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Ok... so much for not walling until my exams are over. But i just couldn't help it u.u
Well this one's pretty simple and quite different from the serene cheerful genre I tend to do... it's not that I like blood and gore @_@ I don't know what I'm doing. I kind of liked the scan and I guess I'm just feeling sadistic u.u I hope you're not all scared away... T_T
Like I said before, it's quite simple, and the thumbnail looks crappy T_T But please downloda it and take a look. Hopefully it doesn't looks as pathetic as the thumbnail u.u
On the technicals... the floor boards are made using a bunch of filters and the wall a lot of brushing... even though you probably can't see much of it...
The scan's from the MT scan gallery, I tried going to back to see where it belonged and who to credit but I couldn't find it anymore ><
Anyways, I'll stop making you all read my rant and let you take a look for yourselves...
I would really appreciate comments...

Oh yeah, this will be my last wall for about a month until my assessments are over. But dun worry, I'll still be around to comment and fav, etc. ^^

EDIT: After reading bucket-shot's comment, I added a bit of shadow to the floorboards. I completely forgot to do that *smacks head*

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  1. Aa-chan May 11, 2005

    I love the silhouette of the window on the wall, it's really well done :) . Nice character too.

  2. Kiako May 11, 2005

    nice wallpaper, i like the position of the chara and the whole darkness of the background.
    keep it up

  3. bucket-shot May 11, 2005

    Wow.. top job, atmospherically. ^_^' Yup.. maybe all that stress is making you sadistic, hehehe~<3 Hm.. zooming out, it's interesting how the blood and floorboards are in such sharp focus, whereas the girl herself is rather soft. Intentional or not, it looks funky~<3 XD

    Hum.. crit..? Not much, but I'd say try adding a little shadow gradient - um. How to say? ^_^' The 'further back' the floor is, the darker it should be..? Just to add a bit of depth. But, wow. XD Like Aa-chan said, those wall shadows rock. ;) Great work!

  4. rocknroll-isgo May 11, 2005

    Oh, good Lord is that creepy... I love it. XD Fantastic work on the walls and floor --- they look great. Nice window silhouette, too. Definite fav. ^_^

  5. shiwei May 11, 2005

    nice wallpaper u have made... background is great, simple and nice...
    the window effect and the blood, i like it ^^
    scan is good too *thumb up*
    keep up the good works, add fav

  6. Yina May 11, 2005

    wo.. that's a dark one!! ^__^ I like the compositon. the way how the girl sits next to the window is great ^^ and the blood on the wall looks great too!! so realistic!! O__O but I think that the whole wallie is a bit too dark.. >_< I'll fave it anyway ^^

  7. KittyCyn May 11, 2005

    Hi! :) Although I had to change the Brightness/Contrast of the wallie to fit my monitors configuration it ish a beautiful one! I like specially the reflection of the window in the wall ;)
    Very original! Also the scan fit's perfect with the ambience of the BG, colors are great too
    And those blood spots! O_O Scary one*
    Overall exc wallie :D
    +Fav and Keep it up!

  8. Kia-san May 11, 2005

    How sad! *sniff* I'm not one for blood and such,( at least not always!) but it is a beautiful and morbid piece.

  9. Acuni May 11, 2005

    i like the wallpaper
    the chara is cute and i like the xpresion of her face there and the window shadows are great made to
    hope to see more

  10. Sugasuga May 11, 2005

    lol, agreed, the thumbnail looks crappy. anyway, everything looks great, kara. ur skills are growing afta each submission ^^ and i <3 bloody walls, but da wall is a bit too dark for me ^^; still, its a great wall, keep it up ^^

  11. MouriRan May 11, 2005

    awwwwww..so sad! the girl look so afraid stuck in a corner...>.<
    awesome wallie kara-chan!^^ the background is so so so so cool! and i love the scan! in addition, the darkish background, and the trees outside the window looks incridble!^^
    awesome awesome wallieee
    +fav 4 the awesomenessXD

  12. kai81220 May 11, 2005

    awesome job to convey the mood of this wall. like the dark, almost deathly feeling of the whole thing. lol but its not really night, its like a dust storm XD color tones work well with the shilhouettes outside the window. the floorboards are very good O_O amazing job with the cging. bloodsplatter seems a bit overboard, but hey youre feeling sadistic right? XD the font really makes this wall. like the little brush/effect added to it. nice piece of work kara. +fav ^^

  13. ever-ruler May 11, 2005

    Wow, great job! I love the background, the floor boards and walls. The color tones are really good and fits the mood of the image really well. And I like the silhouettes and the blood splatter. Keep up the great work!

  14. lthnadml May 11, 2005

    Awesome job!
    I like the window effects and the blood on the wall looks great too!! so realistic!
    Fantastic work on the walls and floor :)
    keep it up :D

  15. DaHero69 May 12, 2005

    wow kara. outstanding wallie. its very simple and yet i can feel the atmosphere around the character. XD *favs*

  16. Eagle May 12, 2005

    wow... That's nice :) good job

    Much better than mine :) *scribbles down ideas*

  17. Skillzpay May 12, 2005

    Wow, such a cute girl getting abused like that :(
    Overall this is well done.
    Just a a few nitpicky critiques: I kinda wish the girl stood out a bit more cause she seems too soft and a little too engulfed in the shadow. Also some of the blood could use some blurring, since some of it appears to be too solid/sharp.
    But yeah I like the concept, as you pulled it off real well and those floorboards are impressive.

  18. hykyit May 12, 2005

    You never seem to fail to impress me~!! Seriously~!! Maybe someday i'll need to have you become my sensei~!! XD Its bloody alright but the concept is real good~!! Whaatt?? No more wallpapers till next month?? Well, then i'll have to wait for your next submission~!! Looking forward to it~!! ^^

  19. Aztec May 12, 2005

    I like the overall concept.
    Nice shading.
    Keep up the good work.

  20. crewcifix May 12, 2005

    oooo lovely! **
    from me because you did such a marvelous job on this one! ^__~

  21. bbls May 12, 2005

    this is quite a departure from your previous, cheeful walls...but i really like what you did here! the scan and your background are perfect...i also luv the shadows on the wall...very nice touch! you truly captured that dark feeling... :)

    *adds to fave*

  22. snuffy May 12, 2005

    i duno what to say.... as a wall... its reali reali good... but i also reali reali dont like sadistic, morbid and bloody things.......

  23. andRox May 12, 2005

    Even thought the atmosphere in this wall is somewhat depressing, i like it heaps, i haven't seen this kind of walls for ages, but you done a good job...8-)

  24. delusioned May 12, 2005

    Ooooooooo goreee! Rah ... lol.

    Obviously this is not the style that I'd expect from you ... but it's a nice change :D My favourite part would be the window sillohete (sp? thank god we don't have spelling assessments :P ) on the wall ...

    My creative juices are tightly locked up, until assessments are over ... then there's gonna be a flood (I hope lol )

    Good job!

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