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I know that it's not so good but I like this texts :). So what do you think?

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  1. Tatsuya Apr 05, 2005

    the background look kinda good, and the extraction need more than cleaning,
    coz, i seen there has some white color on her hair! anyways, thank for sharing and keep it up

  2. Kiako Apr 05, 2005

    the girl looks ver beautiful and the background suits her with the colors and the text is also fitting in

  3. SaschaC Apr 05, 2005

    I agree, the girl look beautiful, and the back ground so peaceful... the name really suits it, nicec feeling

  4. hedox Apr 05, 2005

    wow, exelent wallpaper..the girl is so cute....congratulations...!!!

  5. sukie Apr 05, 2005

    wow...nice bg...you got here...the txreation is OK...better than my first one...LOL...keep up your great work. *fav*

  6. anji Apr 05, 2005

    The extractrion is not too bad, just some little things to work on, like some part of the hair.
    And it's true that scan is cute. ^_^
    The clouds in the background are well done and fits with everythings.
    But, I'm not sure about the font you chose, it's pretty straight for a elegant wall like this.
    Kee it up the good work! :)

  7. Cadi Apr 05, 2005

    Cool wall! I like the bg, the sky look really pretty^^ The text is awsome! Great job and keep up the good work^^

  8. calisqo Apr 06, 2005

    NIce effort for a starter,

    The idea of having clouds is good
    however the clouds placement seems to be a bit repetitive.
    It'll kinda degrades the level of interest.
    Somepart of the scan is a bit too bright, and perhaps toher font will add bit more to it.
    Details too can help eg: mountain, birds etc....

    The good thing about this wall, perhaps the combination in between the scan and the bg, there u seem to have a good connection.
    Overall nice effort keep it up, you'll only improve ^_^

  9. Barbara Apr 06, 2005

    Nice wallpaper, the background looks pretty cool indeed. Keep it up Emi :)

  10. LucyXlostangelwings Apr 06, 2005

    I like it!
    It's neat and simple. ^_^
    The words ring in my ear like beautiful bells.
    Very nice effort there Emi!

  11. Yunsung Apr 06, 2005

    nice wall, i like it :)
    maybe the font doesn't fits in 100% but the wall is very nice.
    keep up the good work!

  12. Kerox Apr 06, 2005

    Nice wall ! the background with clouds is beautiful, sweet colors, I like it !
    Thanks for sharing Emi :)

  13. Athrun Apr 06, 2005

    *smacks head* I forget teh images...

    Well for now... I'll just review the wall.

    Well, the extraction needs a bit more cleaning up and that's about it. ^ ^ It's pretty good for a starter. =)

    Keep it up, now!

  14. Ayamael Apr 07, 2005

    hum... yeah, nice concept... the scan does need some cleaning up... especially around the hair... the clouds look nice, but as Calisqo said... maybe a little repetitive... text is nice... but it seems to me like the "beliveis it true" is a typo... i was expecting : "believe it is true"... but maybe i'm mistaken, you can tell me... anyways, nice work ^^

  15. KnightOfLain Apr 07, 2005

    I like the clouds, they are similar but i guess it wasn't supposed to be a scenic wallie so as such the bg is nice creates a feeling of calmness. I like the text, although it could use a bit more blending. And i have to agree with Ayamael i guess there's a typo there. As for the scan it's uber-cute, but it could use a bit more smoothing - it's kinda jagged in someplaces and there are those white chunks. Yet overall i like this wall. Nice job.

  16. Norimune Apr 07, 2005

    wow! so many have wrote here already... well... I love the girl! but you are missing a space betwen the words 'believe' and 'is' :)
    I really like the girl though :D

  17. Queen-Of-The-Damned Apr 09, 2005

    It's a job well done.Nice character/background relationship in it.The text sounds lovely as well.Overall it's very pretty.

  18. walkure245 Apr 10, 2005

    Simple and sweet. I like the girl since she exudes a sweet innocent. The extraction around the hair is a lil rough but it's all right. Also, you should check the spelling in your quotes. I love your quotes. ^_^

  19. YugureKaze Apr 12, 2005

    very pretty wall
    the girl looks very cute
    the text looks a bit to simple to me maybe another font would look nicer
    love the bg though, fluffy marshmallows ^-^
    wonderful work!

  20. sadbird Apr 21, 2005

    another wonderful writing, oh you are really good :)

  21. WolfPuppy Apr 22, 2005

    Great job Emi I like it alot!^_^I also like the little poem that goes with it!

  22. Koujisama Jun 02, 2005

    These clouds on background are great and that sweet girl is so sweet ^_^
    Wallpaper looks really great and very nice :)

  23. Nisna Jul 07, 2005

    It's also very beautiful... maybe just a bit too shiny... but I like it a lot! ^___^

  24. rala May 29, 2007

    She is so pretty^^ I love the background^^ Its really a great wall.. nice job... I love the text too^^

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