Get Backers Wallpaper: Kuroudo Akabane

Rando Ayamine, Studio DEEN, Get Backers, Kurodo Akabane Wallpaper
Rando Ayamine Mangaka Studio DEEN Studio Get Backers Series Kurodo Akabane Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

<3 Akabane (the Jackal) from Getbackers!! The scan I had was really crappy ^^; (I didn't get it from here) so I vecotored it myself. There are some mistakes and such in my vectoring...Well, vectoring is fun XD

Umm...It's very plain, yes it is, but I believe it's a little different from my other crappy walls. The thing that I was playing around with this time was something I learned a while ago in my computer graphics class (the smoke/mist effect). I hope I did it right...it LOOKS like I did it right ^^;

Well, here goes nothing, right? Comments and critiques please!!

Even though this wall is simple, I kinda like how it turned out! Hahah...just remember, I'm not a waller, I'm an artist wanna-be =]

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  1. beastmaster Apr 06, 2005

    :nya: Oh let's go GB

    Dr.Jack... ^_^'
    oh, can i add u to my friendlist? ^^
    and can u see My scans form me

  2. FallenAngel Apr 06, 2005

    omg it's akabane <3
    Not that bad of a wallpaper although his hand looks weird. It's see-through *_*
    Other than that it's okay I guess. ^^;
    See you on irc! XD

  3. Yumi-Chan Apr 06, 2005

    Akabane looked hot ;) the vector was nicely done. I don't see any mistakes ya know XD
    Oh the mist looked great too! ^___^ So cool u go for computer graphix class :D
    btw I don't think the outerglow fits. but thats okay cuz I believe you're a great artist! You can improve ^_^

  4. Kiako Apr 06, 2005

    the wallpaper looks very nice, i like the pose of the chara and the glow around him too and the effects are also nice.

  5. cygnus Apr 06, 2005

    Clean vector, and flaws are easily overlooked ^^ I really like the bg you've made, and the cold aura came out form him ... :D

  6. vorlon Apr 07, 2005

    Great wall!
    The only thing I'd like to request would be a bigger resolution :P

  7. jackalx66 Apr 07, 2005

    the jackal wow *__________*
    *the only jackal in MT* XD
    everything is nice
    i like the emotion in it
    and i think the white glow is not necessary >_<
    other than that its a nice wall
    thx for ur effort and share it in here

  8. tiantito Apr 07, 2005

    nice job i like what you did vectorizing that scan .... and the bg is really cool i like the whole black thing ...nice color.....
    added it to my favs

  9. ayanechan Apr 08, 2005

    it's a nice clean vector from what i see ^____^ great job on it panda~! and i also think that the glow ain't necessary :X lol nice mist/smoke stuff :3 look radical :nya: keep it up!

    ps: we're all artists in one way or another ^.~

  10. walkure245 Apr 11, 2005

    This is really cool-looking with its smoky look. It's simple but it's so well done. I really like. You did a great job on the vector which makes it so strong. The glow around him adds to the mystery and the weird bg really enhances that. Very nice job~ ^_^

  11. royaldarkness May 04, 2005

    akabane looks really cool in this wall ;) love the bg, it's so cool ^^

  12. Avenant May 15, 2005

    awesome wallpaper...Akabane is one of my favorite characters :) Always root for the shady one!

  13. aibou Jun 06, 2005

    Very nice wallpaper. The background colours go well with the image, and the mist effect is a nice touch. Looks great!

  14. KuroNeko Jul 04, 2005

    akabane~<3 Our creepy neighbourhood psycho doctor~!
    And he does look extra creepy here...
    But what they hey, its Akabane! Its all good~ XD

  15. Chopstickz Jul 22, 2005

    O_O aka is giving the finger!
    bad pan pan
    the bg is soo dark
    but its cool though
    n the misty stuff is a nice touch n_n

  16. Cordron Aug 01, 2005

    I love this series, and i love jackel's character. I am still looking for someone to capture his softer side though....

  17. kuromegami Aug 04, 2005

    very nice *downloads and stares at* <n.n>; I like the background and the glow around akabane san

  18. AgataMare Sep 01, 2005

    Akabane, the man I'd like as my doctor! :D :D
    Great wallpaper, I really enjoy it. :)

  19. Amon-Sama Oct 10, 2005

    Great Dr. Jackal wallpaper one of the best i seen. Keep it up!

  20. Dakiel Oct 15, 2005

    >_< waaaa, este tio me encanta,, arigatou PANDAgirl T_T, ya estaba pidiendo una de él, grande Dr. J, ja ne.

  21. tienbaygo Nov 03, 2005

    *drops dead* soooooo good. indeed one of the best i've seen. keep up the good work

  22. saikyou Dec 24, 2005

    Heh, Jackal is cool indeed, his pictures are always good ones

  23. Kabura Feb 18, 2006

    Akabane is soo cute!

  24. shikite Jan 02, 2011

    akabane-sama you look soooo hoooooot.i love you

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