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Hi there people, w's up?

This is my last submission for the contest, I hope I still have time, well, my clock says 22:33 march 31st..... I hope I can submit it!!!!!

Well, this is a colored version for the mods

MT Moderator Class - COLORED
title :: "Osiris - Skin of Stone, Heart of Gold"

Well, this one is about Osiris, I dunno him very well, in fact I don't know him, but I heard a lot about him... anyway, this is the vision of a mod that I have.

He is like a big tower, with his big egiptian Eye over it, like the Sauron Tower in Lord of the Rings, but in fact, down there he is a kind boy that works hard to maintain the peace and things running on MT, also those people there, coming out of the big rock means some users, because Mods can't do the job alone, so, some users watch people, or, helps the mods sometimes, but eventually they sort of become part of the machine that runs MT... I can't say also that the idea of the people coming out of the rock was inspired in the Saint Seyia new movie, and Final Fantasy X Aeons....

But, well, I hope you like this surreal vision of the people who work so hard to get the things in the trails everytime!

I think this is my homenage to these people....

Anyway, say what you think!

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  1. ayanechan Apr 01, 2005

    i love the pole :3 and how you added people all linked up together by holding hand.. really, an original idea ^___^ looks great! :3 lol osi!? XD one thing i DO know about osi is that he's a pervie :P and i'm quite sure he'll be happy to see this :3

  2. Osiris Retired Moderator Apr 01, 2005

    Awesome work, love the surreal work +fav

  3. belmikry Retired Moderator Apr 01, 2005

    wow this is a fabulous concept! i love it! your description really allows me o understand fully what direction you were going, and its a great direction! :)

    This is by far my favourite submission for MT Mod for sure- I think instead of showing just there kick-assness, you are showing a part people dont associate with authority- very well thought out, A + from bel-san >_<

  4. nekosasu Apr 01, 2005

    At first glance, i was like, "wtf?", the thumbnail showed me some weird pole with some idle guy besides... I thought, "bah, forget this"
    But before clicking on the cross in the upper right corner of the screen, i felt like reading the description to the pic first... which suddenly got me interested into seeing the whole picture
    i must say, your ideas are not bad. in fact, they are great ^^ and the way you concretized your thoughts into that well drawn picture is very interesting. i don't know osi very well either, even though he's quite often on rampage in IRC, but I believe that you got the right idea about our _beloved_ mod (don't forget, today is april fools day... :P)
    anyways, the whole composition is very nicely made, clean work, the characters that are coming out the rock are very nicely drawn, as well as the egyptian eye. it sure took you lots of time for that :)
    there are some things that are not so good about this though, for example, the boy on the ground has quite short legs for his upper body... or so it seems to me ^^; also, the tower doesn't really look like a rock, but like a wooden tree... the color doesn't really fit imo. the colors of the egyptian eye are very rock-like, though. the color choice could have been intended, though ^^
    Anyways, I like your drawing, and faved it. thanks for your hard work, keep it up ;) take care
    cyakthxbye -neko

    (oh yea: you forgot the pantsu!!1 >_<)

  5. Anjhurin Apr 01, 2005

    OMG ... always such original concepts for this contest !! i really love that doujin, plus it's colored and all.
    man it's really awesome, i can't say a thing. really i love the all thing, the description is sure welcome, cause i definitely wouldn't have guessed. but the boy who seems at the same time tired and happy :)
    wow you've got a definitely fav on that one, don't know if i'll be able to caption it (ahah you'd be my most captionned drawer XP )

    *getting out a gigantic hand* thumbs up !!!! ^_^'

  6. harakiri Apr 01, 2005

    I don't know how to start my comment because I am really impressed by this beautiful artwork. First I want to say that this is the most original idea I saw in the contest or at least in the mod class.
    At first sight I see this cool egyptian eye on the trunk and then I notice that there are people in th wood and they're holding hands and the last one is holding the hand of the boy - amazing concept. It looks beautiful but also scary. Scary in a positive meaning because I think all surrealistic artworks have some scary aspects - but that's cool. This picture is the melting pot between commercial anime/manga and real art.

  7. benjaminchia Apr 03, 2005

    Nice work. Love the concept. This will be a wonderful submissing for the douj contest. Keep it up! I love the background for this too. The character looks very well drawn too.

  8. charaznableamurorei May 05, 2005

    Crappy Caption Comment/Poem, lev! Sorry, I wasn't able to think thru this very very much; it just came out ( I know, too many nouns and a pathetic attempt at rhyming)... I am so stuck in other commitments... but hope you likes it! And this one goes out to all the new moderators out there, kk? ^_~

    Authority and responsibility
    In this land of virtuality
    Reality depends
    On the minds of the citizenry.

    Authority and responsibility
    Members see only authority
    The "Eye" that punishes
    Limits behavior and morality.

    Authority and responsibility
    But who sees a chain of causality?
    People share, hold hands together
    Helping this virtual community.

    Authority and responsibility
    In the other land of 'reality'
    Hard work by young ones
    Met with harsh words of virtuality.

    Authority and responsibility
    In this land of virtuality
    Blessed are those who see
    Responsibility before authority.

    (Crappy! I know.... 'might try to revise this soon, but just a small, crappy present to the new mods!)

  9. Anjhurin May 09, 2005

    muahahah i won't let chara onee-chan steal my (unofficial) part II prize, so here comes aniki drop kick counter attack (jking jking :) )
    anyway chara poem got me inspired, so here we go i guess

    The great eye that watches
    Can sometimes be blinded
    But the unjust call will never heed.

    To those who do not see
    He might seem most unfair.
    Standing high into the air,
    It takes care of our destiny.

    And with the help of younger arms
    We'll make that tower reach the sky
    Build forever lasting charms
    That no one can untie.

    Keep your watch, master,
    And may your judgement never falter.

    that's it, man i had a hard time trying to find a rhyme with "ones", but then i didn't find anything (my bro suggested padawan ^_^' ), so i went with "arms"

    Quote by levezzali But I think in the end the one I'll never make will be Seiya.... I don't like him... very much....
    Well, see you around, and have a nice weekend!

    yeah seiya is really the one i don't want to see drawn (why is he the hero?) :pacman: ...

  10. OracleAngel Retired Moderator May 15, 2005

    Awesom ejobonthe drawing, surealismis my thing...love it lots! :)
    Great job mate!

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