NANA Wallpaper: Nana "Live"

Ai Yazawa, Madhouse, NANA, Nana Osaki, Yasushi Takagi Wallpaper
Ai Yazawa Mangaka Madhouse Studio NANA Series Nana Osaki Character Yasushi Takagi Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

the second wall i made during spring break, and again to no surprise, another "nana" wall. this one looks really simple like my previous nana walls but it actually took me quite some time. first of all, the vector of the band playing took a long time by itself and the hands/audience in the foreground was for the most part, vectored from a different image and spliced in. then after i had arranged the vectors in the manner i wanted, it still looked to simple imo. so i added a very soft gradient for the back and played around with some blurs to get a sense of motion, since it is a live rock concert depicted. then finally i added some text which i spent a fair amount of time on since i wanted to get it to look official as if this was an official wall for a real band.

also two more walls i need to submit but ill do it tommorrow since im too tired right now

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  1. Tama-Neko Apr 04, 2005

    Ooh, I love this one! Sleek and stylish, I could easily see this being a CD cover (or a poster as you mentioned). I really like your 2-3 color walls a lot - they're clean and crisp with enough detail to show you what's going on without drowning you in effects. The blur is a little strange to me, it might have been better if you had overlaid the same shape at a lower opacity above and below for a stop-motion effect instead of having it all blurred together in a continuous-motion effect, but that's just me.

  2. candy-chan Retired Moderator Apr 04, 2005

    I'd buy that poster
    agree with tama, tho i like the blur
    Your uni/bicolor walls are always top styleh, roxorz my desktopzorz

  3. ThaIsland212 Apr 04, 2005

    yessssssss...this wall's ssiiiick!!! yes i see the movement, its purrrfect! i can see that the direction of tha motion is that of sum serious headbangin....this is going on my fav'rite list, crapduuude!!!!! XD ....its jus like bein inna moshpit...thank YOU, mann. thank you!!!

  4. ElaniMoonstaf Apr 04, 2005

    That's cool, how it's like seeing from in the crowd XD Greatness!!! ^_^

  5. tAtEkAnE Apr 04, 2005

    very nice! ur vector skills is very good :D and the way u construct ur walls are superb :D

  6. Ninja Apr 04, 2005

    Totally a sweet wallpaper, a new favorite for me. Awesome colors and simplistic feel.

  7. UndyingShadow Apr 04, 2005

    very unique wall crapmonster! I like the design of the wall, its very unique., and very interesting choice of color. cack.

  8. calisqo Apr 05, 2005

    ah aweosme ^_________^
    i just like this style of art.
    The coolness comes from the sharpness of the image.
    The rigidity gives that's sense of high quality for me ^_^.
    The only thing that prob worth mentioning to you.
    Perhapas the composition , the ammount of black being dropped in the lower part.
    Nonetheless an awesome wall .
    I liek ti ^_^

  9. ShiNN Apr 07, 2005

    Whoa, awesome concept. I just love this one, stylish and very effective. The colour choice (red and black) is cool as well and it's balanced (enough amount of both). +fav!

  10. Pho3nix Apr 09, 2005

    I could fall in love with you XD First it was the Eden wall, now nana. Eeee -hugs- You're the greatest!

    -runs off to download the wallpaper-

  11. artgeek12 Apr 10, 2005

    What can I say. Most of the exclaimations I could use have been used already. This is an awsome wall and calisqo is right, this style rocks! Even though the image of the band is small, the hard work you put into creating the vector really shows! The color choice is also nice. The simple black and white accented with the red in the BG. Reminds me of calisqo's wall from the battle royale.

    Oh-kay....time for the nitty gritty. The hands are a nice touch for the foreground but they create a little too much black space. Even with all your text, the black seems to envelop the rest of the wall. To aid in the prevention of this, try moving the black layer of hands waaay down. Now instead of having just the black hands, try creating another 2 or so layer of hands. The black layer should be the closest to the viewer. The subsequent layers should change to various shades of grey. The closer the hands would be to the band the lighter they become. That way you fill in the space you originally wanted filled and you also create depth using only solid color.

    The red, like i said, is a nice touch. This suggestion is more for aesthetics than anything. Try a radial gradient where the outer most edges are either black or a dark red. This will highlight the band even more and create a faux lighting effect.

    This wall and many others you do are the reason why I keep my eye on skilled individuals like yourself. Keep up the great work!

  12. Eik666 Apr 29, 2005

    Beautiful character. Beautiful background. It turned out very good! :-)

  13. fifaifo Aug 21, 2005

    I just got into NANA and was looking for any wallpapers related to the series.. yours immediately blew me away! You've captured that "live in concert" kind of energy. Amazing.

  14. ScribbleKitty Nov 04, 2005

    Very well done. It feels like your really a part of the audience. It looks a bit simple, but you can tell that you put alot of effort into it. The style almost reminds me of the Ipod commercials, but more detailed. The lighting on the band gives a great effect.

    I've been totally obsessed with NANA recently and its great to see that others like it too.

  15. nororu Nov 16, 2005


    i sooooo much loooooove this wallpaper! can't get enough of it! i have it and don't plan on changing it! it's been my favorite for many weeks now! BIG THANKS for this incredible wallpaper!

  16. Angeling Apr 05, 2006

    i like the idea that looking at the wallpaper makes me feel as though i'm looking at the concert myself... v realistic... keep up the gd work~!

  17. animefreek18 Oct 17, 2006

    really nice

  18. SwhhSn Apr 25, 2009

    pretty original the idea of a wallpaper XD

    i like it a lot, i just hope it has good quality


  19. BeyondPrince Jul 03, 2009

    I'm a fan of Nana
    so this one is kinda realistic?
    Makes you see what they are doing

  20. Anajrob Aug 05, 2010

    Awesome! I love the series :)

  21. rktales Dec 03, 2010

    the black stones .......yeahhhhhhhhh

    thx man...aewsome!

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