Emily (Mangaka) Wallpaper: Field of Innocence

Emily (Mangaka) Wallpaper
Emily (Mangaka) Mangaka

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Yes, I know it's a bit soon ^_^' I made this long time ago... very similar to my first pink wallie. Aww.... I just realised, that it's really pink... again. Sorry ~_~ I know not everyone like it ^_^'
So, as I said I made it a while ago, and I was looking through my pics when I found it. I wanted to remove some of the petals, there were too many o_o and I also added some petals from the scan. It may look better than the transparent-looking ones. And I don't really liked that plain grass so I put those grass like thingies :)
There's a forest in the distance. I don't know if that's looks good or bad, but not sure about it... -_-'
And sparkles and sparkles :) hope not too many ^_^'
What I also changed is the size. I usually make my walls 1024x768, but this time I made it a bit bigger. Thanks to Yoones :) . So it may looks a bit weird, because it was smaller originally.
Oh, I almost forgot... I found the scan on an other site, but I'm sure that MT got it too. Don't know who's the owner, but if it is yours then... tell it ^^' and I'll put here the link.
I tried my best to correct my past mistakes...
Enjoy it and as always comments are welcome! and sorry for the pinkness again -_-'

Hey, good news! :) I found the scan, so thanks to DaveTheInsane for this great submission!!
Here's the link: http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/54327/

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  1. Barbara Apr 06, 2005

    So cute wallpaper, hope I'm the first one comment on it *giggles*, I love the bg, the colors look pretty, and the girl is so lovely. +fav, fav....:)

  2. MirageA Apr 06, 2005

    To me.
    Pink is beautiful.
    It just reminded me of an angel that touched me in heaven
    She looks really cute!!
    Excellent job on this work!! :)

  3. carnall Apr 06, 2005

    wonderful wallpaper , excelente wallpaper , de veras que te salio muy bien ,hasta
    luego Chisana.

  4. xeqtr177 Apr 06, 2005

    That's uber kawaii!!! I like the contrast of pink in the background. The girl is just so cute with her frilly lacey stockings (cute and naughty!) Keep up the good work. Instant fav

  5. maho-ho Apr 06, 2005

    Really nice wallpaper! :) I like the colors, and the light efects! [pretty] OX
    Good Job! Chisana ;)

  6. Yoones Apr 06, 2005

    chisana I like this on much!
    first I have to say I lie pink ;p
    but then you did a really good work, the forest is great, all the trees effect are well done, the grass is good too but I think on the far plan of the grass there are big herbs (the same as in the foreground) wich looks a little bit also, some grass are too flashy pink in the middle.(argh can't explain where with precision because my english sucks)
    anyway you know if I m telling you that it's because I like your work much and give attention to it. you re walls are already very nice and I m sure you ll be one of the best wall maker soon...
    keep making them !
    thanks bye and take care.

  7. DarkCrimson Apr 06, 2005

    Oh wow I defenetly love your new Wallie my dear.She looks so cute.And also a bit sexy.
    The Pink Colors you used are fit in great.They give the Picture a warm and lovly Atmosphere.
    A sure Fav for me.Thanks so much for sharing :D :)

  8. dustin Apr 06, 2005

    Aww.. so cute. Is there any larger resolutions available? I have 1600x1200 monitors so smaller look fuzzzy...

  9. Kitaan Retired Moderator Apr 06, 2005

    ooo how cute ^_^ I love the girl she's so adorable and very nice bg goes great with her ^_^the pinkness it fine I love pink ^_^ but very nice wallie its very cute ^_^

  10. Haia Apr 06, 2005

    Kawaii wallie! I love the background with all the sakuras all around............the scan is interesting too! Great job on this one! Well, keep it up! Thanks for sharing this to us........Kyaaaaaaaaaaa! +fav

  11. Sugasuga Apr 06, 2005

    wai, chisana-chan~! kawaii desu <3 even though everythings pink, it suits the kawaii scan and pink represents kawaii, imo ^^; just good work and keep it up =^^=

  12. Athrun Apr 06, 2005

    OMG, so this is what it looks like when pink takes over the world? :o

    Anyway, another nice wall, there. ^ ^ Love the effects and stuff. The scan is also in great quality, did you vector it?

  13. Wishful Apr 06, 2005

    aww! so kawaii! the extraction looks impossibale! 0.o but you pulled it off well! It's so pretty how you used all that different scenry to it! pink rox my sox! XD

  14. Lenya Apr 06, 2005

    very cute =DD I likepink very much.....wait...no...i LOVE it >O< the girl is very cute too. And I like your background very much. This stuff on the bottom is beautiful ^-^

  15. Paolo Apr 06, 2005

    awww. cute wallpaper. u make such very nice walls chisana *hugs ya* ^^

  16. pinkangel Apr 06, 2005

    wow what a pretty walls and I love pink. nice very nice. and she look so adorable too.

  17. DarkVirus Apr 06, 2005

    wow..it is such a pretty wall...
    i guess the field of innonces attract cute little girls, right? LOL
    anyway good job on the wall

  18. YugureKaze Apr 06, 2005

    wow! very cute wall!
    the bg looks really beautiful!
    the girl looks really cute in that outfit, too
    amazing work!

  19. slivermoon Apr 06, 2005

    more pink! ^^
    the colours blend nicely together
    and the bg looks very nice too
    good job! ^-^

  20. zaira Apr 07, 2005

    waaaaaii!!! chisana!!! sooo cute!!! this wall is sooo cute!!! nice pinky wallie!! i like the scan!! bg is soo cute too!!! i like this wallie!!!+fav!

  21. Holt Apr 07, 2005

    This is great :D
    Really clear and great quality.
    I really admire your trees and leaves! How do you make them look so good? Seriously! You must teach me! >_<
    I do think that's alot of pink but that's just a guy's taste XP
    Well worth a fav.
    Keep it up!

  22. DayWalkeR Apr 07, 2005

    kawaiiiiiii DESU XD
    is a really beautiful wall Xd
    and a really beautiful character
    take care ;)

  23. Tatsuya Apr 07, 2005

    omg, this is really great.
    the scan is neat and high quility, and good work with all the brush work!
    nice color you using, it's deserved to fav! i must fav it ^^
    thank for sharing and keep up the good work!


    Quote by AthrunThe scan is also in great quality, did you vector it?

    yeah, did you ?

  24. Kiako Apr 07, 2005

    i find the wallpapaer very pretty,
    and i gues that the color had to be pink, because it fits to the chara and it doesn't make the background look sad.

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