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who wants to color this oogly thing for meee >.<
it was supposed to be for the doujin contest but i couldn't finish on time cuz im slow XD
there's a lot wrong with it too.. like her hands and the perspective esp, but im too lazy to go back and fix >.<

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  1. Gul-Kahn Apr 04, 2005

    I like how you did this, the wings have to be my fav ^.^ keep up the awesome work!

  2. Mordin Apr 04, 2005

    hey nice frozen, the shape is very sharp and it is in balance in your perspective in how you draw her body relative to the column, and the girl is in perfect porprotion with the column. nice one frozen.

  3. ayanechan Apr 04, 2005

    *smacks frozen* >:3 you're seriously being too hard on yourself >.> the doujin looks beautiful! >:3 it's not ooglay!!! the only wrong i spotted was her left arm, the one holding the scythe, it's a little too fat at the lower arm :3 other than that ... it looks great O.O i'll colour it.. when i >.> get the time to.. too many vector projects going on :P great job frozen! keep it up :3

  4. toujin1 Apr 04, 2005

    ooohhh i wish i could finish this for u! but i got no time...and the only coloring i can do is pencil/pastels or water paint...i cant do a think with photoshop etc...such a shame! i think its gorgeous!

  5. Yumi-Chan Apr 04, 2005

    Oh wow ^__^ why frozen, this drawing's beautiful~! I love the wings alot XD
    And ofcourse people would colour it XD
    Her pose and everything else looks good.
    Great job on it! ^^

  6. Yumi-Chan Apr 04, 2005

    Oh wow ^__^ why frozen, this drawing's beautiful~! I love the wings alot XD
    And ofcourse people would colour it XD
    Her pose and everything else looks good.
    Great job on it! ^^

  7. evasion Apr 04, 2005

    Wah, this is awesome! I can't wait for a colored version ^_^. Haha, I think you can still submit your entry - you definitely should :) Good luck with the competition ^_~

  8. jackalx66 Apr 04, 2005

    r u gonna color it ? =O
    hope so
    it will be nicer that way =P
    and some shades will be nice too >"<
    other than that
    nice drawin =D
    thx for ur efort and share it in here

  9. jingjing1208 Apr 04, 2005

    Oh,this is a awesome drawing!!Who said it ugly??!!No!It's so pretty!!!!Nice job!And wait for the color one!^_^

  10. Rex Apr 04, 2005

    wha? i don't see anything wrong with it *_*

    i wub this piccie XD

    but her feet r just tad too big tho :P

  11. Chopstickz Apr 04, 2005

    really nice doujinshi
    the perspective isn't that far off
    just that her left arm(one without the scythe) looks like its on the same plane as her right one but if you
    put a crease in the left arm for like an elbow, this it would look alright
    anyways, her left arm is slightly larger then her right one
    if you gave her a halo it would look nice and do a lil shadowing
    and when its color there could be like a beam of light comming down upon her which
    would give it a nice feel
    a great piece of work that gives you inspiration on making more it ^^

  12. Criox Apr 04, 2005

    Nice drawing! It looks like a fallen angel. If u color it, it will be better! Try it, hehe! U will nvr noe ^^

  13. harakiri Apr 04, 2005

    Wow, it looks so cleanly and minimalistically drawn but it is very beautiful. Did you draw it with ink or in Illustrator? Uhm, I don't see anything wrong - it looks all good.

  14. minimouzo Apr 04, 2005

    ^_^ what a nice work ... you're too harsh with your own person :) what i always love in your works is that they are very precise and clean. This is really an awesome linework. If someone colors it i'm sure it will be awesome. But it already is ^^ honestly you have a great style ; i already told you it. role model powa ^_^ the eyes you have made this time are really amazing. The sole thing i like a little less are the feets ; they look a little special ^^'. As for taste concerning she could have worn some nicer clothes :) an angel in short looks weird to me :) but anyways, your style is always superb and i will never miss any of your works because it's so great to see them
    have a nice day and excuse me for not having taken the time to answer last time ... i'm horribly busy and i'm only wandering times to times in minitokyo.

  15. tuxedotservo Apr 04, 2005

    When I first saw the thumbnail, I wasn't sure what to think about it. This is one you really have to download to really appreciate. I was originally going to say that it could use more detail, but I think it's actually very nice as it is now. Too much detail can clutter things up.

    Simple and nice.

    I'm not sure what color would do for it - depends on what was picked. It could turn out really good or, um, not so much ^^ I think color would, however, add a bit of depth to it, which I had trouble with initially.

    (i like the shorts, btw - I think an angel can wear them, as long as it is done right).

  16. Susan-chan Apr 04, 2005

    i dont think that this is a bad drwaing^^ i very like the poseof the angel^^ she is very cute^^

  17. xtigy Apr 04, 2005

    Hey that's a very nice drawing you made there frozen. I can't wait to see the color version of this. It looks like it's goin to be a great picture.
    :D :D :D :D

  18. sukie Apr 05, 2005

    wow!!!!!!! this GOOD...i love it!!!!! the wings are soooooooooooo nicey draw...i can't wait to see the coloured version of this...

  19. halcyonTwilight Apr 06, 2005

    Awesome lineart :) Geez, i can't believe that you said that it sucked....you got some pretty high standards. I would give it a shot, but i suck at coloring >_>

    Love your work ^_^ Now i know angels can wear shorts, carry a scythe, and still look really cool XD

  20. walkure245 Apr 09, 2005

    Wowowo~ I love the wings! They are really proportioned really well. O_O This is really pretty and I can't wait to the see the color version. I like the scythe and her pose on top of the column. This is really awesome. XD

  21. JakobderLugner Sep 01, 2005

    This one's great. Not as much detail as your other ones, but it's still clean. Hey, can I color this one puuuhleeeeeaze?????

  22. GaiJiN Sep 18, 2005

    Ok it's your turn to get some late comments XD :
    That's like the best oogly thing ever :) . Now you'll have to tell me your secret for getting such a clean lineart. Did you traced it with the pen-tool or something ? It has a really professional look. Your lines flow crisp and clean. That thing is really asking to be colored, did someone try it? Haha not that I could do it myself though. A very nice concept, the whole drawing is balanced and the expression gives away a very pleasant feeling. It almost looks more like a design than a drawing. No matter how simple they are, I like the eyes the most. As for critique, everything is a bit to round for me but since it has a consistent style it's not a problem.

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