sees me as a tall tomboyish ninja-type person that binds her breasts XD I've been drawn kneeling and holding a fireball... Cute in pink and cuddling plushies... hanging all over a cute guy in glasses in a swimming pool XD and holding a filefolder gawking at my cute computer as he works XD (see "Under-A Contest 1 - Omoide+Terra") I've also been drawn in glasses... O.o I like getting drawn XD It's so fun to see how your friends see you!

  4. Midori-chan Jun 23, 2005

    wow!!! they're so cute!!!!!!
    all chibis!! XD XD
    good job drawing it!!!
    keep it up^^

  5. FlowerDog Jun 23, 2005

    Oh, my Frosty-sama...you are so thoughtful.*Tears of Joy*
    Anyways, snap back to buisness! I had a blast looking over all of the members you had drawn. Even before I could read your cute and funny description, I was able to identifiy some of the members. :D Everyone look so cute and I enjoy this drawing of yours very much, Frosty-sama. :) I am looking forward to your next drawing!!! :D
    Also, to think that you drew little old me in this drawing was so lovely of you to do! *Gives Frosty-sama a quick kiss* Like I said before, I can't wait to see your next work. :)

  6. ni-chan Jun 24, 2005

    Naaaw :nya:
    How cute this is, good job drawing
    keep it up :D

  7. Wslasher Jun 24, 2005

    how nice! its so cute!

  8. Leena Jun 24, 2005

    Cool. I like it. All of them is so cute.

  9. rythem Jun 24, 2005

    LOL XD arent the MT members cute >.<
    thats a great job ne~~XD
    aaww...I'm not there...hahaha XD

  10. papyworld Jun 24, 2005

    aww so cute ^_^ i didn't know you drew frosty chan. It's really lovely ; and you must know these people well to find a chibi character having their personality. They are all really cute ^_^ I love the panda serie. You could have drawn a snowman depicting frosty chan XD so sad papy isn't playing bass for all your chibi friends in your draw ^_^

  11. chibikko Jun 24, 2005

    awww that's so nice, and you also drew me xD yaay with ta-kun on my head *hugs* sooo cute <3 the others are very nice as well, but of course, my chibi is the cutest xD

  12. Evanrued Jun 24, 2005

    *_* Must draw a bigger version of me..XD Which I shall do. I look so cute! >.> As long as you gave me long hair, which you did ^^; I'm happy. Love the wings. And my outfit is simple but cute. Really love all the chibi's over all. X_X and I know how you feel when trying to draw according to one's personality etc etc. Brings me to mind of my Our Dear MT Staff drawing..>_< That was really hard. But I had fun doing it, and I hope you had fun doing this because all the characters look so well thought of. Excellent work, and such a kind thought to draw everyone ^^

  13. pegassuss Jun 24, 2005

    This is SO adorable and cute! :D I want to squeeeeeze all of them *squeezes all chibis*
    You managed sooo well to make their expresions and create chibis that matches all members XP
    I could recognize a lot of them! ('cause I don't know all of them :x )
    The panda series is absolutely lovable and amusing and shyxshakura's and peachiemint's chibis are so lovely, I love the elegance of Evanrued and yours is so kawaii, love the bear hat and the chibi animals, but your eyes seem so sad... *let's hug frosty-kun* and.....and.....and me is there too! =^^= so cute! and of course, I'm the only one with the most gorgeous pony, how cool is that? *squeezes pony* XD love it!
    I could comment on each of them, but this would take pages *lol* They are all so funny and kawaii =^^=
    This is so sweet Frosty-kun! and you did a great job putting all of them together ^^
    I look forward to the next one ;)
    Ps. That's a great description, so funny XD

  14. ayanechan Jun 24, 2005

    haha *kicks frosty for not adding her in* roffles i'm just kidding :3 the chibi drawing is soo cute X__X and i think that you did a great job of stitching them all together :D *pats frosty* great job!

  15. belmikry Retired Moderator Jun 24, 2005

    LOL ieieieieieiei hehehehheheh XD XD XD

    i'm getting paint all over ma face! XD and I look like rikku! hehehe yay!!! XD lol...

    honestly Frosty this is one of the coolest things i've ever seen! so awesome! :O We all look so cute and like abig crazy family! i love it >_< [hugglez] hehehe the pandas!!! XD so kawaiiiii!!! >_<

  16. meteorcloud Jun 24, 2005

    waahhhhh gramps drawed us in chibi .....kawaii *___*~!!!!!!!
    waah...I'm holding bags u_u ...so heavy <(>.<)> ow well....XD it's funny XD~!
    you did a great job on this one =O.....so funny.....detailed.....alot of friends.......and and.....thise all ......a fantastic chibi group xd~!!!!!!! well done frost ^_^

  17. AnimexXxHolic009 Jun 24, 2005

    wah! sooo funny! XD
    dey looky like dollies!
    me wanna play wit dem!
    dank u fwosty for drawing Anime in pictuwe! *huggies* ^.^

  18. Tatsuya Jun 24, 2005

    lol hahaha... funny and cute doujin, you did a good job i think ;) thank for sharing anyway

  19. Yura Jun 24, 2005

    funny drawings cute chibis
    great drawing of the mt members
    funny situations and great work

  20. Shelbey Jun 24, 2005

    So cute !!! *__*
    You sure have a big talent on drawing ! It's amazing the number of chibi-characters you drew ! They're cute, and funny ... So good !
    I love this, it's obvious you put all your heart (and time ^^) in this drawing :)
    Congratulations, it rocks ! ^^

  21. HikyuuTera Jun 24, 2005

    That's cute .I like all of the little chibis.Very funny lol.This is done very well Frosty-san.The details and shading is very good.^_^x

  22. Electrastar Jun 24, 2005

    hahahaha a little chibi-me, as Riza to boot ^_^ Thanks so much Frosty, this is one great drawing, proves you care a lot about your Minitokyo buddies, and we care about you to *big hugs*

  23. slivermoon Jun 24, 2005

    this is hilarious XD
    and i have a cold too, so all i was doing was laughing and coughing at the same time X_X
    they're all soooooo cute
    and Frosty looks so funny! cute headphones
    but why does he have he have those animals w/ him??
    and u included me too... ohhh.. *hugs*
    and its a good drawing too, and i'm asuming that its more recent right?
    nice work :) :) :)

  24. winterlilac09 Jun 24, 2005

    waiiiiiiiii ~ ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Frosty-kyun added me into his chibi drawing as well ~^o^~ Rofl Rofl ~ I look like a dork >o< LOL ~

    Awesome drawing, Frosty-kyun. Spectacular job ^^ You displayed everyone so very nicely and many of the pics play a very correspondent resemblance to each character's personality, too. ^o^ Love da description as well ^o~ Really seems like you enjoyed drawing this and put a LOT of effort into it ~ It shows ^_^ All da piccies look absolutely adorable. Very individual depiction of each and indeed, it is pretty awesome to see how yours friends see you. ^o<

    Absolutely splendificent work, Frosty-kyun~ Keep it up ^o^ and I hope to see more in the future ~<3 ::glompz Frosty-kyun::

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