Time Stranger Kyoko Wallpaper: Fairy Princess

Arina Tanemura, Time Stranger Kyoko, Kyoko Suomi Wallpaper
Arina Tanemura Mangaka Time Stranger Kyoko Series Kyoko Suomi Character

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Artist Comment

A new wall in a LONG time. But here it is!

I've been thinking of this wallpaper forever: the silhouetted castle with the princess and the clouds. Well, here it finally is. Had to wait through Spring Break to finish it...

Made on my laptop this time... My laptop can't handle it! T__T! I think my laptop has frozen about 5 times today just trying to do this wallpaper. My first wall in London (probably my only wall in London at this rate...) but here it is, and a belated Happy Easter! (My sympathies to all the Catholics)

I chose these lyrics because I love the song! I heard it a long time ago when my friend made me listen to Play's CD, but I really liked the melody and the lyrics to this. I don't think I'll ever forget it. It's a message to all girls! We can be our own knights, too!

(PS. I love Arina Tanemura! I think this is from Time Stranger Kyoko.)

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EDIT: In accordance to comments, I've changed the girl's color scheme. Hopefully people will like it more now. =X Thanks to all!~
EDIT: Changed again. LoL. I tried to get the blue out of her hair, so she's back to being blond. Unfortunately, I don't think my computer can handle this PSD anymore, so it'll just have to stay this way =X If you want the original light/red version, please visit my site ^_^

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  1. chibikko Apr 02, 2005

    aw so pretty. the castle in the moon light looks sopretty and the clouds around it make it look like in a fairy tale. the color is a bit off i think, the girl is so light and the background very dark. but apart from that i like the perspective and that the wallpaper is very clean.

  2. Haia Apr 02, 2005

    Very pwetty! I love the background with the castle.............the moon........the clouds and all! Great work! Keep it up! +fav

  3. kiri-chan Apr 02, 2005

    I love the castle idea, but I do agree with the above that the girl's coloring doesn't seem to fit. But other than that, great scenery.

  4. biriwilg Retired Moderator Apr 02, 2005

    Pretty pretty pretty! Angel, I love it! ^_^ The silhouetted castle is oh-so-purty, and everthing fits together so well. ^^ I love the song quote too. XD My only complaint is that the colors might match a bit better, but it's still purtyful. ^^

  5. SilentMasamune Apr 02, 2005

    Great wallpaper. I'll add this to my favorites.

  6. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Apr 02, 2005

    angel unniii!
    finally a new wallie from yu ... :3

    the moon next to the writing rocks .. *-* and the castle ish pwetty ..
    the stars rocks .. >.> butbut it looks kinda crowded in the left .. xD

    pwetty pwetty pwetty .. <3 it~

  7. Pelianth Apr 02, 2005

    Absolutely awesome. *changes wallpaper* Shouldn't it be in the Time Stranger Kyoko category though?

  8. Shinobu13 Banned Member Apr 02, 2005

    really this wall, the princess is beautiful and nice bg
    good job kepp it like this ;)

  9. darkwaterbunny Apr 02, 2005

    Whoa! This is so pretty!
    So nice! I love the castle! and the moon rocks!
    Just might want to make the character a little darker so she matches better, but this is great @_@. Tis too pretty!
    Nice job! <3

  10. kotoko Apr 02, 2005

    kirei~ ^-^ wow.. i love the background and the girl is sooo pretty~! great wallie!

  11. Osiris Retired Moderator Apr 03, 2005

    my gawed..its an angel O_O

    hows london >_>

    joo dun contact me anymore =_=

    wall looks nice but scans doesnt *flees*

  12. IdX Apr 03, 2005

    I like how you added the dark castle to the background it adds an eerie look to the overall background.

  13. xtigy Apr 03, 2005

    Wow such a pretty wallpaper!!! :d

    i love the background and the color is awesome. Great work! :D

  14. Rella Apr 03, 2005

    Ahhh!! Kyoko of Time Strange Kyoko! That's so neat, you made the wallpaper so nicely! Usually mangas don't look that well with wallpapers but yours look really nice. Great job! ^^

  15. Tatsuya Apr 03, 2005

    the background look pretty good! I think you could clean the scan a bit, since I'm seeing a few blue color on her hair. But the overall BG is really impressive.
    anyways, thank for sharing and keep it up

  16. Barbara Apr 03, 2005

    Very nice wallpaper indeed, very nice background, the girl looks pretty. Good work :)

  17. 32061 Apr 03, 2005

    wonderful wp,the backgroud is really fantacis,and our princess is so lovely.I'm almost sure this one will be very popular soon.keep your work on~

  18. halcyonTwilight Apr 03, 2005

    Wow....i really like the castle in the bg ^^ (Now if MT stops acting up i can get a closer view >_> ). I really like the glow on the text and the really, really big moon in the bg too (it's either that or a giant asteriod that's going to hit the castle dead on XD ).

    The edges of the hair look a bit weird, but i'm assuming it's that way b/c of the way that you edited/enhanced the scan. But other than that the wall rocks....and you got a wall done during spring break...i envy you >_<

    Heh. I'll stop my ranting here XD No, seriously i will XD Anyways, great wall :) +fav

  19. DieFi Apr 03, 2005

    Hmm really nice, good work. I don't know but the princes looks like Maron for me^^.

  20. Kiako Apr 03, 2005

    wow great wallpaper,
    i like the colors you have used to make the clouds and i also like the way you have darkned the castle in the back, it all suits the girl^^
    keep up the good work

  21. ShiroiLina Apr 03, 2005

    i love the colours! and the perspective is great! :D love it all :D keep it up :D a very great wallpaper by you as always! :D

  22. zaira Apr 03, 2005

    wow!! this wall is awesome!! the bg is really cool!!! i like the castle,the moon and the clouds or mists the scan is also nice!! i like the colors too!! +fav!

  23. Susan-chan Apr 03, 2005

    well...the scan was made by Arina, but there is a Time stranger Kyoko section too on MT:) so i think u should change it:)
    about the wally: it looks kawaii:D the moon and the stars are so pretty^^ the castle looks great behind Kyoko^^ nice job^^

  24. Furikuu Apr 03, 2005

    Interesting angle.. but I think the sky has too much stars in it. Nice typography as always ;D

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