Maria-sama ga Miteru Wallpaper: --Friends

Studio DEEN, Maria-sama ga Miteru, Yumi Fukuzawa, Yoshino Shimazu, Sachiko Ogasawara Wallpaper
Studio DEEN Studio Maria-sama ga Miteru Series Yumi Fukuzawa Character Yoshino Shimazu Character Sachiko Ogasawara Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Second submission of the night. This wallpaper was made on Friday, so it's not that recent. I love the job I did on this ^__^ I hope you do to. Comments and favorites are appreciated. Thankes

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  1. kakitsubata Mar 30, 2005

    wow... its so grungy... and how each of the charas stand makes the wallie feel so dynamic...

    i love it! ^___^ [instant fav...]

  2. Evanrued Mar 30, 2005

    I love how the scan looks so textured along with the background. Excellent grunge effects here. Though the character closest to the front is some what hard to distinquish. But I guess thats how grunge is supposed to be lol. I really like the designes mixed in with the grunge. The background color reminds me of a map for some reason. This looks awesome. Keep it up!

  3. X-freedomX Banned Member Mar 30, 2005

    this is kind of cool i love it as well
    adding to favorites plus it really matchs the scan
    a bit

  4. artgeek12 Mar 30, 2005

    I like the overlay and hints of texture on this wall. The colors seem ok too but what seems to take away all that is the saturation on the scan. It's a little too dark (at least on their faces). I think the really dark blacks would be really nice if they contrasted with the brightened faces. Almost like a black and white comic. Aside from the scan being lost, it's another nice wall.

  5. exentric Mar 30, 2005

    good grunge~~ very nice indeed~
    but for me, maybe a lil too dark @_@

  6. LunarRockStar Mar 30, 2005

    pretty looking wall and looks really good. =^^= loves it. =^^= This one is just great.

  7. meteorcloud Mar 30, 2005

    the grundge is really cool =D~!
    but...the other half of the wallpaper looks too dark ._.
    the faces looks so happy...but....looks like they where jumped in to shit or something xd~!

  8. Makhan Mar 30, 2005

    This is quite a nice wp--don't like the title too much, but you demonstrated a lot of technical skill with this one. Very nice job with the grunge, as usual, but I've got one complaint about it--it doesn't really seem to match the scan. You've got a group of girls who are, as your title says, friends, and then you've got all this dark grunginess on top of it, the ideas just clash for me. It's a really good job, though, and one of my favorite pieces of your work.

  9. nekosasu Mar 30, 2005

    brom, the master of grunge ^^
    hmm... it's a bit too dark indeed, at least the characters are
    their happy faces don't really fit in there imo
    the grunge effects are top notch, nothing to object
    great wall, as expected from you :)
    thanks for your effort, keep the good work up! take care

  10. Devilet Mar 30, 2005

    hmm, nice grunge wall overall, but the textures on their faces looks very odd..
    still, it's dark and intriguing, like the style ^___^

  11. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Mar 30, 2005

    ne nee~

    the grunge rocckksss!! *-* one of the best grunge walls saki's seen yet! the bg rockkss~

    the one problem saki see's is that the scan looks all messy and overcrowded .. >.> butbut it's good~

    <3 it! mwah~

  12. mughi Mar 31, 2005

    Another nice wallpaper here. The only problem is that other members have mostly stated what I wanted to comment on. That is going to happen when I'm tardy in posting comment. Oh, well. Suffice to say I do like your excellent skill in making wall using grunge. :)

  13. StarCentury Mar 31, 2005

    Killer sweet grunge wall, brom! XD The random text designs all over the BG blends real nicely with the awesome grunge designs! I also love the blending of red and green colors, it fits very beautifully! The characters look kinda dark and it's hard to see their bodies and all, but that's just a minor complaint! Overall, it's one of your best grunge walls brom! Great job! [+ 2 favs] ;)

  14. DayBreak Mar 31, 2005

    The backgroind on the left is good.
    But you shouldnt be blending the scan together.
    Sense one, the characters face will be a bit weird.
    Adding like a black stain on them.
    You can do that when you know how to do it right.
    I see alot of jaggy lines around the characters.
    black line crossing over a white one?
    But its all good.
    Good job.

  15. zaira Mar 31, 2005

    wow!! soo cool grungy bg!! i like it!! the colors and its concept! this wall is great! keep it up!

  16. gzg9jg Mar 31, 2005

    Nice, it's fav'd. I like how you can only see the character's faces, everything else is hidden. Very nice.

  17. euna Retired Moderator Apr 01, 2005

    brom makes nice grungy wall!!!
    i luv it!
    it's great! I really like the scan.... so pretty and cute ^^
    the greeny bg reminds me of old mossy rocks... >___<
    Looks very good to me. nice work!*fav*

  18. riku-chan Apr 01, 2005

    Grunge Mari Mite!! XD Now that's something I don't see often. I used to portray Mari Mite as being a high and gentle series, but I never knew they could fit this well in a dark bg as well.

    They certainly do look like they belong to such an atmosphere, great use of the grunge effect!

  19. GintheTwilightswords Apr 02, 2005

    Mmm, grungy XP . The scan is abit dark, but I like it ^uu^, the girls are cuuute XD . The bg looks totally wicked, I just luv these grunge walls. Excellent work :D

  20. Skillzpay Apr 06, 2005

    This is probably some of the best grunge work I've seen from you so far, really like the contrasting sides and the combo of the rocky/grainy texture. Only thing that I'm not too keen of is the use of the character scan, the grunge on their faces doesn't really seem to suit them and they seem to be blended in so much that their clothing is hard to make out. I'd love to see more grunge work similar to this just with a more suitable scan and blending.

  21. Aetherion Apr 15, 2005

    Nice, add it to my favorites !
    The backgruond effect are very interesting.
    The green produce good. The character... just... nice.
    So this is a good wall.

  22. Illusion85 Apr 23, 2005

    very different view of Marimite. Well I saw the thumbnail I thought that Minitokyo had placed the wall in the wrong place! It's a very cool wall, though.

  23. FallingAwake May 19, 2005

    I like the contrast of light and dark in the image. It's neat how the character side is all darkened except their faces and the white of their clothes. Nice work.

  24. Kaon-chan May 09, 2007

    I love this so much.. it's so dark <3 fav ^_^

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