Naruto Wallpaper: Sharingan: Uchiha Itachi

Masashi Kishimoto, Studio Pierrot, Naruto, Itachi Uchiha Wallpaper
Masashi Kishimoto Mangaka Studio Pierrot Studio Naruto Series Itachi Uchiha Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I was playing 3DS Max 5 (I suck at that proggie XD) and ended up with a weird looking box/spike thing... I took it to photoshop and did some more effects there with brushes and junk. Frankly, this is the first "3ds max /photoshop" wallpaper I've done. =\

The Itachi pic I'm pretty sure is fanart or doujin, my friend sent me it and didn't know the original artist. If ANYONE knows who the original is, TELL ME! I wanted a menacing Itachi, but high-quality pics of him are too rare. ;_;

Anyway, brushes found on deviantart: http://hiden-eddie.deviantart.com/ and of course, some insomniac: http://hybrid-genesis.com/insom_brushes

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  1. Meg Apr 30, 2004

    the 3d work isn't that bad. just the character...it's really low quality @__@;;; i beleive he's from this one fighting game. i forget what's it called =X.

  2. Ritalin Apr 30, 2004

    It's Itachi from the manga/anime Naruto.

    I know what you mean by the quality, I resized it and reCGed the worst parts of it. XD;; It could be so much worse :X

  3. bucket-shot Apr 30, 2004

    :o Agreed! The Web Needs More Itachi! Fufufu~ well, in any case, it -is- a nice pic. And I like the background, tho' can't say more because I know jack all 3D anything. XD

  4. Omicron-15 Apr 30, 2004

    looks pretty cool man, just wish itachi was darker his hair looks way washed out and too bright. It looks like you overlaid with a lighten blending mode or something over itachi could you please remove that layer and make an alternate version, I think it would a ton better with itachi darker.

  5. shihbang Apr 30, 2004

    the background is really cool, but yeah, the itachi pic is a little blurry. Maybe you could mess with it a bit more, or incorporate the art style into the wallpaper - it's not actually that bad, just kind of looks like magna carta / war of genesis type art.

  6. fifaifo Apr 30, 2004

    ooh those eyes send sweet shivers down my spine ^O^ i think it looks good *thumbs up*

  7. Drax Apr 30, 2004

    looking good...the only problem is the low quality itachi pic but still a nice work ^^

  8. ayanechan Apr 30, 2004

    itachi always looks scary to me ^^ i have always prefered his little brother.. but still.. good work ^^

  9. Meierlink May 02, 2004

    This definitely looks good. His eyes say he is deadly.

  10. Kuja-banzai May 08, 2004

    i think that it's a good wallpaper but it doesn't look like itachi very much.......

  11. Spriggan May 27, 2004

    the pic and the bg look very nice!

  12. sendoh07 Nov 04, 2004

    another nice wallpaper done! I like the background effect you did! Itachi could be a bit darker though. Fantastic wallpaper!

  13. ryuzz Nov 29, 2004

    coo itachi

  14. HolyReaper Dec 28, 2004

    looking at the face........he seems quite........female xD............but nice wall

  15. Chobiits May 12, 2005

    Nice wallpaper.
    Itachi looks nice here, and a bit nagry.
    Nice pose too.
    Love his textures.
    Background fits well, well done.
    Thanks for sharing.

  16. FloatingFlower Sep 19, 2005

    Ah can never get enough of good Itachi wallpapers. Hehe looks good.

  17. keekat39 Sep 25, 2005

    Pretty cool w/p

  18. UchihaTaijiya Aug 21, 2006

    That's awesome
    I think you did great
    thanks for sharing it!

  19. azyl12 Apr 18, 2007

    Tnx for sharing. .

    Does'nt look like Itachi though. .

    Still,...nice job! =p

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