Da Capo Wallpaper: ~: Under the Moonless Sky :~

Naru Nanao, Circus (Studio), Da Capo, Nemu Asakura Wallpaper
Naru Nanao Mangaka Circus (Studio) Studio Da Capo Series,Visual Novel Nemu Asakura Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

First of all, this wall is made of 103 layers in 12 folders and the psd file is 14.5mb. Why is that important? Bah! Who cares.. XD It's just FYI anyway.^^;;

Anyway, as you can see, this is what it looks like when you are in the meadow one moonless night. That's what I'm trying to portray in this wall. So, you will NOT find here the moon. (It's a new moon.) Lima said that the maximum number of comets is only 2. But I made it three to balance the upper portion of the whole composition. i did a lot of brush work and a few filters here (mainly blurs). I created the clouds and the cloud brush. No stock photos, just the female scan from FallenAngel.

The glowing circles on the typography are sort of fireflies. XD

It took me I guess two weeks to finish this. I dunno why.. Brom was the one who encouraged me to finish this. He also gave me advices and comments but the whole concept was MY idea. I also asked comments from MadWiz, shinta-sensei and Lima (who didn't comment but just told me about comets..>_>). I showed my work in progress to Chopstickz and Cy who also encouraged me to finish my work.^_^ They can be all found in #minitokyo.

Why did I make this wall? Well, it's my gift for my bf, Miwwy.^_^ I hope he'll like this especially that it's blue.^^;; H A P P Y _ B I R T H D A Y Miwwy!^______^ (I mean advance.. since your birthday is on April 7..XD)

Thank you to all of those who helped me create this wall.^_______^

+ C R E D I T S +

Scan: from Fallen - This is the original color of the scan. Thanks to his scan I made a wallpaper out of it.^_^

Brushes: Imanimetions (tree), Moon Wave, Truly Sarah (birds) and the rest from PS7's preset brushes

I guess that's about it. I hope you'll enjoy this wall.^_^ If you want other resolutions, here they are:



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  1. kai81220 Apr 05, 2005

    wow like the monochro theme of this wall 0_0 its just so...nice ^^ no word to describe it! XD really great piece of work! the 100+ layers were all worth it! awesome job! +fav

  2. toujin1 Apr 05, 2005

    oooh i wanted to be first...anyway...einna chaaannn! great work! when was the last time i saw some of your stuff? anyway, this is a great wall and i can tell that u put so much effort into it! great job dal!

  3. bromithia Retired Moderator Apr 05, 2005

    Hehe. It looks like a nice wallpaper, the grass and glowy things look really good. The tree and swing look awesome as well. The clouds do blend but could use altitle bit of work, but they go really well as it is. The stars and comets look awesome, they blend really well with the scene you have going on. The cahracter and butterflies look good also, they go really good. Everything goes together really nice. I like the wallpaper! Keep up the good work.

  4. toujin1 Apr 05, 2005

    what the...

  5. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Apr 05, 2005

    ^-^ waaaii~ a night walliiee for your hubster~<3 how cute .. *-*

    ne nee~ the concept rockkss~ butbutbut the top looks a little plain .. and if there were a witto more color then it wouldve rocked soo much .. ^-^
    the butterflies look weird .. o.o;; and they were blurred like crazy .. xD
    instead of just one tree .. there shouldve been a witto more .. ^.~

    butbutbut it's veryy verriiiee purtyful~<3 great jobbiee einaa!!

  6. zaira Apr 05, 2005

    waaaaa new wallie from einna!!! this wall is awesome!! i like its darkening color!! cute shooting stars! the scan really fit it! +fav!

  7. Tatsuya Apr 05, 2005

    Nice work on the scenery, Good composition and brushwork
    thank for sharing and keep it up

  8. exentric Apr 05, 2005

    the concept is nice. very nice. but the sky feels empty.
    the grass also some more depth and realistic. looks kinda weird. the tree however is a nice add. but... what is the kinda gassy cloudy thingy at the back? o_O looks uber weird.
    well all in all, its a good job~ ^_^

  9. LordStyphon Apr 05, 2005

    Wow. Just... wow. This is breathtaking. The sky and all its stars are beautiful beyond words. The tree and swing are nice. The grass is fantastic in a way that rivals the sky, almost, both with the fireflies on one hand and the color on the other. The color ties in very directly too the lighting, or lack of it as the case may be. The color and sky are directly resultant of the condition in the title, and it's amazing. Outstanding and amazing work, einna.

  10. shinta Apr 05, 2005

    Wow its looks elegant! I think the moon should be in there though. But since its moonless, perhaps a bit more variety on the stars and sky? An aurora would look nice. The comets look great! The grass is good too! Looks like a reaaalllyyy wide open area.

  11. Barbara Apr 05, 2005

    Very nice wallpaper indeed, the background looks very good, good job with the star field and the grass, cute girl too. Great work :)

  12. Mordin Apr 05, 2005

    nice texture, what a beautiful bg, as epected from you einna, love the blending of this wallie, just flawless, the line between the grass and the sky is sharp and focus, so there is no weird blurry effect. :D Nice visual on your bg, another lovely wallie from you einna, great job. :)

  13. bbls Apr 05, 2005

    wow...beautiful wallpaper! i love the color scheme, and the meadow was the first thing i noticed right away cuz i felt like i could reach out and touch the grass! thank u for sharing this, and it's one of my faves.

  14. Anjhurin Apr 05, 2005

    wow so much fireflies !! it's just wonderfull :) plus there's the little butterflies, and the stary sky. really the bg is awesome, i like it a lot.
    maybe the chara stands out too much, but it's still pretty good eheh, i like the tree too XP

  15. Paolo Apr 05, 2005

    hmm. it kind of looks plain. but its still pretty. and the bg is awesome ^^

  16. Evanrued Apr 05, 2005

    Aww this is really cute. I like it alot. I love the scan you used. And the background you did is so perfect! Excellent work!

  17. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Apr 05, 2005

    Hooray, I'm back for my first comment in whats been close to two weeks @_@. What an honor it is to be able to come back and comment on something like this. Einna, I'm so very happy for you that you finished this and I'm glad you did too because this is just amazing, literally. This is just simply beautiful. Heck, I remember when you showed me a preview of it, I was just like "o.o" and I couldn't wait for it to be finished, seeing this finished product, its just gorgeous.

    First off I'll start off with the scan, which I plan on commenting on in the future (never knew Fallen submitted such a gorgeous Nemu scan). This scan is just beautiful, simply outstanding and to be honest she is very fitting for this background. I don't know if its me, but I get the feeling of solitude when I look at her and I think shes just perfect for this background thats been created for her. I gotta say, this is like the best drawing I've ever seen of Nemu :_: .

    Second, I agree with some of what the people have said, yet I also disagree.
    First off it does feel rather empty, BUT, a background doesn't need to be so overloaded with things. To be honest this scenery reminds me of a spot I use to go to around where I live at night (which is why I was really looking foward to you completing this) and aside from the swing tied to the tree, its almost exactly like it. I loved it, so bare yet so very vast. You could take it all that it had to offer. Sure, more is sometimes good, but the scan just feels so...lonely and I feel that this background is really suiting for this scan.

    The grass, if I didn't mention it when I saw the preview, is just simply amazing. I'm really loving that. Though I have to somewhat agree with Shinta, the sky could be using a little bit more. It doesn't hurt and I think it would make it even better than it already is, but I really love the sky that you've made for it and I think the comets were a nice addition to a moonless sky. Though I love the full moon myself, I think a moonless bg is a great change from the overly done moon ones (not like its bad, great to see a change in the norm though).

    The layer of fog was another really nice idea, it really gives sorta a spooky effect to it, yet I think it really added to the bg. I love the dead tree there and as I pointed out before, really like the idea of the swing attached to it. The wall does have some magic to it and overall I really love this (it wouldn't be on my desktop if I didn't). Sure, there are things you can do to make it even better than it already it, but it is still a very well done background that earns my favorite. Sides what you did really really made me remember that from a few years ago. Though they built houses there now...so I can't go there to view that scenery anymore, I can still remember it with my memories and this bg that perfectly captured those memories. XD Fantastic work Einna~.

  18. Asahi Apr 05, 2005

    i dont like the falling stars.. they arnt nice in it .. but i like all the rest .. =) good / lovely work .

  19. tareren Apr 05, 2005

    I think this is very nice ^^ the scan is nice and the background is great ^^ But I think it's kinda empty at the back.... but i like it nonethless ^^ Good job einna
    Btw, 103 layers? +_+ sugoii

  20. Holt Apr 05, 2005

    Excellent wall. The comets and butterflies were done really well.
    I like the swing on the tree. Nice touch.
    Keep up the great work!

  21. Criox Apr 05, 2005

    Fabulous! ^^ Specially the grass and the tree wif string! Its looks real, can be consider CG hehe! I like the mist too! The girl looks cute! Nice nice! *5 star for it* XD

  22. serene Apr 05, 2005

    Nice wallie ^^ Love the night scenery ;) misterious feeling... Thanks 4 sharing! :)

  23. lana Apr 05, 2005

    hmmm... haven't seen your works for quite a time... though I must say, "whenever there's an inspiration, wonderful pieces of art just pop up out of your mind" ^_^ nice job, einna!!! this wp is perfect for my mood these days... i just wonder why... x_x

  24. DigiSaberX Apr 05, 2005

    kind of pain but looks really nice. ;) cute looking too. :nya: well done.

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