Hourglass of Summer Wallpaper: A Gentle Breeze

Murakami Suigun, Hourglass of Summer, Kaho Serizawa Wallpaper
Murakami Suigun Mangaka Hourglass of Summer Series,Visual Novel Kaho Serizawa Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Woot. Ok first off I'd like to thank all the people at Minitokyo's IRC channel who gave me suggestions, tips and comments on this wallpaper during its work in progress :).

To the wallie: well you can see it, it's a very cliche one with a scenery background and a cutie... the funny thing is that when I started drawing this it was very different and it had a total different scan, so it really went through a lot of retouching and re-editing XD. Everything has been drawn (sky, clouds, trees, wall) while the bench was re-traced and re-cged from a stock photo.

Last some info for the nerds XD: 63 layers, and about 12 total hours spent in 2 days.


[Edit] following everybody's input I've worked more on the girl and managed to remove the azure glow, I've also retouched her hair to blend it better.
[Last Edit] allright lol I've enlarged the wall and the bench and retouchedn again the girl, thanks MadWiz and einna for the input :)

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  1. Barbara Apr 06, 2005

    Wow, so beautiful wallpaper, I love the bg, the color is very nice and the girl looks pretty. Nice job, a fav for your work :)

  2. Mordin Apr 06, 2005

    wow nice ShinN, nice texture, the bg is just amazing, your artisitic taste is very well fine tone my I say. The scenery is just so good, it does drop my jaw when I first saw it, the blending of the girl fits the mood of your bg. Very good choice on your theme, nice execution on your wallie. I can't believe you draw the tress and the clouds, very nice job ShinN.

  3. Tatsuya Apr 06, 2005

    nice background, indeed! I think you could clean the scan a bit, since I'm seeing a few fuzzes on her left-hand. But the overall background is really impressive. imho. anywyas, thank for sharing and keep it up

  4. einna Apr 06, 2005

    I love it! But I think the girl is too tall for the bench and the wall behind the bench. You know..XD Uhmm... the colors are good. Green, blue and white.. nice! Everything's fine!^______^

  5. shinta Apr 06, 2005

    Interesting! The background looks great, I like the trees a lot and awesome bench. The text is elegant too. I think the image should have been worked on a lot more. Both the extraction and the quality is poor. I'm not sure if there is a glow around her or not, but if there is it might look better without.

  6. Palin88 Apr 06, 2005

    Wonderful color balance.
    The only thing that bugs me is the brown branches that show through the leaves on the trees. They look kinda unatural. In a couple of places the green leaves look like they have brown mold...

  7. psychoadvanced Apr 06, 2005

    I like it! Great wallpaper!
    Also the coloring is perfect!
    The girl looks cute, god job!
    thx for sharing!! :)

  8. shiwei Apr 06, 2005

    great and beautiful wallpaper...
    background fit the mood of the girl... ^^
    she pretty too... nice job, keep it up... add fav

  9. DaHero69 Apr 06, 2005

    wow!! :D this wallpaper is really beautiful
    great job. the bg fits well with the girl.
    thanx for sharing :)

  10. MadWiz Apr 06, 2005

    ok nice work now~ though still.. some parts I don't like.. but its just me looking at the wall too closely! =p
    lazy to give other comments.. since I have lazy eyes and lazy everything!

  11. PhantomSavage Apr 06, 2005

    Chicks with blue eyes & dark colored straight hair with bangs & that kind of look = my kind of woman :D

  12. semanga Apr 06, 2005

    that looks so sweet
    very nice work honey you are a great waller
    the bg work is very good like all your other walls
    but this looks very great congratulation sweety to this awesome wall

  13. Rhapsody Apr 06, 2005

    Wow, very nice. It looks like you put alot of work into it! I love the clouds and the birds! Once again, great job!

  14. diamarrr Apr 06, 2005

    nice one shinn =D simple and nice.....the bg and effects are suitable for it and lets see the color settings and all are just perfect =D

  15. Kerox Apr 06, 2005

    Wooow !! It's really nice ! The girl is simply magnificent : blue eyes, brown hairs... perfect :p
    The background is beautiful, you employed sweet colors... very good !
    I'll add your wallpaper to my favorites !
    Very good job ! congratulation :)

  16. Athrun Apr 06, 2005

    Beautiful Hourglass wall, Shinn. ^ ^

    i love what you did to the text and BG.

  17. nekosasu Apr 06, 2005

    completely missed your link in the chan o_o;;
    very beautiful wallpaper, i love the details... the birds are simply splendid, the sky is damn great, bla >_< argh instead of enumerating everything... --> everything is b e a utiful!
    thanks for your hard work ShiNN, hope to see more from you :) take care

    (PS: i didn't see the one with arc though... care to show it to me sometime? kthx)

  18. Athrun Apr 06, 2005

    Somehow doubleposted my way below neko... wtf?

  19. Kiako Apr 06, 2005

    great wallpaper, the girl looks very beautiful, and i like the background, it has some nice effects and it suits the girl. and i also liek what you did with the sign.
    keep it up

  20. Susan-chan Apr 06, 2005

    i love this game^^ and the scan is soo lovely^^ and u made a great wally^^ like the bg^^

  21. ded113 Apr 06, 2005

    Very beautiful senery! But the quality of the scan poor and some bad exractions. But I like the wall concept.

  22. DieFi Apr 06, 2005

    Wow this Wall is nice I like the sky in the background the trees and of course this cute girl in front^^.
    So thx for submit.

  23. volrath77 Apr 06, 2005

    Cliched? That's very modest of you while presenting an excellent piece of work here. :)

    i think it's beautiful. Fav'ed.

  24. chibi-kyo Apr 06, 2005

    The bench is the coolest part XD
    Nah, I really like ur wall, great job, yay~
    But ur Tsukihime version was funnier XD

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