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Okay this is the MT-Artist sketch one I'm submitting for the MT's Doujinshi contest again ^^" Not really sure whether this really is an artist =_= She's more like, CG-ing/walling someone on photoshop =/

XD Bah so what, I'm still entering anyways. I don't think I have time to CG this so, I let you all have the CG-ing done if you like (IF~!!) just credit me at least ><
I drew this in school as well, just like the MT-noob one. And I spent more time on this than the other... >_>

All comments are welcomed & appreciated ^^"

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  1. belmikry Retired Moderator Mar 30, 2005

    hey- nice doujinshi yumi- heheh looks my my desk if you omit the massive piles of random papers ^_^' ... good work! can't wait to see someone CG this! :)

  2. euna Retired Moderator Mar 30, 2005

    ooh... pretty~~~ she's pretty!!
    and the doujin looks awesome!
    I could never get side views correct >____<
    and WOW! yumi can draw hands!!
    so good! Nice work yumi!
    btw, i won't do the cg-ing... coz i totally suck at it... but i'm sure someone will do it for you!

  3. LucyXlostangelwings Mar 30, 2005

    Waa!! That rox!! XD It's awesome! You can draw really well, I must say! ^^
    Hmmm...you did an extremely accurate job...I especially like her eyes...they're very pretty and stands out. ^_^ You should make her smile! hehe... ^_^'
    Nice job, Yumi-chan! =D

  4. Mordin Mar 30, 2005

    very nice, she is so pretty, and you got the mood and the look of an aritistic correctly too. :) This is so cool, you really got good eye on this type of things, great job Yumi-Chan. :)

  5. Athrun Mar 30, 2005

    Wow, that looks really good! :O Great detail and concept.

  6. Kazuya-chan Mar 30, 2005

    hei....is good wall Great Great Great Great Great is so good , i like it thk it !!! XD

  7. AkinaSpirit Mar 30, 2005

    Wow.. pretty artist XD she's pretty, I like her face!
    It's really good~ ^_^

  8. phl Mar 30, 2005

    Your drawing skills are crazyyyy!
    I like this one even more than the noob one! (Mostly because the girl is cute, I guess... *looks around and whistles* )

    Aaaaah well.... Another good one. I think it can represent an MT artist since she on the compy CGing or something like that and that's what an MT artist does after all, no? XD

    Her eyes are... Whoa!!! XP

  9. Devilet Mar 30, 2005

    heheee, another nice drawing from Yumi, sketchy sketchy o__o;;
    the chair looks funny though XD ahh well, nice work *nods nods* keep it up~

  10. Stolen Mar 30, 2005

    Hey Yumi-chan! (Again ^^")

    Aww, such nice eyes. And such gentle lines you've used for them. Cool structure to the anime character once again, and I dunno what it is, it most be that interesting soft line structure you used round the hair, but it feels really nice and soft, and looks really moveable.

    I also like the detail you've put into the keyboard and into the chair, it adds a nice touch to it. Nice sketchy feel to it too ^^

    Good luck with the contest,

  11. darkwaterbunny Mar 31, 2005

    Wow, nice concept and great drawing!
    Just I think her neck is turned a bit too much *if we did in real life it would hhhhuurrrttt* lol, but everything else looks so great! Hehe, really looks like my desk, only my desk has no compy and its a lot more messy >_< great job on the hands!!
    Awsome job ^_~

  12. Frosty Mar 31, 2005

    woo cute quikie sketch. ^^
    looks really cute. *like yumi-chan* ^^;
    great work on this piece. ^^
    Good luck with the contest ^^
    Keep up the great drawing. ;)

  13. d611691 Mar 31, 2005

    whoa~ nice sketch! she's so pretty, and I like your stroke. XD
    It's a great drawing. :D

  14. pegassuss Mar 31, 2005

    Woow! this is such a nice drawing!! ^^ I love the eyes and her expression is so sweet and calm ^^ You did a very good job! the lines are very well defined and I love the back perspective ^^ All around her is very well drawn too! The table the computer the chair...^^ that's a pretty drawing! ^^ Great work!!

  15. shinorei Apr 01, 2005

    Haha..this is better than the previous one. About the MT newbie. ^_^ Hope u win the doujinshi contest! But I think wuschel's doujinshi about MT mod is kinda nice too!

  16. GintheTwilightswords Apr 02, 2005

    I luv it :D ! The character and bg design is flawless, and has a simplistic feel which is ok for this sketch, just needs alittle more detail (or you could cg it like you said you would :) ). I like this one more than the last, well probably because it looks better to me. Also, like the last one, I like how you have it as a girl sitting at her desk. Maybe this is what Yumi looks like, perhaps ? Anyway, you did a marvelous job Yumi-san :D .

  17. yoli Apr 02, 2005

    ahh so cute!! hehe, artists do computer art too, so it should count!! i like the pose in the picture ! ^^

  18. irix Apr 02, 2005

    This is so nice!!! ^^ i like hoqw do you do!!! :nya:

  19. wildvanilla May 01, 2005

    omg. she's lovely... she's cute... she pretti... she's... mine!!! lols... awesome!! hmm.. but i think more work is needed on the keyboard... yupps. it's a beri nice piece of work!! :D

  20. onimakura May 15, 2005

    cute eyes on her

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