Serial Experiments Lain Wallpaper: Lain..exhausted

Yoshitoshi Abe, Serial Experiments Lain, Lain Iwakura Wallpaper

1024x768 Wallpaper

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what..!!?! anotha lowsy wall from my lowsy skill..!! i just wanna know ..can i be like Yoshitohi
abe-sensei ..!! no..!! never i guess..just wanna try..!! awright.. now i'll xplain the component
..first i made the bg(just solid without further addz) !! then i try 2 find the match pose!! (actually i wanna made it with my own sketch..!! but my damn limited skill sayz no!! so it ended by this crazy great illustration by Yoshitoshi Abe !!)..after that i put some additional instrumentz.. which is the pipe, wash basin added the clothes within,..the faucet ( ol' classic yet rusty),brush paired with bucket..!!,pairz of mirror ..then makin'(try) the wall creepy!! with stain of palmz by impudentz studentz ( like me!!),i've also made a paper stick in the wall containin' cleanin' schedule 4 the toilet (try 2 read the namez!!) then made them all grainny yet gritty lookey..!!(all made wit path in Photoshop CS!!)so ..this is the resultz ..actually i wanna tell the sum of layerz were used..!! but..hell-no!!
1 more thin' i'm sorry if i haven't say thx..!! well i try 2 not be like that anymore..!! i luv'criticz.. it surely makes improvement ( though i haven't improve yet!!) gimme some of 'em!! .. pwease don't fav it'coz i'm yer fren ..!! fav it if by the name of art..!!! sorry..!! i'm alwayz like this..!! it's the loozerfeelin' in me!! thx & sorry b4 ..may God bless y'all!! gracias!!

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  1. logicfun Apr 05, 2005

    very nice,y like the color and the perspective effect
    good works :)

  2. exentric Apr 05, 2005

    ok... your description is creepy enough for me >_<
    *brace himself and tak a look at the wallpaper*
    ohhh o_O!!!
    very nice~!
    the wall, basin, pipe, clothe looks real. all rusty and all. even the paper just amazes me.
    2 things that sorta bug me though. one is the wall at the back. its a bit too tinted. well er.. rather than feeling there's nothing but a wall there, ya kinda make me feel, its actually a wall beside a hallway. going further back. (sorry I'm bad at explaining stuff >_>)
    two is the character itself. its kinda blurry which burns the whole creepyness away. and the existence of a somewhat stroke on her hand does the same.
    but overall, I'd say a very job. the texture, creepyness of the wallpaper is top notch.
    good job~ ^_^

  3. MuZ0NaZ Apr 05, 2005

    its your best lain wall, just too bad its too small to use on my desktop :t.t:

  4. tareren Apr 05, 2005

    Hey, dun try to humble yourself so much.. I like ur works a lot ^^ Anyway, this is v nice, I like the color :)

  5. Kiako Apr 05, 2005

    well i must say that it doesn't look that creepy to me. and the mirror there looks strange, it diesn't look quite like a mirror if we look at it not the reflection but the structure and the blackness on the edge on the top is too black, it shouldn't be that black. and if we look at the walls the bright part goes intothe dark one too fast. well everything elese looks kind of ok. except the white paper there but we won't mention that.

  6. Sakura0chan Apr 05, 2005

    WoW! Very nice background!! XD
    It's very nice!! I like the basin, faucet and wall. Nicely done!! :)
    Another good work!! *Adds to favorites* Keep it up!!

  7. DigiSaberX Apr 05, 2005

    thats really nice. ;) wonderful aand dark looking. :nya: looks really cool. well done. ^_^'

  8. Haia Apr 05, 2005

    She's looks as exhausted as I am..............damn those people...they made me sleep 3am...damn. Anyway, this wallpaper looks great! I love lain and the scan yous used is just great! Look at that drak background.....so pwetty! Thanks for sharing! Keep it up! +fav

  9. Lana3007 Apr 06, 2005

    I really like it! Very creepy and stylish. The mirror looks really good and I like how the picture has such a nice texture. This is a great wallpaper!
    Thank you for sharing!

  10. calisqo Apr 06, 2005

    it's great ^^

    For the crits.
    The char lain looks like a ghostly appearance in an old building.
    The feeling in the bg is very good, very atmospheric.
    The scan u pick prob a good pick.
    I just feel a slight disconnection in between the scan and the bg, feel the scan kinda leap off the bg, noetheless it's a nice wall.
    Ah and maybe a bit of text to add some details to the bg.

    Cool work ^_^

  11. IIFreakzII Apr 06, 2005

    i dun think this is that great but this is kinda realistic and that is a great part on this wallpaper.....
    i hardly believe that that this was made with diff kind of pic and style cuz it look great and it syncronize with each other..

  12. Saikusa Retired Moderator Apr 06, 2005

    It's simple and elegant and fits the mood well. You don't want anything too fancy as it would ruin the natural feel for the artwork... and the semi-black bordering gives it an aged quality, like an old photograph :D

  13. Kurosawa Apr 08, 2005

    OMG O_O
    Really nice bg ,with painting XD
    man this is really awsome xd
    i only see the scan kinda blurry ,I think ,but the other rest really good ^__^
    Great job, keep it up +fav ^O^

  14. KorganoS Apr 14, 2005

    Nothing to critique, really :)
    In fact, this must be one of the best Lain walls I've ever seen....
    and thank you for making a wallpaper out of my most favorite serie :)
    Keep it up!

  15. Skillzpay Apr 23, 2005

    Man I wish this wall was bigger in resolution size so that I could use it for my desktop :(
    I've got to say this is one of the best lain walls I've ever seen, the whole dark environment is just so fitting for this series and character scan. You've done a great job in adding all the necessary and more subtle additions like the reflection on the mirror, the large amount of shadowing, and rusty on the walls. Really the only thing I can gripe about is how the character doesn't seem to be completely blended into the wall, but it's not too bad though.

  16. Celessa Retired Moderator May 08, 2005

    This has got to be one of your most flawless wallpapers I have ever seen.

    You know what, I was having a little question on what to fav. over here, but because of such a unique visualization on this wallpaper, I really was tempted to adding to this fav. pile - but couldn't. However, you truly deserve ever bit of favs. you earned over here, and perhaps even quite more for the future, in store.

    Why? Because of its realistic values.

    The extraction - simply perfect.
    The dark corners and everywhere else on the background - sensational. I thought that the scan and background blended in very well. The scan might have just been retouched a little more so that it can harmonize with the dark atmospheric nature, and of course - aside from that, maybe the mirror does need a little pressing involved [but it seems your intention of reflecting the girl of the mirror seems to coincide with what you thought it should visually look like, so I cannot critique your decision on this kind of matter, really] and a good text would have been added onto that wallpaper of yours, though it would be tough finding a good spot to place it in - I'd have to say. Other than that, amazing.

    High grades - high honors. Congratulations on making a really amazing wallpaper. Great job!

  17. OracleAngel Retired Moderator May 11, 2005

    This is pretty goodcoming from you, intresting as the description says... (wonders why i havent seen this..oh yeah i dont scan the wallpapaer submissions nowadays) lovely work from a humble waller who thinks his skills aint worth it but it is! Great job! fav!XD

  18. flyindreams Jul 31, 2005

    Hiya ^.^ Truly nice job in conveying a sense of exhaustion through the dark background that you created, as well as the objects on the wall... I've definitely known days when I feel like that, so this wall really strikes a chord. Thanks for sharing, and I can't help nominating it for Simple-ism's featured gallery ^.^

    Note: You can check Simple-ism out here~ http://groups.minitokyo.net/simple-ism/

  19. Melisandre Oct 12, 2006

    Awesome wallie, I'm impressed with the bg, really real X-P

  20. vvhime Dec 28, 2007

    the toilet is very gloomy I think. But it fits Lain series ^^

  21. Ganksquad Jan 19, 2009

    I love this pic ..
    But it is reflected in the mirror I like them, and passed a lot in this series quite sticky for my taste.

  22. LordNekomaru Mar 14, 2009

    It's very wonder

  23. daniticha Dec 29, 2009

    An exhausted lain? Well, I like the image, and your wall is quite different! Great job :)

  24. Lynxss Aug 08, 2010

    Very nice one, but it's too small for my HD-monitor T_T

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