Kyou Kara Maou Wallpaper: The Maou's Party

Studio DEEN, Kyou Kara Maou, Yuuri Shibuya, Gunter von Christ, Gwendal von Voltaire Wallpaper
Studio DEEN Studio Kyou Kara Maou Series,OVA Yuuri Shibuya Character Gunter von Christ Character Gwendal von Voltaire Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Can't wait another week before submit this after my last wall >.<

When I see this scan by Buntakun, I just know that I have to wall that! And unusually found idea for the bg quite fast ^^
I intentionally blurred those doves to meet the deep-of-field requirement (gosh, can't get off my photography knowledges >.<), and first try making meteors, so sorry if it looks...
Ah, the doves comes from jeniferdono's scan ^^'

As usual, critiques and comments are welcome!

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  1. Kiako Mar 30, 2005

    the wallpaper looks very nice, i like the birds^^ and the moon is great to the scenary too

  2. kara Mar 30, 2005

    Wow! A pretty KKM wallpaper!! I really like the moon and oh definitely the scan. Did you draw the castle?? Kirei!

  3. Tatsuya Mar 30, 2005

    nice wall ^^ i would like to know hope ya draw the bird!
    and the moon is great ^^ good work, thk for sharing and keep it up

  4. Athrun Mar 30, 2005

    To make things short as possible: Awesome. You might wanna put your sig at the bottom of the wall tho. Wouldn't want ppl to rip off all your work, now. ^ ^

  5. johan77 Mar 30, 2005

    i really dont know about the series, but the characters look great ¡¡¡

    thanks for the wall ¡¡ :D

  6. tiantito Mar 30, 2005

    well i also dont know that serie but by the art i think is not very new....
    anyway about the wall...the idea is quite good
    the starfield could use some dust and some more brilliant stars but it looks really good
    the moon loks great
    and that castle there ....well is just great positioning...
    nice job

  7. Sakura0chan Mar 30, 2005

    WoW~!! XD Another nice wallpaper cygnus!
    I like those characters!! XD They are so cool.
    I love the background very much. I like the moon and the castle. ^^
    Great work! *Adds to favorites* Keep it up!!

  8. Kougaxgirl Mar 30, 2005

    oh! i like this! :) they're hott too! XD the picture is pretty and i think the background goes pretty well with it! hehe i like the doves too! actually i just LOVE the whole thing! you did a wonderful job on it! buye! :D

  9. sylvacoer Mar 30, 2005

    Awesome wall - I really wish I could execute castles as well as you have. Just one slight critique, though: you should have had the two doves in the foreground significantly bigger than the two up in the sky, so as the give the image more depth. But like I said, awesome job!

  10. Ayamael Mar 30, 2005

    Really cool wall! The castle in the bg looks really nice, it reminds me of an oil painting... ^^ The moon looks realistic as well, and the stars would look even better if they weren's so regular... i agree with Sylvacoer though, the doves in the foreground are not big enough, it's a question of perspective... But, the wall still looks really great ^^

  11. Lana3007 Mar 30, 2005

    That is an amazingly beautiful work! The castle in the background is my favorite part!
    I love this! Thank you very much for sharing!

  12. heavens-Dragon Mar 30, 2005

    Kyaaa! Kyou Kara Maou is a really cute anime! ;) Love the scan, very clean and clear! It's really matches the background too! The castle and birds adds a really gret touch to it! I also like the the night sky! It's so pretty! Nicely done! Keep up with the great work!

  13. Rella Mar 30, 2005

    Wow! It looks awesome. The scan looks so nice. The background looks great as well. I'm putting this on my favorites! ^^

  14. slivermoon Mar 30, 2005

    looks very nice
    the moon looks really good , but the sky is a bit too black for me
    the doves are nice too, but they look strange when they are on the scan
    they look just too small to be animals >.<

  15. asianspirit Mar 30, 2005

    awesome wallpaper, cygnus! totally cool! the scan and the doves are clean. and the castle in the background is wonderful! an instant fave for me! :)

  16. Kiku-chan Mar 30, 2005

    I never saw this series before so I don't know who the characters are but I know one thing.
    This wallpaper is excellent!!! I like it alot :D
    Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work ;)

  17. DayBreak Mar 31, 2005

    Some of the extractions on the hair of the scan needs a bit more work.
    But other then that, i liked how you made that nice look-a-like castle
    with some nice textures.
    Great job.

  18. shioriyukino Mar 31, 2005

    wow!!!! it's nice.......i like it!!!!
    thanks for sharing.... :D

  19. MyrrhLynn Mar 31, 2005

    There is something wrong with the way the light is hitting the castle @_@ Actually I'm not sure how it is suppose to look but it just looks wrong to me. That and the birds that are in front of the guys should be enormous since they are closer in perspective. :D I do like how you blurred the birds though. It makes them look more natural, and not like they are frozen in the air like they do on some walls. >_>

    Hhaha, hope i wasn't too harsh , I just really love this series so I'm overprotective. XD Great job on it!

  20. darkwaterbunny Mar 31, 2005

    Nice job! But, I dont think birds would be flying out in night, unless its a nightengale or something <_<.
    Anyway, nice job! Just need to work on some shadows, but everything look really great!
    Keep it up~

  21. Barbara Mar 31, 2005

    Hi there, sorry for the late comment *giggles* Nice wallpaper, I love it, looks good on my desktop, goes directly to my fav :)

  22. Agiru Mar 31, 2005

    Hey.. you always making a great, popular, and amazing wallie... what is the recipe masta??? :D

  23. semanga Mar 31, 2005

    ohhhh OX OX OX so many sexy guys yummy yummy come to mama i will make a party and dance with all the sweet guys ^^ and do a lot naughty things :nya: :nya: :nya: yeah that is would be fun ^^

  24. ryannzha Apr 01, 2005

    well.. great merge :o as usual!! but the dove..it's cute enough but..the why theres some in the front of that guy with black uniform ( sorry!! i dunno the anime!?!) .. it lookz odd!! well.. i'm just an amateur .. whaddo i know ..!! :sweat: i luv' alot 4 what u've done wit the castle..!!

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