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1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

So this is my first wallpaper here on MT (normally I only draw doujinshi). I found a scan of the Newtype June edition here on MT - with a lot of text on it. That's why I had to repaint some parts of it. I am not used to cleaning scans so there are some parts that may not look that nice.
I thought it would be good to paint a Nirvash in which they are sitting in and a sky. To make it look more technical I added some displays (if you look closely you can see that it is a chat between Eureka and Renton and Matthieu and Gigdet xD).
Eureka 7 has been quite popular so far. It is a shame that the storyline is only average -.-

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  1. Aa-chan May 23, 2005

    It's come out really well. The sky and clouds work nicely and the cleaning of the scan looks excellent. I like the details like the hologram screens too ^__^ .

  2. chibi-kyo May 23, 2005

    Your first wall in general or only her on mt? I like the background, but the characters need more work, ecspecially his hair and his legs (lol spelled it totally wrong). But keep up the work, I'm looking forward to ur next wallpapers.
    Aber warum sind die Bilder von den beiden auch mit dabei, dabei haben die ja total andere Gesichtsausdruecke als auf dem Hauptbild *hm* Achja, zu den Farben da, wo du versucht hast das zu verbessern, benutz am besten beim nächsten Mal den Stempel da, damit kannst du wunderschoen alles verändern, ohne dass es so aussieht, als ob du alles uebermalt haettest.

  3. Haia May 23, 2005

    This looks really g@@d!!! The background looks very well done!!! Colors looks really cute..............although the problem I kinda see is with the scan....in parts they looks odd...........Still great wallie!!! Thankie for sharing this with us!!! Keep up the good work!!!

  4. studio May 24, 2005

    Looks great harakiri, first wall hm? I think it's lovely.
    Background is wonderful; I think all that work with your original doujins paid off. ^^
    Sky is very prettee too.

  5. rythem May 24, 2005

    woww~~I like this~~XD the scan is nice n so is the bg ^-^
    I find the lines jagged though .. >.>
    n maybe the clouds need more ..shape.. (cant explain..) >.<
    anyways,I like it very much XD +favie,great work :)

  6. Karolina May 24, 2005

    Waah :) Your first wall Congratulations Harakiri! *hugs*
    I looks nice really, I like the sky and everything! :D
    In my opinion the scan and background and the rest goes well :)
    Really cool wall I want to se more in the (near) future XD

  7. d611691 May 24, 2005

    I love this design, the displays look cool XD But the scan seems not clean especially Renton's hair and pants. anyway, I really like this wall, thanks to make it :D

    Eureka seven is really a nice series XD

  8. sakura-fumo May 24, 2005

    these two are so cute together ^+^ love th bground very nic efirst wall ^+6

  9. levezzali May 24, 2005

    Hey Hara!!!

    Wow, great one, I really liked the "talk system" by the way, is it written ICQ somewhere in the screen?

    Well, just think that they could have some more expression in their faces, but I think that was intentional....

    Anyway, a good one from you again! I dunno that anime, but it seems good!

    Have a great up coming weekend and take care ok?

  10. walkure245 May 25, 2005

    I totally love it. The perspective is awesome and the display on the left side is so cool. It's neat trying to read what they are saying on the screens. So pro-looking. You did a great job on the cleanup, and the nice sky bg is serene. Great extraction and this is really great stuff! You're such a good artist and wallier. XD *envy*

  11. toujin1 May 25, 2005

    yaya!! love those falt screens! the whole thing looks so pro! the colors are awesome as always and i agree with walkure san, the perspective is awesome!!

  12. DarkCrimson May 25, 2005

    Wow your first Wallie here^^
    Im really sorry for reply so late-_-*gomen*
    You did a very nice Job here.A nice Couple and also a great looking Background.
    It fits well.I just like the whole thing.Well done.
    Adds to Favs.Thanks for sharing^^

  13. Daicon Aug 15, 2005

    I like much this series, the music, the designs, the personages. Wallpaper I am very good, the bottom is good, the colors like. Good work! :)

  14. Phill Aug 22, 2005

    nice ... really good idea
    keep it up ^^

  15. GaiJiN Sep 18, 2005

    Haha it's funny, you make a wall and you get a little more attention than usual, though it's till underated. Anyway that's the first I see from you, but the quality isn't really a surprise since you always show a talent for design and composition in your doujins. Hum a nice choice of scan too, that serie has great character design (although the show was quite a deception to me). Anyway I love your approach, instead of filling everything with random tutorials to get a cluttered and sparkly thing (no offense to anyone here, personal tastes XD ), you did something original, with a nice work on focus and perspective. My fav part are the displays and the color range. A few complaints, the bg is cleaner than the scan, and some lines are a bit to aliased. About the scan, I guess a pen-tool trace (or vector like they're called and loved around XD) could do the trick, but that's quite some additional work. But hey, that's still a very good wall, you should do more (but doujins are better hahaha XD).

  16. Kyuzo1 Sep 18, 2005

    eureka 7!!! *yatta* ^_^
    i really like this wall. The idea with the screens is nice^^
    Nice effects. The bg looks very good.
    Great Quality.
    Thanks a lot for it^^
    +fav :)

  17. L33tCouncil Nov 04, 2005

    Love at first site for this wallpaper.
    I loved the idea you had with the screens and you even tilted them for demension.
    Awsome work.
    Thanks for sharing and looking forward to more, plus favs+++++++

  18. 4nGeLuS Jan 22, 2006

    Very good E7 wallpaper.

  19. Raytrix Mar 04, 2006

    Best wallpaper of them all. It captures the relationship of those 2 perfectly. A++++

  20. dystania May 21, 2006

    it's a cute picture.

  21. shindouhikaru Sep 08, 2006

    Wow... not bad for a first attempt at cleaning up and making something good out of a magazine's scan. Good job on the clean up. I especially likes those "panels" you've added.


  22. Deltatrooper Nov 26, 2006


  23. RazgrizCR Nov 14, 2008

    muy buena imagen

  24. Samabel Sep 18, 2009

    I like this picture of Renton and Eureka. :)
    And your wall is nice. I really like it.
    Thanks for sharing.

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