Eureka 7 Wallpaper: Eureka Seven | Sky Fish Parade

Kazuma Kondou, BONES, Eureka 7, Holland Novak, Renton Thurston Wallpaper
Kazuma Kondou Mangaka BONES Studio Eureka 7 Series Holland Novak Character Renton Thurston Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

fewh.. at last managed to upload this. been hesitating for a while since I know after MT was up, the gallery gonnna be flooded with wallpaper and I kinda afraid mine would get overlooked ~_~

anyway, this wallpaper was done during last weekened. the scan I found em about 2,3 weeks ago when I downloaded Eureka Seven OP (or was it ED? o_O) Single from Nipponsei. at that time I've seen many Eureka Seven wallpaper and thought of doing one myself. but since there's not that many scans to start with, never really had a chance to actually make one. That is when I saw the scan. I know right there at that moment I just had to wall this. And so I did~ ^_^

The scan was rather low on quality, so I vectored it. Overall wallpaper took 12 hours. Breakdown;
Outline for vector: 4 1/2 hours
Vectoring: 4 hours
Background: 4 hours.

So the total would be 12 1/2 hours. and a satisfying 12 1/2 hours to add. there are alotta stuff need improving like the LFO at the back and the trappa itself, but since I myself already am satisfied with it and really like it, I'll just leave it as it is. ^_^

The LFO at the back actually is red. but after talking to ayane-chan, she said the red LFO belongs to Holland. And since I was lazy enough to go through 6 episodes to find a good screenshot of a orange LFO which belongs to Mathieu, I just went and hue the LFO to orange instead XD Thanx ayane-chan for telling the red LFO is Holland's!!

The part I like most of this wallpaper apart from the vectoring is the grass. I got an idea to make that grass when I was making the trappa at the back. Thought it would look nice on grass, and what te heck, it does. Well at least I love it. ^_^

Now I'm gonna retreat and let you guyz comment away~ ^_^

P/S: For the people who havent watched Eureka Seven yet, the green thingy at the back is Sky Fish. Its kinda a bird like animal. Hence the title 'Sky Fish Parade'~ [its not leaves!!! >_<]

EDIT> muahaha I forgot the very most important thing to say. this will be last wall for a while. I'll be enrolled in college this saturday, so not much time anymore to wall >_<

EDIT 2> and another notice to the people who havent watched Eureka Seven. The yellow field at the back is not grass! those are called Trappa if my knowledge of Eureka Seven is correct. they are waves like flow. kinda like glacier in a way.

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  1. Midori-chan Jun 22, 2005

    wow! the green thingy is not leaves? instead...it's a bird like animal...cool!!!
    i like the green bg a lot!! [i like green color^^]
    the scan is very nice too^^
    i think the wall is a lil too bright...or is my eyes had some prob? lol..
    anyway, it's a cool wall XD
    hops to fav~

  2. ShiroiLina Jun 22, 2005

    i like the effect of the wall! seems to transport me into their world O.O ive never seen Eureka Seven.. ^^' but seems interesting enough! i like the wall! and you have done a greta job! keep it up exentric! :D

  3. Yumi-Chan Jun 22, 2005

    rofl XD gomen ne, i thought those sky fishes were leaves! XD I haven't watched the show so yeah @__@~
    as always, it's a nice wallpaper. The vector was well traced :D And, it's all really green *-*~ midoriiii...XD
    Yeap the grass has it's really smooth feel to it, good job on that.
    And again, those sky fish looks like leaves~!! XD leaves leaves! XD *runss*
    I've faved so yea there u go, kashi ;P

  4. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Jun 22, 2005


    this walliee ish aweessommee kasshiiee niiicchhannn ...

    <333 the grasss and the brite green fog .. xD o___o are ish it an ocean?

    x3 it looks awesommee .. great job .. *-*

  5. zephiris26 Jun 22, 2005

    Nice work, Kash! I love the colors, the're so bright and alive. You also did a really great job on the grass, and the falling leaves are beautiful. The character designs for this show are all awesome, too.
    I'm adding this to my favorites. :)

  6. Radeonator Jun 22, 2005

    eheem, well...I got a lot to say in this kind of wallpaper.

    First, I've got to say it's a nice job, though some of the element's in this wallpaper dissapointed me a little.

    ....the blend between the brown-looking dirt and the green and yellow looking landscape over there has a lot of different level over there, which make you think that they are not blend perfectly. sorry, but this part greatly catches my attention >_<

    ..the color output between the character and the background seems just a little mistakes, the character are dark toned color while the background are bright-colored which make the images have more characteristic on the overall images, but also makes this pics look much more gloomy. I almost recognize them as zombies, it's kinda funny if you look at expression at my face right now. ^_^'

    ...did something wrong with green and yellow landscape? it has blob-looking thing's scattered all over the places, they makes this images look like has been cutted badly, but this are also make thing's more interesing :)

    ....i really like this sky-fish thingy flying all over the sky wheeee...!!!!! >_<
    but, are they really that skinny? (the bird in the images look's too thin for me o: )

    ...the grasses are good! a thumbs up for you! but it was too blurry! man, maybe you should added some detail on it, I really can think whatever it was a real grass or some kind of hair. XD

    ..........what should i do? put it in fav's? *damn...one hard desicion* :nya:

    it was worth your sweat, dont delete it! :)

  7. ramchong Jun 22, 2005

    Nice vector Kash!! Lights and shadows control quite simplified... opther than that juz looks perfect to me...

  8. QwertyAccess Jun 22, 2005

    I like the vectoring you did on the scans it looks very nice, the background blends very well with it too

  9. ladygoofy Jun 22, 2005

    Yo! Kash this wallpaper looks kewl! The green things look like leaves but I know there fish..lol weird looking ones too..^_^' So I like the effects you put on the background..Well keep up the GOOD work! See ya. ;)

  10. Ongaku Jun 22, 2005

    Wow, another wonderful job! I love the colors of this wall. Makes me want to go out and have a picnic, haha! I love the way you did the grass ^^

  11. ayanechan Jun 22, 2005

    hue-ing holland 909 :O niisan!! poor LFO ya know!! XP and something looks wrong with holland's beard o.O i think that the whole part behind holland (where you start the uber bright green bit) could've been done a little better like maybe put them on one cliff in the valley whereby renton dives down in or something like that. btw the pic is from the OP single ^_^

    EDIT: what? the whole blob of green-ness in the back is trappa!? X.X plus the LFO is also riding the trappa :S ionno, imo if the trappa is gonna be more glacier-like it should be going upwards :S i personally think that the brown bit in the back looks really really outta place :X

  12. rocknroll-isgo Jun 22, 2005

    This is awesome Exentric. The wall just seems to scream uniqueness --- great choice of colors.

    ...And I love the grass (so wish I could brush like that...).

  13. Kiako Jun 22, 2005

    nice wallpaper, the brigth girl there steps out, well the background looks good.

  14. kara Jun 22, 2005

    Oh wow the vector looks great but the fact that the white of their eyes aren't there is a bit weird... maybe the original scan was like that but it doesn't look as nice.
    It's really nice to see good looking grass that's not done by the overused photoshop grass brush. But shouldn't the characters sink a bit more into the grass? Like I think there should be a few blades of it sticking out to cover the characters where they touch the ground...
    Other than that it looks really great and I really like the texture of the cliff thingie up the top of the wall.

  15. euna Retired Moderator Jun 22, 2005

    OOh.. nice vector.. i didn't notice it for a while ^^"
    first impression? I LUV ALL THE green stuff!!! >_<
    Is that light green mist or is it grass in the back?
    looks really cool and i like the way you made the shadings on the vector and wall go together
    oh.. the grungy bit at the back looks fabulous too.
    great wallie! *fav*

    PS- good luck with college!

  16. crewcifix Jun 23, 2005

    i find it too flat actually but i find this a quality work. maybe giving the grass a bit more depth and it would have been really perfect! otherwise, i LOVE your vectored work. very intense in detail and very smooth. matches the background too. both are very well integrated.

    however, the grass at the back has this weird line that looks like a sketch of the landscape. try removing that it would really make the motion of the wall more fluent and smoother. I do not really get the perspective though and the little robot (?) in the right side seems out of place because he is the only one there. empty. i cannot desipher either if its air or part of the grass so that one just rather confused me.

    but i really admire the color and the vector. a+

  17. Furikuu Jun 23, 2005

    Very cool.. it took a minute for me to realise the background was filled with a sea of Trapar XD Anyway I like this wall, it has dynamic and relaxed elements in the characters sitting on the grass while the LFO races past behind them. Also filling the sky with the skyfish is a nice touch. I can't really fault the composition of the wall, but there are some issues with the colours. Like their skintones that look a little too pink and the whites of their eyes which aren't actually white O_o The grass is very bright - although it sort of works because of the yellow behind it you could tone it down to a more realistic darker green. Loving it nonetheless :D

  18. kai81220 Jun 23, 2005

    i have to say the vector work here is awesome ^^ just a question, for outlining the vector, did you use the stroke function, or vector the outlines in?
    anyway, you did a great job cause i really sense the strong wind blasting through the whole thing XD the shadowing is very nice as well as the texture in the grass.
    the color of the glacier in the back is just this really great shade of green yellow o_0 its nice ^^
    the only thing is what is that robot thing? lol it looks like its surfing...>.>

    anyway nice work here ^^ lol dont worry, its not going to be overlooked XD

  19. shinorei Jun 24, 2005

    Eureka reminds me of a Nickolodeon show~~ o_O
    Anyway, this wallie looks greeyellowish, just like another wallie from someone a long time ago.
    The wall is kinda cool and bright + cheerful, just that their eyes are pretty weird. o_o
    Keep up the great work, tho~~

  20. Evanrued Jun 24, 2005

    Really love the scan. And the vector work is really awesome and well done I must say. Love the style. The background I like too, color is perfect. Excellent wall ^^

  21. ventures Jun 24, 2005

    lol...I really thought the sky fishies were really scattered leaves >.<
    the scan looks really good n sharp since you vectored it ^^
    n the grass looks really great...they look soft n definitely good to sit on ~~
    n the trappa thingey looks good too ..especially since there's a cute mecha that looks like its surfing on it ^-^
    good job on the whole.
    sorry to hear ur not gonna make any new walls for a while..good luck in college anyways
    *favs *

  22. heavens-Dragon Jun 24, 2005

    Wowies, cool wallpaper! And you vectored the image too?! It's really well done! I can't vector >____< But amazing wallpaper, I like the yellow trappa though I thought it was grass XD I haven't watched the show so I thought the Sky Fish was leaves too but they're really nicely done! Awesome work! And Good Luck with college! Hope to see more of your work when you're not busy!

  23. irix Jun 25, 2005

    It's a looooooooooooong time that i don't put a single word in one of your greatest creations... keep always this magnific works go!!! :) :D XD :nya:
    <<< someday i can do a vector as well as you... ^^ >>>

  24. -RuiN- Jun 28, 2005

    I love the vecotring. Awesome job. This will be a nice addition to my favorites.

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