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All those who seek power will fail miserably
those who defy my power shall bow at my feet
Those who try to manipulate my power will die quickly
But those who join my power will see the true purpose of it...
To have fun and rip the world into shreds!!!!!!!!!!

So i was fooling around with drawing a giant teddy bear and for all you people who know that my Grunge monarchy launches this attack in the Shoutbox now you know! :)
Well i had fun making this all of these are original characters of ine and i made the crappy building structures from scrap and wanted to make a Tv sense of looking at it while putting a pop up title in the wall.

So all in all its 45 layers and 5 hours of work!
Enjoy it to the fullest extent cos I am the King of my Grunge Monarchy!!!!1

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  1. Kitaan Retired Moderator May 18, 2005

    lol too cute ^_^ I really like it the teddy bear resembles you? lol your so cute!! XP

  2. Aa-chan May 18, 2005

    lmao, I knew something like this was coming XD .
    About the right size for my desktop too ^^ .

  3. KorganoS May 18, 2005

    you psycho you <_<
    Was the reign of grunge , now world domination? XD roflness...
    One fantastic work! It's originally insane, I think it really fits the 'Kaijuu' genre so well, it can even overthrow 'Godzilla' @_@

  4. crapmonster May 18, 2005

    hahaha damn that is so frickin random!! and random is always good!!

  5. Dufoe88 May 18, 2005

    loool!!.. this is funny :P

  6. DarkVirus May 18, 2005

    this was jst plain crazy.....
    if this would really happen in the real world, well...i would feel embrassed that the entire planet was taken over by teddy bears...

    nice job on the wall :)

  7. calisqo May 18, 2005

    >_> yikes????
    IS this onether one of your symbolic work XD
    teddy bear is creepy <.< and full of randomness >.<
    Nonetheless A cool wala, like the style XD , the syle actually makes the teddy looks fluffy ^_^

  8. Saikusa Retired Moderator May 18, 2005

    *screams and wails with laughter on the floor* That is just plain crazeee! Kinda reminds me of an episode of Futurama - but better XD

  9. edgemaster Banned Member May 18, 2005

    ....This phenomenal one this wallpaper
    ... I like me very much, it(he,she) is original and a good sense of the humor makes...

  10. jasmine Retired Moderator May 18, 2005

    this one is hilariously insane XP rofl

    Quote by KorganoSyou psycho you &lt;_&lt;
    Was the reign of grunge , now world domination? XD roflness...

    OA is power hungry XP what will be next? :P I already am scared of asking that question ^_-
    but back to wall :p
    i simply loooove it. It is Godzilla + Osamu Tezuka + pop culture + and... still unsastined hunger for the world domination...y...or destruction
    This looks to be based on quite a lot of sources and rightly so cause it makes it really interesting ^^

  11. Samanosuke89 May 18, 2005

    XD lol
    awesome wall.. and awesome teddy bear XD love the scene.. +fav

  12. Hix May 18, 2005

    This is so funny I like teddy bear :) great scan
    I add it to my fav ^_^

  13. lthnadml May 18, 2005

    LOL ! ! ! Excellent humor ! LOL ! ! ! XO XD XO XP

  14. tecnophreak May 18, 2005

    awesome! lol, my favorite part of it is the pic of you on the shoulder with the other teddys! its awesome! +fav

  15. meteorcloud May 18, 2005

    Rofl XD~!
    nice one ^^~! a great wallpaper, a great job from you =)~!
    keep it up ^^

  16. ryannzha May 18, 2005

    i shall accompony u 4 yer mission then..!! >_<
    great..bravo..!! it burnz me out 2 make some original..!! hell... it's really termendouz the style of it.. :o it's craaaazy!! >.<

  17. zaira May 19, 2005

    wow!! this one is funny!! me like the mecha bear!! with eyebeams!! go eyebeams destroy everything! wahahaha XD oooops sorry can't control myselfl hehe ^_^' +fav! :)

  18. tru-chan May 19, 2005

    Wow, Angel. This is something. 'Tis very interesting and amusing. XD
    The tiny teddies in the background are sooo cute. =3 Also, the buildings you made are well done. Honestly.
    'Tis on my desktop right now.
    Great job.

  19. candy-chan Retired Moderator May 19, 2005

    This is the best wall ever. I love originality~
    Fav of the week, great job doing new things

  20. Electrastar May 19, 2005

    Wow OA, that is one original and funny piece of work. Making the entire characters and the settings must have been a pain...but it's worth it because it looks really good :D

  21. Yumi-Chan May 19, 2005

    lmao!! Attack of the Teddy Mecha, this is so funny! XD you can really give out bright creative ideas, don't u =P and yes it's very random!!
    Laser eyes look really good >:3 hahaha nice one,OA ^^

  22. Frosty May 19, 2005

    rofl... lol.. hahaha. Attack of the Teddy Bear Mecha!thats just funny. XD
    the grunge monarchy eh... lol... funny stuff bubby. XD XD
    this goes to show that you don't need a pretty girl on a wallpaper to make it a good looking wall.
    great job on this one.
    *9.7 and Grade AAA* +fav for a nice original wall.

  23. kk-chan May 19, 2005

    hahahaha I found it very very amusing. Wow!! What an idea!
    You're really cool~~

  24. akai May 19, 2005

    rofl~ This is hilarious~!!
    >.< *HuggleZ... Lovely, I like it. Well done, ray.

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