Naruto Wallpaper: Shadow Clones

Masashi Kishimoto, Studio Pierrot, Naruto, Naruto Uzumaki Wallpaper
Masashi Kishimoto Mangaka Studio Pierrot Studio Naruto Series Naruto Uzumaki Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

_ concept design by: Justin Cunanan
_ created on: March 3, 2004
_ time logged: ~ 470 min
_ created with: Adobe Photoshop CS

_ comments /

Featuring the main character, this image of Naruto is from a 2004 Naruto calendar I picked up. Scanned in about 4-5 parts I pieced the image together, edited various areas, and placed him in the middle of my canvas. Working on this wallpaper was a little tough mainly because it was our 1600x1200 standard while being on my laptop at 1024x768. This wallpaper capped off a set of 9 wallpapers I ended up making in a span of 5-7 days. I was aiming for 10, but this wallpaper took a lot of creative energy. What you see now is an antiqued version of the original I ended up with. Always intending to antique the wallpaper, by making it monochrome in some extent, yet pulling out specific colors was what I had in mind. I knew I wanted to place Naruto in a field, so this was my first real attempt at generating a 100% scenic background. I did a lot of grass work, only to have it covered up in the end. A lot of work went into this wall, hopefully that is noticeable! But more so, I hope it gets used! ^_^;;

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  1. taste Restricted Member May 21, 2004

    Very nice man To be continued Naruto u are a pro of cr

  2. Ace May 22, 2004

    NICE~! Great wall, and great res! =D

  3. nat May 22, 2004

    Wow... Best Naruto wall I've seen yet =3 And your website design is awesome too!

  4. Bahamut-Omega May 22, 2004

    Great Wallpaper - great colours too

  5. wkwebsite May 22, 2004

    Is it ur work>>?~!?!?!? My goodness ~! Beautifully done~!
    This is naruto favorite jutsu.....superb~!!
    Hey.~!!! Got full collection of Naruto series wallpaper is it?? Post all of them here~!! Oh..man +Fav 4 u~!

  6. Furnace May 22, 2004

    Nice! I like the swirls at the foot of the... well main naruto :P great job!

  7. AE92Truen0 May 22, 2004

    awesome just like "desert coffin", shadow replications....koollll...nice job

  8. Meg May 22, 2004

    nice concept indeed =). nice website layout too *____*

  9. EevaLeena May 22, 2004

    Waaahahh.... so many Naru-chan!!! The color's nice too.

  10. AzNKiDoOo2 May 22, 2004

    wow..awsome! nice concept ^^..

  11. Sh0rT0nE May 22, 2004

    very hot ^_^ well done kudos to ya

  12. Windy-San May 22, 2004

    Wow.. v cool wallpaper of Naruto!!
    Like the mood of the sephia tones..
    OOohhh.. especially luv the concept of your homepage !! great work!

  13. Osiris Retired Moderator May 22, 2004

    lookie at all them clones O_O

  14. crazypanda Banned Member May 22, 2004

    Very unique wallpaper. I like it very much. Awesome.

  15. shhho May 23, 2004

    yea .. i like it man.. the aura is nice too... wonder how did he make the backgrd..

  16. bucket-shot May 23, 2004

    Love the concept! :) It's about time someone did a Kage Bunshin Naruto. XD The grungy, antiqued look is great and suits the atmosphere well; reminds me of a page out of a book of legends or something. XD Only problem imo is the grass in the space to the left and right of the 'main' Naru that doesn't seem to get small enough in relation to the Narus in the distance, but that's just nitpicking. :) Great job!

  17. Tokubetsu May 23, 2004

    awesome. what else iis there to say lol

  18. keenan83 May 23, 2004

    I was waiting for someone to do a wall of that technique of his. good job man this is a fav

  19. layzie May 24, 2004

    the gaara one was better >.<

  20. bloodydespair May 24, 2004

    yay for Naruto walls

  21. Swdfsh May 24, 2004

    nice work. thanx for making a good naruto wall :)

  22. Bigdadyb May 24, 2004

    Great job I think Ill use it as my new wallpaper.

  23. neji-neji May 26, 2004

    ahh! its kewl!! i think im seeing doubles.. wait.. triples.. no! quadripples oh well w/e!

  24. Josh168 May 27, 2004

    Yay! Great Naruto wall, your Gaara one was really good too.

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