Fruits Basket Wallpaper: Fruits Basket - The sad side...

Natsuki Takaya, Fruits Basket, Kyo Sohma Wallpaper
Natsuki Takaya Mangaka Fruits Basket Series Kyo Sohma Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Well well, I was looking at the Fruits Basket gallery and at all these happy walls, and was thinking that Fruits Basket is not just a happy story...
So that's why I wanted to wall the sad side of Fruits Basket, inspired by the end of the series.

I took a screenshot of Kyo and trace him in Illustrator. Since it was just his face on the screenshot I had to invent some part like the t-shirt that I did with references from other scenes.
And for the background, I did the rain and blurry effects with brushes in Photoshop.
The house is also a screenshot of the series and I painted a bit on it since there was some caracters in front of it.

Enough talking! Enjoy!
Comments and favorites always appreciate :)

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  1. kaolla-kake May 03, 2005

    ooooh I like, I like! It's so cool how you made a whole shirt from things that you saw!! Just really awesome. His head looks really big XD. Other than that, I love the effects!

  2. LastDinosaur May 03, 2005

    Very nice vector.. although the shirt proportions look a bit unreal, just how low the shoulders go. Other than that, amazing wall.

  3. Keik May 03, 2005

    This is nice and Ghostly shinie, you should make some Goststory WP with this effect ;)
    Btw. Nice work :)

  4. Freedeal May 03, 2005

    ummm. It look pretty nice. In person i like the rain and the background. Anyway it a really nice picture. :)

  5. calisqo May 03, 2005

    wow cool water effect.
    The wall is very clean and professional >.>
    I'm liking the cleaness of the wall .
    Simple but very expressive.
    Awesome wall.

  6. cygnus May 03, 2005

    Successfully made, everything looks blends together nicely, and the dark mood really shows...

  7. khatuido May 03, 2005

    hi anji,

    tres sympa comme wall, j'aime bien l'effet pluie.
    aller zou a+

    je le add dans mes fav ;)

  8. Asahi May 03, 2005

    great work anji . love your work with the screenshots and the chara ! =) the rain does the best for the atmosphere.

  9. kai81220 May 03, 2005

    wow anji! its amazing ^^ trace is done very well and the atmosphere you created fit so well with the wall. rain works great with the house and the plants. its a very good work =D +fav

  10. motoko May 03, 2005

    Excellent work!
    The rain is so well rended :sweat: , and Kyo looks so sad :(
    The vector is really good too :)
    For a screen shot, the bg is a great one, really nice job
    definitely a fav
    "baka neko" Go Yuki Goooo! Xp ** run very fast very far **

  11. Dray May 03, 2005

    ben il n'y a pas a dire moi j'adore grave, surtout que ta choisi un perso que j'aime beaucoup XD
    AAAAAAh ton wall me rappelle la fin de fruits basket, snif snif T_T
    sinon moi je trouve que tu la pas rater meme si tu n'ete pas inspire comme tu dit lol
    vraiment tres bien fait l'effet de pluie

    bravo bravo +fav

  12. ShiNN May 03, 2005

    Very good job! This is a perfect example on how to succesfully integrate a vector into a background without seeing contrast between the two different styles/techniques. It has a very sad atmosphere and the rain is flawlessly realized, but I like about it is how you managed to make Kyo look wet by using a soft semi-transparent white brush all over him and by adding water drops. That's attention to details, and it's something that appearently we don't see often here on MT.

  13. Dragus May 03, 2005

    u have killer talent anji and this wall looks great, i hope u are getting enough credit.

    Thanks for sharing this wall.

  14. KyoFan368 May 03, 2005

    ohhhhh I love this wallpaper, I'm adding it to my favorites. :) :D :pacman:

  15. tru-chan May 03, 2005

    Kill me now.

    Wow, Anji! This wallpaper is just beautiful.
    Very different from you previous work.
    I'm just in love with it.
    +fave ^^

  16. L3g May 03, 2005

    Rooo c'est du haut niveau !! la pluie l'effet flou de la maison les gouttes d'eau sur le perso ... c'est vraiment (tres) x 10 puissance l'infini jolie :D
    bravo c'est vraiment magnifique

  17. nekosasu May 03, 2005

    too bad i'm on a scool comp atm, cuz else i'd have more time to take a closer look at the wall... also my reviewing time is very limited u_u; i'll sure edit this post later on. (i'll fav it though since i already love it, and i want to access it easier when i get home tomorrow XD) anyways, i'm very impressed by this wall, (more comments sure will follow)

    Quote by ShiNN84That's attention to details, and it's something that appearently we don't see often here on MT.


    There we go, neko's edit... well actually i don't know much what to say,
    at school i was thinking, "hmm it looks good on 1024x768 lcd screen but what about a 1280x960 crt one? Maybe I could find some minor boo-boos", but i was wrong, luckily. your wall is very monochromatic, as usual. Some like it, some don't, and I usually am not a real fan of that either. But i'll voluntarily make an exception for this splendid wall :) argh the vector turned out so great oO you invented the t-shirt? sugoii na! >_< argh all is perfect, i can't add anymore without quoting others >_<
    The whole thing quite fascinates me, not only because of the care of detail ShiNN pointed out eariler, but for the perfect recreation of the rain scene in Fruit Basket's last episode, which had quite touched me back then. Though, I can't remember much now... Makes me wanna watch FB again for the 3rd time XD

    if i wasn't GA-addicted I'd sure use your wallpaper on my desktop right now... anyways, it's gonna be one of my best favorites... my faved favs XD okay, so, thanks anji for your hard work, i'm pretty sure it must have taken you lots of time to make it this good, and keep it up! :) take care


  18. Nisha May 03, 2005

    wow i really like it! Fruba did need some sad walls. Kto looks so sad. I really like the rain and the house in the background it looks really nice!

  19. Spriggan May 03, 2005

    voila donc le resultat final!! j'aurais du me douter que ton message d'hier cachait quelque chose >_< pis j'lais manquer!!! grrr lol anyway....toute une difference hein , incomparable avec le ''preview'' ^_^' ...tres simplement , du tres jolie travail Anji! particulierement la facon dont t'as retoucher le SC! mais chui pas surpris XP hehehe ..a pars ca , c'est peut etre juste moi..mais le bras/cote gauche de Kyo est douteux! yen a tu un?? parce que son chandail semble etre un peu trop large pour ca taille....c'est peut etre juste la fatigue aussi =_= lol
    belle job! :)

  20. phantomwise May 04, 2005

    Wow, you did an amazing job on this :D And you're right, there is a huge lack of sad wallpapers in the Fruits Basket section.

  21. llilliathari May 04, 2005

    J'imagine le boulot qu'a du te prendre ce wallpaper, je suis vraiment epatee.
    L'effet pluie est bien realise sur Kyo-kun (^^) et sur le fond, seul petit reproche, la partie en haut à gauche est un peu trop sombre selon moi...
    Encore une fois, super boulot!

    J'attends le prochain. :D

  22. KittyCyn May 04, 2005

    Wow! Your Wallie returned gr8!!!!! No words to describe how beautiful it ish! ;)
    The rain looks perfect! you did really a great job with it :)
    Also you're right, I've only seen happy Fruit Basket wallies, and it's a good idea to make the other side of the story, well you did great!
    Also making his shirt and rest of the image
    +Favie :) Keep it up*

  23. Takeshi1589 May 06, 2005

    Anji...wow...it's such a cool wall!! I love the rain effect...you'll have to teach me how to make it... ^.~ And...Kyo looks so sad...I believe...I can feel his pain. *instant fav*

  24. Bellatrix May 06, 2005

    Comme il est beauuuuuuuuuuuuu !!!
    J'adore Kyo de furuba !!!
    L'est trop !!!
    Super bien fait ton wall !!

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