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Daisuke Moriyama, Gonzo, Chrno Crusade, Azmaria Hendric, Rosette Christopher
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@_@ Hooray I finally finished my 2nd vector (Rosette & Azmaria from Chrno Crusade)!!
This vector took me SO long to complete. I almost quit but I forced myself to continue on <_<
Please don't keeel me bout the ugly lines & pentool-ing skills T_T I'm a noob in Vectors.

There's at least 53 layers here, not all are merged @___@;; Oh well, anyways hope you guys like it ^____^ All your comments are welcomed~

^^ I don't know when I'll submit another vector/artwork/wallpaper this month. Don't have much time for myself. But please visit Digikb.tk if you're free & interested XD hehehe *runs*

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  1. Nakayori Apr 03, 2005

    Yaaay, determination is the best ingredient! xD;; I love your vectors! *-*;; I wish I could vector images. <<;; >>;; I think I tried it once. @__@;; It looked like a fresh new pile of poo. xDD

    Quote: But please visit Digikb.tk if you're free & interested smiley hehehe *runs*

    O_O :: Points finger. :: Cheap advertising! >w<;;

  2. Kazuya-chan Apr 03, 2005

    wow...is good i like it , thks for it i will keep that vector !! XD

  3. exentric Apr 03, 2005

    lol~ complete with bg~
    make a wallie lar wei! XD

    anyway~ nice nice vector~
    gotta love dat~ ^_^

  4. zephiris26 Apr 03, 2005

    You finished before me! Looks nice Yumi, Kash is right - you should make this ionto a wall.
    I'm still doing the outlines on my GetBackers one. XD

  5. Mordin Apr 03, 2005

    nice vector, the quality is wonderful, and the coloring is wonderfully done. Yous should really make this into a wallie. great job Yumi-Chan.

  6. ayanechan Apr 03, 2005

    great job on the vector yumi~! :3 you don't suck as bad as you told me -.-|| keep it up~~~ :3

  7. broken-dreamz Apr 04, 2005

    waiii vector it looks sho good =3~~great job yumiiichyann =) I wuvv it ^o^''

  8. TetsuoDark Apr 04, 2005

    I really dig it....I think you did an awsome job on this one Yumi. I don't see any problems with it.... Keep up the good work. ^_^

  9. LucyXlostangelwings Apr 04, 2005

    waaa!!~ What can I say? It's lovely! Looks so pweety...especially how the colors all fit into each other perfectly. :D Love the background too...even complete with light directions! XD
    I say you did a great job! *shakes ur hand* ^^

  10. ShiroiLina Apr 04, 2005

    very nice and well done vector! very very neat :D like it very much :D keep it up :D :D cya round!

  11. Stolen Apr 04, 2005

    Hey Yumi-chan...it's looking awesome. I'm so glad you stuck to it - it does look awfully well done .

    The doujinshi itself is really nice, I love the way you have managed to really emphasis the characters and the detail to it is really astounding. I particularly love the way you have done the eyes, and they look so meaningful and like they really do look out upon the world.

    Well done with vectoring it looks good ^^ the background is plain yes, but i don't think it needs any more detail after your amazing work with the original picture. The lines behind them look fine, and they just add a nice touch.

    Congratulations, and thank you for submitting it,

  12. Cadi Apr 04, 2005

    Sorry >.< computer is being really annoying >.<

  13. Cadi Apr 04, 2005

    Wow!! Its really good, the coloring is awsome! I wish I had the talents that you have >.<

  14. KittyCyn Apr 05, 2005

    Hi Yumi! XD This vector is very very cool!! I luv it! ;) You're very good vectoring! :D Two
    Thumbs Up!* I love the quality and those colors... O_O gr8! ^__^
    Keep it up girl! C U ;) Byex*
    +Favie HeHe :)

  15. EternityWinter Apr 05, 2005

    I love this picture of yours, she looks very nice and its a good pose. ^_^ nice drawing. adds to favs. ;)

  16. Frosty Apr 06, 2005

    wooo nice vector work yumi-chan^^
    looks very nice. ^^
    I'm sure you must of work very hard to make this. ^^
    +fav for the great effort bubby. ^^

  17. Athrun Apr 06, 2005

    Whoa, that's some sweet vectoring there. O_O Great job, Yumi. ^ ^

    Vectors like this prolly take forever to complete. X_X XD;;

  18. ShiNN Apr 06, 2005

    Well it is really a good vector. The only thing that bugs me is that Azmaria looks a bit too chubby, I mean the outline on her left cheek could have been less round ^^.

  19. WMagnus Apr 06, 2005

    Excellent work!!!!!! There are a bunch of artists here with a lot of talent and I thnk you'are one of them. Can you teach how to paint like this? Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  20. euna Retired Moderator Apr 07, 2005

    this is a vector?? @___@
    thought it was a scan >__<
    it's just awesome..
    awesome vectoring yumi!
    and the bg is really nice.. simple, but i luv it!
    a definite fav

  21. crossfusion Apr 08, 2005

    woah they are so freaking awesome!!! they are so cute and girly! i kinda wish i could be a girl even though i am a boy! they are so hot and i wish i could look like that!!^)^,

  22. kosmos001 Apr 09, 2005

    Niiiiicceeeee great scan :) :D :D

  23. blade59 Apr 09, 2005

    ah!!! Very very very beautiful and nice wallpaper exentric.
    I like it very much.

  24. blade59 Apr 09, 2005

    Very very very beautiful and nice wallpaper exentric.
    I like it very much.

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