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Say hello to our dear Mini Tokyo moderators, and of course, Bot[Chii].

I cannot express how overjoyed I am....-_-* or tired. This drawing was done in intervals. Because of how much thought and mental "digging" went into it, I ended up falling asleep, or getting severely tired during the drawing process. I tried best I could to get everyone's personality through the pencil lines. And honestly, I hope I did. Those of you who view my work on a regular basis, know I draw girls most of the time..which that is because of a certain somebody...*cough* Tiffany..But I drew 7 guys in this. And I might also add, that I am *very* VERY pleased with the results. Most of the time my men looks feminine ^_^* This whole drawing took me a week. And I was worried at first because I'm not too good with guys. SO! I referenced my nearest Range Murata artbook, which happened to be the Last Exile Doujinshi books he did, and studied them long and hard. I even practiced a few..All in 48 hours..X_X So much work....chose to learn from Range Murata because I love how he does men in general. He can form bone structure like no other. But however, I did not draw any of the Moderators using facial reference. I just learned another style, that's all. And now for expos for the mods.

Sheqel- My first mental image was of him in the middle. Inspiration for his character came from his avatar. I had to predict personality with images...which sometimes doesn't work out. But I really like how he turned out. I wanted him to look kinda like a background image, so he's supposed to be a bit bigger then everyone else. He was the first one I drew. -_-* everyone one at school thought he was a girl..His back is too you and he has a cape that everyone was placed on.

Keltosh- I based his outfit off of his avatar as well, also his name. He was the easiest to draw. He turned out really well. Kel was the fifth one I drew. Everyone asked me if he was depressed about something..I think he looks more serious.

Nuriko- The second one I drew. Based her outfit and expressions from her name and avatar. I originally wanted her to have a fan with that symbol on it, I put that there because If I'm correct..she has something against hentai..I think...anyway. I really like her pose. The word "MOD" is on one of her hair sticks. I really like how her hair turned out.

Biriwilg- A certain word was inspiration. "Fragments", and her previous avatar and sig with the text "fullmetal mod" under her avatar. Her design mostly came from the word "fragments". The word "MOD" is on the block hair piece at the end of her braid. People thought she was adorable. Oh and the pieces of metal behind her form a wing. third one drawn.

Sammo- Ah, Sammo. I remember saying "Work with me!" so many times...T_T it was like the sketch didn't want legs..But, I am exceptionally happy with how he turned out. LOL If anyone is wondering, yes he has those guns that when the trigger is pulled, those little flags come out. He has two and they say "Ban!" and "Restrict!". I thought the idea was genius. A lot of girls at school liked his sketch in particular. He was the fourth one drawn."MOD" is on his guns.

GundamZZ- I based his design off of his name and avatar entirely. I will admit that unlike Renato, who in my opinion is THE best mech artist I have ever seen, I cannot draw mecha. Though I tried on his design. So I had to base personality with facial _expression. I like the head gear though. His sword is some sort of light sword. "MOD" is on his shoulder decor. Sixth one I drew.

Osiris. I laugh every time I look at him honestly. *looks down at sketch* LOL. If its any of the mods I'm sure I got down, its him. His avatar, Name, and personality were basis for design. His hat looks funny, but its an actual decor that the pharaoh's wore. I am also very pleased with how he turned out. "MOD" is in hieroglyphics on the strap for his arrows. The ends of his arrows is the eye of Horus. Yes, that's a pair of *pantsu's" under his hand. Everyone said he looked sadistic. Seventh one I drew.

Jinzhou- His sketch started with his head, like all my works do. His _expression had a "proud" sort one, and then his design popped into my head. Turned out really well. The "M" on his had stands for moderator.

Kev- Everyone told me to make him a chibi. I did. He's in Biri's orb.

Bot[Chii]- at the last minute, I decided to add her. She's a big part as well as the mods. Plus there was a blank space next to Keltosh, so it was her destiny to fill it. Thank You for that."BOT" is on her pendant.

No references were used for clothing designs, expressions, hair etc. All original. Only reference used was techniques from Range Murata.

And now, to end this. I would like to personally thank the mods/admin. Sammo, Nuriko, Osiris, Kev, Keltosh, Biriwilg, GundamZZ, Jinzhou, and of course Sheqel. Though some of you dont or do know me, I would like to Thank You for having the opportunity to meet, know, and draw you. It really has been a privilege. This will be a memorial for the time spent here on MT, and will always remain a reminder that I was apart of it. Because of this drawing, I was able to learn new things. And as a special thanks, I am going to do all the mods/amin their own character drawings. Thank You.

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  1. SilentMasamune Apr 02, 2005

    Very impressive. I like this work. I think you spent a lot of time on this work, so I'll add it to my favorites.

  2. XavierCrow Apr 02, 2005

    Hehheh! What a great idea, Eva! So much hard work and it really payed off! I hope the mods themselves see this. ;) Re-creating personality through imagery is hard and you have my respect for taking on such a difficult task. I really like the "ban" "restrict" guns, they're really clever. All in all a good picture and something truely original. Well done! Oh and it's going in as a favourite.

  3. bromithia Retired Moderator Apr 02, 2005

    Hehe, this is really nice. The drawing is great all together, and to have it of the moderators is even great :) keep up the good work!

  4. Osiris Retired Moderator Apr 02, 2005

    ooooooooos cool mod sketch :D

    ROFL...you made kev a chibi hahaha XD

    awesome osi drawing too, you should draw me shooting sheqel or soemthing but thats fine =_=

  5. sakura-fumo Apr 02, 2005

    holy crap ahem excuse my language you can tell you really love these peoepl and this place if you spent that long on this and reserchign it and belive me it shows all i can say is wow but i do think that they could do with being a little bolder just becuese its a little hard to see but it may juts be me hehe-.- anywa as awlays your goodly nes samazes me oh and any tips how to draw guysd i find it so hard

  6. biriwilg Retired Moderator Apr 02, 2005

    This is incredible! ^^ I absolutely love it to pieces, you've got everyone down pat and your drawing skills are superb. ^^ My wing is seriously the most awesome thing ever, and it's perfect that I'm controlling chibi-perv Kev. XD Wonderful job!

  7. Frosty Apr 03, 2005

    lol.. nice drawing. ^^
    looks reallu cool. ;)
    I'm sure the mods likes it very much. ^^
    nice one ^^ keep it up. ;)

  8. irian Apr 03, 2005

    Wow. Impressive!
    That must have been some serious work to get this done! I love your creativity. This is truly stunning.

  9. studio Apr 03, 2005

    Oh wow Evanrued, you spent soo much time!
    Very impressive, so many different characters. ^-^
    So sweet of you to do this for the mods, *huggles* waa Evanrued is so nice! :D
    Well done, it's good work.

  10. Anjhurin Apr 03, 2005

    ahah ROFL i like sammo, osi and jinzhou the best. and bot chii. and gundam, and everyone now i think about it !! ^_^'
    woow i mean woow !! just awesome, really splendid, nothing left to say, can't speak another word XP
    btw, do the mod-admin-gallery directors have a group? they could use this as a banner ahah !!

    thumbs high up

  11. vampyre Apr 03, 2005

    *O* oh! GOD! what's that! great work & comment ^^~ u know? i've never draw more than 4characters in one work before & 4 that's just one of all ^^; if i finish my series. i think i'll try to get them all in one too ^^~ hope so i can ^^; must do my class work first & really busy again -_-";;;;

  12. toujin1 Apr 03, 2005

    waiii! hiya dal! so sorry for being so late but i am so glad i didnt miss this! amazing work, really awesome how u put everyone together like this, and so much thought has gone into it! i am proud to call u my friend! i wonder, how do u see me on paper?

  13. pegassuss Apr 03, 2005

    wooww! Great work!!! this is really creative and impressive ^^. I like your idea, and how you based the different characters! You really have a great imagination! and you made them all fit together! You really put a lot of effort on this one, and the result is fantastic! They are all really well drawn ^^ . You did an splendid work!

  14. Suicide-Demon Apr 03, 2005

    Oh man I love your artworks!!!
    Their so great! You just have to love 'em!
    And there's no way you can't add them to your favs!!!
    C U around Evan!!!

  15. SaschaC Apr 03, 2005

    WoW, now... I guess that took U some time....
    N I C E ! ! Its great , just great!

  16. StarCentury Apr 03, 2005

    Wow, Evan! A portrait of all the MT mods in one awesome package! You have an amazing sense of style when it comes to drawing, Osi really looks like an Egyptian God Mod now! XD Kev looks like a tiny dollie, wheeeeeeee~! :nya: Sammo's a wicked gunslinger! ZZ resembles his own Gundam! ;) My fav has to be Jinzhou, he's like a powerful enforcer who shoots first and ask questions later! ^_^' I see some of the mods love your dedicated work, congratulations Evan! It reallie is a treat to see such creativity! XD

  17. calisqo Apr 03, 2005

    wow looks awesomely cool ^____^

    the bunch feel like an rpg party ^_^.
    Very interesting.
    I like the chars design.
    the charactherisitic is really showing.
    overall awesome work.

  18. benjaminchia Apr 04, 2005

    wow i am totally blown away by this work of yours. So many characters. Love this absolutely . Incredible effort spend.

    Looks well done. I am very impressed. Keep it up!

  19. foxzero Apr 04, 2005

    ................ i really dont think that theres much to say about this one but... thats JUST AWESOME!!!!
    great work so adding to fav once again great work

  20. GintheTwilightswords Apr 04, 2005

    What is there to say about this drawing that hs not already been said? It is an a spectacle of talent and beauty that is unique in it's own grace. All of the characters mtach up nicely to their counterparts, detailing is wonderfully as always, and I luv the designs. You spent so much time and put so much effort on this piece that you are willing to do indiviual sketches for the mods. Honestly, I don't witness such effort and generosity everyday, and you are something else, Evanrued :) . You have done a magnificent job, instant fav for me :D .

  21. pamelaho Apr 05, 2005

    woah.... (sorry for the caps, but saying this is almost like shouting) I LOVE IT!

  22. walkure245 Apr 07, 2005

    This is wickedly cool-looking. Out of the mods, I like Jinzhou's drawing the best. XD He has the greatest expression on his face which really make him stand out more. Nuriko's pretty cool too. Kind of reminds of Lulu from FFX. Generally, I like all the designs. They each have their own original style that belongs to them. Great stuff~ I was wondering . . . r u going to color it?

  23. renato Apr 07, 2005

    Quote by XavierCrowHehheh! What a great idea, Eva! So much hard work and it really payed off! I hope the mods themselves see this. ;) Re-creating personality through imagery is hard and you have my respect for taking on such a difficult task. I really like the "ban" "restrict" guns, they're really clever. All in all a good picture and something truely original. Well done! Oh and it's going in as a favourite.

    I dont know what to say O_o but seriously i know its really hard to make a character design based on one's personality and to add to that u have to know them well to make one fit for them. +fav

  24. musicangel Apr 08, 2005

    Jeeez you sure good at drawing!!! i think it's faab and it awesome!!! you must know the mods personalities pretty well!!! I sense ALOT of energy from it and it really is amazing!!! *adds to favs* ;)

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