Fortune Cookie Wallpaper: .: Goodbye: Winter Buddies :.

Fortune Cookie Wallpaper
Fortune Cookie Visual Novel

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

software: adobe photoshop cs
scan from: fortune cookie
scan by: aquiles

hi again mai fellow mt community. been uberly long hasn't it? hehe, mai notification is overly bulky and i feel bad that i haven't responded to over 300 of them. so i want to apologize for being on hiatus for so long. but sadly to say, ill continue being on hiatus until i get back in the groove. i mean, i don't wanna say i wont be back ever again... but i dun think ill be as active as i was months before. reasons you ask? well... real life. hehe. too many things and so little time. cliche but true. also, the put-down by a certain mt member made it worse. hehe.

anyhoo, mai first ever winter theme wallie. hehe i know its alreadie spring but i reallie miss the winter and forever wish it would snow here. well i guess this is it. everyone, take care and maybe i'll dilly-dally here again later on. bai bai mina-san =^_^=

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  1. Evanrued Apr 05, 2005

    Aww peach really really cute! I love the feel. The background looks so cool, and fits perfectly. Excellent work. The scans that you used I really like. Especially the scarf of the character closets. I really like the detail. Great wall Peach!

  2. zaira Apr 05, 2005

    weeee at last peachi reveal herself!! waaaa everyone here miss's you!!! but too bad we can't see each other anymore here in MT but still we will going to miss you!! ok! time out for that! this wall is cute!! the colors are soo nice too! +fav!

  3. Barbara Apr 05, 2005

    So beautiful wallpaper, nice coming back, the bg looks pretty cool indeed and cute characters. Good work, thanks very much for sharing, fav for sure :)

  4. Mordin Apr 05, 2005

    hey peachie, haven't seen you for so long, don't forget you iron chef mordin. :D Anyway nice wallie, the quality is good as always from you, the bg is amazing, a very cheerful farewell to winter, nicely done. great job.

  5. UndyingShadow Apr 05, 2005

    wow you did an amazing job with re-cging the scan, it looks so vibrant and clean! great job with the bg too, it's nice and subtle, allowing the image to stand out more

  6. rythem Apr 05, 2005

    waaah..the scan is very bright n very good quality peachie XD
    the bg effects r also very niice~
    composition of chara is very good too :)
    overall,its a sweet winter wallie~~great work XD

  7. pamelaho Apr 05, 2005

    I like the coffee he's holding (lol), cuz I'm freezing in front of the computer XD I love the scan and the dreamy look (noob effect, but it's done in a very pro- way ^_^) Haha, I don't want winter to go XP

  8. Frosty Apr 05, 2005

    oh lookie, its the peachball... XP lol..
    seeing u back means ur play must of been over now.. *didnt even invite me ic* X)
    anyways, nice wallie. ^^
    looks great as always. ;)
    i like the clean yet simple bg work you did there and the image use are pretty nice.
    has a really clean look to it in general. nice work. ^^
    A and +fav for a nice wallie. XP

  9. KittyCyn Apr 05, 2005

    Hi Peachie!! XD You came back with a Sooo Amazing Wallie!! I like a lot the bright colors and the group scan! ^_^ The look beautiful in the BG you created! ;)
    Also a great quality and a clean wall :)
    +Favie* Keep it up!

  10. Kiako Apr 05, 2005

    the wallpaper looks very beautiful, the colors are so nice bright, and i also like the position of the charas. and the effects in the background are also quite nice.

  11. Nakayori Apr 05, 2005

    Waiii~ :: Hoogle. :: I'll be awaiting your return! X3;; Bestest luck on life and stuff~ :3 Anyway, I've really missed your wallpapers! They're so awesome. xD And this one has my favorite colors, too! o_o;; Red, blue, black, and white. xD;; :: Hops around. :: Favorite, favorite, favorite! ^-^

    [Edit] Mou, I just reread what you wrote, and I can't believe that you got put down by a MT member! ;__; Why would anyway say anything bad about you? T__T You're a great person, and always remember that! Don't let whatever that person said get to you. >:P

  12. raxis Apr 05, 2005

    waaah, great wall as always, peachie :D really like this one!! :D

  13. mughi Apr 05, 2005

    Hi Peachiemint. As usual your wallpaper came out great. Color is so vibrant and both the character extractions and background you've made is wonderfully done. :D

    i could understand when time will come to cut back in MT acitivity but I am sadden to hear that part of reason is some MT member has put you down. -_-

    When you have some free time down the road, I hope you will ever once in a while make me happy with your wonderful wallpapers. Thanks much for your wonderful contribution and hope to hear from you.

  14. eriolgal Apr 05, 2005

    Glad to know that you're still doing okay! Sounds like you're really busy, but hopefully things will get better soon. And don't listen to the MT member who put you down! They're a big meanie!!! :P

    As for the wall, it's beautiful. ^_^ I love all of your walls and this one is no exception! I hope that you'll have a chance in the future to give us more beautiful walls, but if not, thank you for your friendship and sayonara!~

  15. Devilet Apr 05, 2005

    heeee, is very very cute and happyhappyyy ^__^ awww, so you're busy? that's okay, me is too, but eeehhh, good luck on everything you're doing! now to the wallie: The background is a little plain, and the characters look to be either too much red or something strange there... but it's minimal, don't worry ^.^

    eeehhh, who's been putting down peachie? Devie will kick them for you >_>

  16. Ninja Apr 05, 2005

    Good wallpaper, a nice choice on scan very bright also a colorfully bright background as well.

  17. k3r7j10 Apr 05, 2005

    cute wall peachie, i like how simple it is. the bg is interesting too, i like how you did it. good job.

    as far as being put down by another mt member...don't let them get to you. some people can be very cruel sometimes. *hugs*, keep your head up :)

  18. DigiSaberX Apr 05, 2005

    looks really cute and very nice wall. :nya: fantastic wallpaper and so nice. ;) well done.

  19. slivermoon Apr 05, 2005

    very nice wally
    the snow is very pretty
    and the bg effects are lovely, the colour is lovely too
    good job on the extraction, not like mine >_>
    great work! ^-^

  20. Rella Apr 05, 2005

    Wow! Great wallpaper again. I'm glad you submitted something. Yeah, I can tell you're really busy. I've been too these past few days.

    Well, again, great wallpaper and hope you submit again soon! ^^

  21. Haia Apr 05, 2005

    I feel the cold................the stabbing wind..............and the whiteness of it all! Fabolous Wallpaper!!! I love winter[next to fall that is...]! This is just a fantastic looking wallie! I love the background and the scan too!!! Feel the coldness of it all....+fav

  22. sukie Apr 05, 2005

    wow nice...as your usual...the bg is great..and the scan...*sign*... keep up your great WOrk...*fav*

  23. xtigy Apr 05, 2005

    Hi sorry for being hectic on you! sorry! :nya: But glad to hear that you are doin good.

    But yea good wallpaper u made especially when the hot weather is comin so soon >_>
    and it's good that it's a winter wallpaper cuz it reminds me of the cold days and not hot.

  24. Kumiko-H Apr 05, 2005

    Oh Peachie, its so good to hear from you!!! What a way to make a come back. This is very good. I like the bg alot. You always do good work. Sorry to hear that you won't be here that often. That just means your presence here will be that much sweeter.

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