KURAU Phantom Memory Wallpaper: ~~Little Butterfly~~

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Artist Comment

yaaaaay, a new wallpaper from me, Wings! I really hope you like it!

It took me 4-5 days to finish it and I really hope you like it! The butterflies are selfmade and the cityskape, uh, a photo helped me ><" but I'm going to be better and better, you don't see maybe but I do, I'm arrogant I know ._. First I wanted to make a new SHOOTING STAR Wallpaper like my Rahxephon Wallpaper and my Wallpaper[/url]Chrno Crusade Wallpaper! But then I found something new for an Inspiration! It was that I thougt of that it could be the last day they could love each other and that they just hurt each other too! On the right there aren't more skyscrapers because you can just see the emptyness around the city! In front of my wallpaper you see BLACK gras and little little trees, this should be a little hill and that you can see the city from top and the empty space! Wuuuuuhhhhhhh, you don't like it! Don't you?

YAAAAAY Lenya is having birthday today!
*kiss* Happy birthday my sweet sweetheart!!!! This is a little present!

It is also dedicated to Jasmin and Sema,^^

I have to thank all the people who wrote in my Guestbook, I will answer one day XD and who gave me such nice comments! Now I have to get new insprations ^__^

And Yes it is a dark wallpaper, I wanted to make a really dark wallpaper so don't care ^^ hehe oO" I'm so freaky .__.

see you ^^

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  1. Kiako Apr 06, 2005

    the wallpaper looks very beautiful, the position of the charas is nice, and i like the background, the effects.
    keep up the good work

  2. einna Apr 06, 2005

    First of all, everything looks good! I love the typography. The effects are nice as well. As for the stock photo...well, sometimes, things can't be done without the help of a stock photo. It's not really a bad thing because everything wasn't made of the stock photo. The stock photo isn't pretty obvious. One thing that I just find weird is that the characters are, again, floating. O.O Not that I'm against it, I just wondered why some of your scan couples float.^^;; Hehe. XD

    Brilliant wall! I think it deserves something.^_^

    Edit: By the way, you have a typographical error on the date, I guess... It says 06/06/05. We're only 04/06/05.^^;;

  3. semanga Apr 06, 2005

    my sweet brother make a so awesome wall you have show me this befor and i must say i am so glad that i can say that a so talented guy is my brother i feel so honoured ...
    you dedicated also to me *tears comming to my eyes* for me??? also to me you know i am only sema and i am not special but you make me feel that i am special with your dedicated

    Hugs and kiss my sweety brother ... ich weiss nicht was ich ohne dich waere ... but this goes first to my desktop and to my fav you did a great jop honey and i told you i love your own butterflys ....
    look everybody you can learn from my brother and i can learn also a lot ^^
    keepit up and by the way happy birthday Lenya ^^

  4. Lenya Apr 06, 2005

    thank YA >O< i really like it. *goes dreaming ._.*
    ~ so live in harmony. ...perfect harmony. you're the only one i'm needing to live in harmooony~ XD ^-^ weiter so

  5. Yumi-Chan Apr 06, 2005

    Oh WOW..You used my country's tallest building XD..hahahha ^____^ no one used this stock image for wallie before perhaps.. XD
    Nice nice, i love everything here! the grass,flowers,smooth swirls & dots around the scan are beautiful.
    the night scene is so calm ^___^ I like it so much. keep up the good work pal ;)

  6. chibikko Apr 06, 2005

    Quote by chrnoIt was that I thougt of that it could be the last day they could love each other and that they just hurt each other too

    you think kurau and christmas are lovers? omg you yuri-freak. the black grass looks kinda cool but the stockphoto ruins the mood.

  7. DarkEVO Apr 06, 2005

    Very cool wallpaper been chrno. I like this idea of yours. It's very original. Beautiful too. +Fav.

  8. Barbara Apr 06, 2005

    So beautiful wallpaper, very nice effects on the background, the grass and the butterflies are so nice. Good work, fav for sure :)

  9. harakiri Apr 06, 2005

    Is that the city of Kuala Lumpur in the background? I am a fan of the Kurau series and so I like the whole concept quite much. You could have added some Rynax light because that would fit in with the characters.

  10. DieFi Apr 06, 2005

    Hmm Great work. I like this effect around your pair and the background nice, too.
    But the boy look a little bit strage, without feelings and no face omotions.
    Maybe you could make a nice effect oround the butterflys, because it looks as if you just past them in the Pic.
    wng Die Fi

  11. Val3f0r Apr 07, 2005

    ayeee chrno... great work as always :D such a nice effects around the scans :D and looks beautiful to me for the background ^^ great work ^^ only 1 thing that bugged me though, the scans is flying mid-air :O or maybe it was intended to be like that hehe I dunno, just imo ^^ looking forward more from you :P

  12. euna Retired Moderator Apr 07, 2005

    a new wallie~~~
    i luv the scan~~~ it's so nice!
    i just luv the butterflies!!
    they are gorgeous! how did you do them??
    and the dark bg really suits the charas...
    very nice *fav*

  13. mughi Apr 07, 2005

    What a nice wall you've made here. The butterflies you created really looks great although if this is night time wall than shouldn't you call it a moth? Just a nitpick on technicality. ^_^' Jokes aside the walls do look good. I like the softness around the two characters hugging together. :)

  14. sukie Apr 07, 2005

    ...nice...i like the bg alot!!!!!!!! the scan is nice too. and wow...the butterflies are soooooo cute!!!!!

  15. polar Apr 07, 2005

    wow~~another beautiful work :D
    nice combination of colors, the variation of violet in the sky is great
    at first, i didn't kno y the composition is left heavy, but now it makes sense reading ur lovely idea ^______^
    it certainly is diff from the rest of ur works, but i luv this dark atomsphere~~~
    but i think the colorful butterflies don't really match the theme..............^^''''' i prefer them in the same colors w/ some variation in tones~just a thought ~^0^

  16. KorganoS Apr 26, 2005

    I wanted to wall this scan of Kurau long time ago, but because the scan was in not so good resolution, I decided to postpone it... lol..
    nice background,... I guess the overall dark theme was derived from the original, but anyways.. it's still very nice and calming...
    nice work, Flo ;)

  17. LordStyphon Apr 29, 2005

    This is beautiful work. I love the dark and the color. They and the stars look lovely against the cityscape. The butterflies are a further nice touch. Excellent stuff.

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