Fullmetal Alchemist Wallpaper: [ Sins ]

Hiromu Arakawa, BONES, Fullmetal Alchemist, Roy Mustang Wallpaper
Hiromu Arakawa Mangaka BONES Studio Fullmetal Alchemist Series Roy Mustang Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

The price I paid for my Sins

New wall,this time with Roy Mustang from FMA.

Well,a couple of days ago,Electrastar send me a PM to ask me if i can make her a new userpage,and of course i say yes,and when i see the scan that she pick for the layout,i just fell in love with it,and i have to wall it.

The extraction,a white background but so hard to extract it!,but i think i made a good work on it,then i just follow my instinct with the colors,second time that i use yellow/light brown. With the brush work i try to make a dark theme,that fits to the whole Sins theme,i left the noise on the scan cause the scan blend more with the look of the background

Textures: Textura
Brushes: Infinity Effect - vbrush.tmp.layout
Scan: Sexy Roy Mustang by Sycia
Thanx to: Electrastar

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  1. Kitaan Retired Moderator Mar 30, 2005

    another grunge wallie ^_^ it's very nice alot of people are fans of Roy I see :)
    i like it the colors are nice with him I think blue and black would have been better ^_^ but other then that it's a great wallie ^_^

  2. SilentMasamune Mar 30, 2005

    Still some extraction problems. Good luck with the next wall.

  3. Haia Mar 30, 2005

    This is just NICE man. Roy looks very powerful here! Nice job on the background....it emphasize him very well....Great job! Thanks for sharing this to us! Keep it up! +fav

  4. Yina Mar 30, 2005

    I like such wallies.. it is a little bit bloody.. ^_^' but it's great^^ +fav^^

  5. SakuraCorazonn Banned Member Mar 30, 2005


    Woooo, Wooo royyyyyyyyyy.... Is a nice wall. went I see your grunge walies, alwaysask myself as how you create them. someday send me a manual I to do mine ^^

    i repet is a excelent wall.

    Bye, Sak

    Fav too

  6. Electrastar Mar 30, 2005

    So cool. Didn't think you would use my ideas in the title :D. I can't see the full version yet because of problems, but I love the thumbnail. The backround is nice and wonderfuly grungy like your usual creations and it looks like he's standing in a old alley...well it's the feeling I get from this wallpaper. Can't wait until you make a userpage for me using this image, seeing this image in this wallpaper and in my userpage will help me to get used to seing Roy with an eyepatch....I still need to adapt.

  7. StarCentury Mar 30, 2005

    Whoa! Roy has a cool eyepatch! Now he looks badass! XD Oh yeah, the BG looks real awesome, the grunge designs has the look of an very old and burnt up piece of paper! :D Also, Roy is so cool with that pose, you might want to fix his extraction a tad! Still, it's an awesome grunge wallie, Rebel-san! Keep up the good work! ;) [+ 2 favs]

  8. Rella Mar 30, 2005

    Ahh...how neat is that! Great wallpaper, I really like the colors. This is going to my favorites! ^^

  9. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Mar 30, 2005

    the bg rocks rocks rocks rocks rocks!!


    *throws rocks AT REBELLIE*

    stop improving .. xD

  10. Devilet Mar 30, 2005

    wowie, so dark and grungy.... perfectly executed o__o;;
    *thumbs up* getting so good ^__^ keep up your style~

  11. ocelotisun Mar 31, 2005

    Wow... :o ... Awesome work Rebel... :) ... I have no words to describe how much I love the background... :) ... I just think you did a amazing work on it... Like Star said... It has a certain burnt paper feeling to it... :) ... Great work... It sure deserves a favorite... :)

  12. DayBreak Mar 31, 2005

    Lets see... The eyepatch idea isnt good.
    It looks so big that its covering half of his face.
    You still need work on extraction, but its all good though.
    I wish you could of lowered the Saturation to him
    so it will be good.
    Good effort XD

  13. zaira Mar 31, 2005

    wow!! plenty grungy walls i saw this days! and this wall is another grungy wall! better make also a grungy wall too hehe ^_^' anyways! nice grungy bg!! and its colors too!! the scan really fits the whole wall! great job!! keep it up! ;)

  14. pamkips Mar 31, 2005

    omg!!! i love this wall as a major royfangirl i love it!
    thank you very much for sharing! it's a definate fav!!! XD :x

  15. Tatsuya Mar 31, 2005

    awesome grunge wall, I think you could clean the scan a bit, since I'm seeing a some white color on his clothing. But the overall BG is really impressive! IMHO
    anywyas, thank for sharing and keep it up

  16. DarkCrimson Mar 31, 2005

    Cool looking new Picture my Friend.Like the Dark n grunge Style.
    Great Job with the Background.I always looking forward for your Pictures.Thanks so much for this one.Ad it to my Favs.Well done Rebel-san :D

  17. calisqo Mar 31, 2005

    awesome rebel.
    HIgh quality looks ^^>
    Vey shadowdude-kinda grunge.
    NOnetheless I can still see a nice color composition of your in here.
    I like this .
    Keep it up ^_^

  18. Midori-chan Apr 01, 2005

    wow! is that Roy??? omg!!! he's damn cool!!!
    the grunge style bg is so nice!!! and it suits the scan you found!!!! this is marvelous!! just gotta add this to my fav!! all the walls you made are awesome! just gotta add 'em all!! ^^

  19. Patty-chan Apr 01, 2005

    I'm starting to love this so called grunge style *_______________________* And yes, Mustang is such a sinner... ._.

  20. tiredofwired4 Apr 03, 2005

    I love it. I think it shows the obvious conflictg inside of roy that will come along with the release of the movie. I look forward to more pics released before the movie, and more awsome walls such as this one!!! Great job!!!

  21. ded113 Apr 03, 2005

    I agree with shadow. Etractions needs work and the color needs to be toned down on roy. But I love the background. great job!

  22. semanga Apr 03, 2005

    i love your dark bg
    it fits very good to the scan you have a eye for a making a good wall
    add this to my fav of course

  23. gundex Apr 05, 2005

    the grunge bg is nice... but yeah a little problem with the extraction... :) but this still a good wallie... :D

  24. Sakura0chan Apr 05, 2005

    WoW! It's a very nice wallpaper. I love the background very much. ^^
    Good work!! *Adds to favorites* Keep it up!! ^___^

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