Comic Party Wallpaper: Shizuka No Yoru

AQUAPLUS, Comic Party, Aya Hasebe Wallpaper
AQUAPLUS Studio Comic Party Series Aya Hasebe Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Konbanwa minna-san! I used an image stock from Minitokyo to make my new wall.
I made this wall using a photoshop CS and 3D max for the sky background
PSD layer about 26, size: 18,7MB
It took me 3 days to make this wall.
I hope you'll like my wall, please give me comments and critics.

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  1. Aa-chan May 05, 2005

    I'm not sure what it is, but something is missing. I just look at it and seem to miss something. I think it's lacking something on the outside of the window. It's too stark a contrast me thinks.

    Just my opinion though :) .

  2. Kiako May 05, 2005

    nice wallpaper, the girl is very pretty and the looks trough the window looks nice too, even if the botom and the top side don't quite fit together. i mean they fit together by colors but it looks like it would be made of two different parts
    keep it up

  3. Tatsuya May 05, 2005

    nice extract, The scan and the concepts looks aweome.
    I would love to see some more though on the bg. Such moon .etc will be better, in my humble opinion

  4. kara May 05, 2005

    The composition is very nice. But I think the window frame needs more of a 3D look, it kinda looks more like paper than wood at the moment >.< But other than that it's very beautiful^^

  5. Kaitou-Kid May 05, 2005

    i agree... i think you need more variations in the background...
    a tree maybe...?

  6. YugureKaze May 05, 2005

    it looks really nice
    the girl is very pretty
    the image outside the window is interesting...
    great work!

  7. minimouzo May 05, 2005

    This a nice and cute wallpaper. You have done very good with the extraction.There is nothing wrong with the scan in my opinion. I really like how you did the curtains. They seem very soft and make the window look better. The shadow under the window is also nice. I like a little less how you designed the wood parts ; i suppose you wanted to make a wooden window but i think it looks like marble ^_^' changing a little the texture could be an option ... but it's already good. Just a little uncommon ^_^ in opposite i think that texture is really well chosen for the brick wall. It give a nice effect of tapestry or white painting. But i think we see too much that it's the same pattern pasted several times. You could maybe change the motives every two patterns ; i don't know. Just a suppostion.
    But anyways all of this is already great ^_^ just some things you know ^_^
    i like also the upper part of your sky and the stars you put in it... maybe are them a little too numerous ^_^ but it gives a nice effect. Maybe could you add a landscape in the lower part of your window. It would look nicer too.
    but as i said before, this is a good wall, you have worked a lot on it ; and i'm happy to have seen it. Thank you nanami ^_^

  8. ShiroiKuma May 05, 2005

    nice wall. The bg is good also. But I agree with other members, maybe u should put something like moon or maybe leaves or tree branch. The star will look much more better if u make it bigger and not too numerous. But over all it's nice ^^

  9. Acuni May 05, 2005

    nice wallie
    the girl looks cute and the background is great to i like the idea with the curtainand the window at the back.
    nice job

  10. Tirdaelyn May 05, 2005

    This is a really nice wallpaper. Perhaps a tree, or a cloud... just something might add the the background. But I also like the simplicity as well. I think you did a really good job. ^^

  11. cygnus May 06, 2005

    Simple wall, nice and clean...but some scenic additions might be great, a moon, some trees shadows behind the window, and a part of plant on the left side in front of the curtain...

  12. skysong May 07, 2005

    Very cute wall! The pic is very clear and clean, nice job! I like the starry sky you added thru the window, looks really cute. Great job!

  13. faiz138 May 07, 2005

    nice wallie you made there .. i like it it's peacful and calm.
    good job +Fav

  14. Ying May 07, 2005

    Hm... yeah it look a little empty. I think a moon would shine it up a little! ^_^
    i like the colors you used! ^_^

  15. walkure245 May 07, 2005

    I love the concept. You did a wonderful job on the extraction and the setup is really good. The window scene and the curtains are really nice but the window panes look slightly unrealistic. Other than that, very nicely done~

  16. Freedeal May 09, 2005

    ummm It a pretty nice work i think. The girl is cute and the background is really look good too. :nya:

  17. sadotsu May 10, 2005

    Quote by Aa-chanI'm not sure what it is, but something is missing. I just look at it
    and seem to miss something. I think it's lacking something on the
    outside of the window. It's too stark a contrast me thinks.
    Just my opinion though :) .

    Yeah... I see what you mean.

  18. MoonlightEternity May 10, 2005

    howeee the girl goes really well with the bg! *smiles* its very cute wallie, and the sky looks nice! great window too!

    i think the curtain looks too straight tho.

    otherwise awesome job!

  19. mughi May 15, 2005

    Beautiful wallpaper. It is always a pleasure when I come across wallpaper made this well. Great job on extracting the character. The background you created is so well done. My only subjective issue is that the window frame does not look natural as other part of background. But really I like the work of yours. Thanks much for your hard work and looking forward to your future work. :D

  20. DarkIngram Jun 29, 2005

    Nice wall again Nanami! ^ ^ I like the cute girl, reminds me of something. ^ ^ It's better if you add some stars. Just my opinion. ^ ^ Overall, nice wallpaper. Keep up the good work!

  21. DarkIngram Jun 30, 2005

    Comment again: Can you add moon or some stars to improve the night sky, just only my suggestion. ^ ^

  22. Sakura0chan Jul 01, 2005

    Pretty wallpaper. ^^ I like the extraction, very clean. ^^
    The background looks nice. :D
    Keep up the good work!! :)

  23. Deen Aug 17, 2005

    Simple, but really soft for the background .. and very clean
    There is no variation on the background, i mean behind the windows.
    btw.. this is good work

  24. BorisGrishenko Nov 07, 2005

    Impressively crisp scan! This is a very good wall.

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