Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Wallpaper: Moonlit Kiss

Hisashi Hirai, Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, Torii (Gundam SEED), Haro Wallpaper
Hisashi Hirai Mangaka Sunrise (Studio) Studio Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Series Torii (Gundam SEED) Character Haro Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Well I started this wall over a week ago for the Gundam Seed Angles competition thing and then just forgot about till last night. I've been working all day non stop on this one so I hope everyone likes it :)
Lessee...What to say...
Excuse the crappy name. I couldn't make a wonderful name up if my life depended on it XP
Scan uploaded by kyroooo and can be found here
Thanks for uploading :)
The big window and wall is based on a scene where Kira and Lacus are talking in the Archangel when Lacus gets captured.
A lot of Lacus's hair was cut out of the scan so I spent aaaaages drawing it out. I hope it looks right.
I vectored Haro from a screenshot of the anime and also drew the reflected version from scratch. He was put in there mainly to establish that they're in front of a window and not floating in space XP but also because he's so darn cute
Anyways, comment, criticism and everything else are always welcome. Hope everyone likes it ^_^

Updates: Made some updates to Lacus and Kira's hair but it still doesn't look perfect :s
Changed name to "Moonlit Kiss". Thanks to comprogrammer for suggesting the name.
Thanks to melmachine18, Kitten, Ayamael and Iyasis for their comments and suggestions :) which helped me improve it.

After learning that what I used to think was my best work was crap on AP, I thought, "I'll show 'em!" and decided to completely remake the wall with shiny new everything.
Everything on the wallpaper is made from scratch. Star field, planets, wall, the whole lot.
Thanks to Greg Martin's star field tutorial.
All characters are vectored. The Kira & Lacus scan I originally got it from minitokyo a long time ago, uploaded by kyroooo. Can't seem to find it again. Scan used for Haro is uploaded here on MT by cagalli88. Scan used for Tori is uploaded here on AP by fneder. Thanks to all these people for sharing!

More res:

If anyone's curious this is what it looked like before.

Final thanks to all the people of session zero on AP who helped me out! Really, huge thanks.
Honest criticism only makes us better!

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  1. moveurbodygirl Apr 01, 2005

    so romantic
    ~*lol, the name is fine, its the pic that counts!
    thankx for uploading it!

  2. X-freedomX Banned Member Apr 01, 2005

    hey this is bueatiful and the background is cool
    so i hope u make more :)

  3. comprogrammer Apr 01, 2005

    you could call it moonlit kiss, but thats just an idea you don't have to

  4. SilentMasamune Apr 02, 2005

    Blending is good. There are a few edges on the scans. Good luck on the next wall.

  5. Kitaan Retired Moderator Apr 02, 2005

    ooo I like ^_^ very nice bg it's very nice and goes very well with Kira and Lacus ^_^ oh and Haro there's heh very nice wallie it's very cute :) the extration is very good Lacas's hair could use some work on the bottom but in all very good I'll use it as my desktop :)

  6. kazuki05 Apr 02, 2005

    Holy.. wow.. This is amazing. Everything looks so realistic... not only that but it's such a sweet moment <3. Awesome job.. this is so going ony my favourites. :D

  7. heavens-Dragon Apr 02, 2005

    Wowies, this is very nice! I love the background, the starry sky is really beautiful! Awesome work! Kira and Lacus looks so cute here! And Haro adds a very nice touch! Amazing planet, and concept! Great work, Keep it up!

  8. Haia Apr 02, 2005

    Very nice Holt! The background looks very well done and the scan is just fantastic! Thanks for sharing this to us! +fav

  9. Mordin Apr 02, 2005

    very nice wallie Holt, I like the bg and the texture, the blending is wonderful. The color fits the theme of the wallie very nice. good job. :)

  10. Tatsuya Apr 02, 2005

    nice wall, it look so romantic, i like the way the glass reflect effect! good job!
    thank for sharing and keep it up

  11. Tatsuya Apr 02, 2005

    nice wall, it look so romantic, i like the way the glass reflect effect! good job!
    thank for sharing and keep it up

  12. skysong Apr 02, 2005

    awwwww! So cute! Nice choice of pic, they are so cute^^ Nice space bg, looks really awesome!! Great job as usual, keep up the great work :D +fave

  13. Tatsuya Apr 02, 2005

    nice wall, it look so romantic, i like the way the glass reflect effect! good job!
    thank for sharing and keep it up

  14. Ayamael Apr 02, 2005

    soooooo cute and romantic... <--- *Aya in weird mode* loll... i like this wall, mostly coz' of the scan XP lol, i'm kidding, you did great on the bg as well, and for the hair, i think you drew it well, though i do think i can distinguish the point at which you started drawing it... (but i never would have even thought of looking if you would have just kept that part to yourself XP)

    nice idea you had with Haro's reflection... and of course, i love the stars and planets... ^^ Great job Holt!! keep it up!!

  15. Iyasis Apr 02, 2005

    Wow, what a nice wallpaper Holt! ^^

    The scan is very nice and romantic and a decent job of extraction. You're right, a lot of Lacus' hair was cropped out of the scan, I can only imagine how painstakingly the re-cging process took! It is noticeable where you've done the work, but only becasue you mentioned it, lol, honestly though you did an aweseome job ^^

    I love the celestial background. The moon/planets are nicely done and are amazingly detailed. The massive amounts of stars fill the remaining space well. I like how some stars are bigger, forming constellations, but they appear to be a bit square-ish.

    It's great how you made additions to the wallpaper so that it looks like the characters are in front of a window, because they truly do look like they're floating around in space otherwise. Great technique in putting the glass reflection of parts of Lacus, Kira, and of course Haro ^^ The wall underneath the window is realistic looking as well and I love the little light fixture on the side! (<--- obsessed with ice-blue lamps ^^")

    It looks somewhat awkward that Lacus and Kira and smack in the middle of the wallpaper, maybe they could be shifted a little off center. But then again, I'm artisticly-challenged, so what do I know? ^^"

    Overall, this is a great wallpaper Holt and I really like it ^^ Anyway, going to stop rambling now before this turns into a essay ^^" ~&fav

  16. an-chan Apr 02, 2005

    cutttte wall..... well is nice .... holt bravo !!!

    see ya! ^-^
    Dochira- sama mo zehi okoshi kudasai :)

  17. Barbara Apr 02, 2005

    So lovely and romantic wallpaper, nice background, the couple looks cute together. Good job, keep it up Holt :)

  18. Kiako Apr 02, 2005

    great wallpaper, the background looks nice and the reflection makes it look even beter.
    and the scenary is also nice

  19. volrath77 Apr 02, 2005

    Beautifully done. Wanted to comment more but I think the above members have already elaborated on what I wanted to say. Fav'ed. :)

  20. blitzseed Apr 02, 2005

    Great work it looks really cool keep up the good work Holt :)

  21. KeiranHalcyon Apr 02, 2005

    Wow, this is a great wall. I like the Haro, who is reflected in the window. A really good work!

  22. LucyXlostangelwings Apr 03, 2005

    wa! very nice! ^^
    i really love this picture but you've made it even more beautiful by creating a perfect background to go with it, thus, creating a romantic and peaceful scene.
    two thumbs up for this!! :D
    p.s. good job with those planets...I think realism is important...and you've done it flawlessly!

  23. hykyit Apr 04, 2005

    XD I must say this wallpaper looks much more nicer when it is enlarged!! The scan is really clean and clear!! The stars are made very nicely and Haro's reflection is done very nicely too!!Even though im also a contestant for the contest but I'm still adding it to my favourites because it deserves it!! Good luck for the competition!! ^^

  24. Sigourney Apr 04, 2005

    Cute again x3~... the bg is really nice :>... and the couple fits it ;]... + yay for the font, care to tell me what is it? >XD...

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