The Place Promised in Our Early Days: Beyond the Clouds: Sayuri

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This is my new doujinshi wallpaper of the wonderful Shinkai anime movie 'Beyond the Clouds, the Promised Place'. I drew a fanart of Sayuri and I first wanted to place her above the clouds but then I put her into a landscape. Of course my landscape-painting does not look as good as the Shinkai landscapes do but I hope you like it anyway.
I think I am becoming a Shinkai fan during the last days collecting information and artworks. I bought his other movie Hoshi no Koe last Thursday and I am waiting for it to be delivered. I am quite sure that I will love Shinkai's other work too so look forward to a Hoshi no Koe fanart soon xD

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  1. levezzali Apr 02, 2005

    Hey Harakiri!

    Posting a lot lately huh? very good drawings I might add! this one too, I never heard of that anime you are talking about, but it seems cool!

    THe drawing is very good, just her chin is a bit sharp, and the bg, well, I always find it veryhard to do landscapes in PS, clouds.... pffff, I am never good with them..... but you did a great job, congrats!

    well, I guess that's it, have a good weekend

  2. DieFi Apr 02, 2005

    hmm looks nice for a doujinshi Wallpaper. A little more practise and its look prof.

  3. tru-chan Apr 02, 2005

    Love the background Hara! ^^ Fantastico job. XD
    Um.... Sayuri doesn't really look like a girl.... in the her face. She needs her eyelashes! ;_;

  4. sakura-fumo Apr 02, 2005

    i think you should make the bacgrouind diffrendt no offence maby at night time i just think it would suit it but dotn mind me -.-
    anyway this is cutie ^_^

  5. studio Apr 03, 2005

    Great work harakiri, I really like this one. The background is so prettee.
    Luff the shade of blue, it's quite a perfect choice.
    You really have been submitting a lot lately :D but that's a good thing.

  6. toujin1 Apr 03, 2005

    waii kiri kun! i missed u! >hugz< so sorry for being so late ne, forgive me! thumbs up from me, u just seem to be getting better and better! ur color mixing is improving and so are ur charas! great job and i hope ill see the next one soon!

  7. DarkCrimson Apr 03, 2005

    Oh Im so sorry for being late my Friend.I had Night Shift you know.*gomen* ^_^'
    Oh Im always looking foward for a new Picture from you.And here it is.Another wonderfull one from you. :)I like the nice looking Nature Background and the cute Girl.
    It looks she really happy because she finally return to her beloved one.
    Add this new Work from you to my Favs.for sure.Thanks for sharing dear Harakiri-san :)

  8. Stolen Apr 04, 2005

    Hey Harakiri, cool doujinshi,

    I like the way you've done the girl - because its not got the typical big eyes, and its just nice to see a different style of anime artwork. Interesting location, and nice sense of realism to it. Like the textures and patterns you used on the bushes, the trees, and the sky looks really nice and bright. I love the way you have conveyed summer because it really suits the image you have drawn for the girl, it looks like she belongs in a summery picture!!

    Train looks nicely done even though its quite simple - I think this is necessary otherwise you are overloading the viewer with just too much detail, so thats nice that you kept it simple. Good piece of work, keep it up!

    Thank you for submitting,

  9. vampyre Apr 05, 2005

    o.O! i like ur background but i thought u give ur time much on this & have a little for ur character ^^; but that's really great background XD like it! & u made a shadow that show on the train too, but can i ask u a little? the train's moving? if it move u must move ur shadow too but if not that's great shadow ^^~ anyway, good work! the best i like it's cloud XD great shading & look real! ^^ keep it up!

  10. walkure245 Apr 06, 2005

    Tbh, I have never heard of Shinkai. ^_^' Gomen~ But it's wonderful artwork as always. I think you do wonderful bgs and this is no exception. I can't even pull off something like that. I like your train too. ^_^ I always have a hard time drawing it. I have no complaints. Sweet work as always~

  11. Rikimaru-jp Aug 08, 2005

    loooooooooooool look at her face! she has the ugliest face I ever saw XP
    this is really hilarious!!!!!
    LOL great JOB man making me laugh XP

  12. GaiJiN Sep 18, 2005

    Now that's awesome considering I'm a Shinkai fan myself. Haha it's a bit weird that you saw BTC first, since most of us were waiting or it since Hoshi no Koe XD . I can understand you fell in love with it, the man is really a genius :) . Back to your drawing, well it's one of your best so far I believe. I have to say you really did well on Sayuri, you kept your style but I recognized her instantly. Well I think the original character design is quite simple, but that's its strength and it suits your style well. Only thing is her chin, and the skin tone could be better I think. Anyway your background is spectacular, it looks like the movie inspired you quite a lot :) . It's one of the best use of the leaf brush I've ever seen, I love all the shades of green and the blue gives a wonderful energy to the picture. The train adds a little story, and the clouds and tower are a must for the fanart. My only complaint would be the shape of the mountains. I really like this one :) .
    PS: I don't have a single fav left T_T, remember me to fav this one next week.

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