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Ish the dead line really near x_x? Oh well anyway, I drew this in school around last month if I'm not wrong ^^" I don't think i have time to CG this so, yeah.
This is for the MT Doujinshi contest thingie XD I won't win, definitely.. rofl :3

This drawing took me around.. erm.. 2 1/2 hours to complete.. I had to ask my friends on suggestions/opinions -__- Coz I don't know how to draw a noob.. T-T..

You may use this to CG or anything else.Just make sure to give me credit ^o^~
All comments are welcomed.. XD

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  1. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Mar 30, 2005


    waahhahahahhahhaahhahahhha ..

    ne nee~ yumi sissiiee!! *-* yu took a real picciee and made it look real .. xD saki bets that THAT was yumi when yumii was a noob .. xD rofllz ..

    shoo cuuteee!! <3

  2. Nakayori Mar 30, 2005

    xD;; Whee~ that pwnz. ^o^;; I love it, as long as he doesn't come near my computer. X3;; Awesome jobness~ =D

  3. Athrun Mar 30, 2005

    Wtf... hey wait a sec... that kinda looks like... me!!! T_T

    Nah, I'm jk... still... the drawing is funny as hell and very well drawn. He broke the damn mouse cord. XD Damn... look at how messy he is... LOL

  4. euna Retired Moderator Mar 30, 2005

    rofl!! so so so funny!!
    hey at that rate , we won't have any wallers on MT.. >____<
    that looks so cute! and the eyes!!! omg... XD XD XD
    i gotta fav this.... nice work!! *can't stop laughing!!*

  5. LucyXlostangelwings Mar 30, 2005

    ah, hahaha...lolz...lolz....so funny!! XD He's giving that monkey face!! omg...what a cool drawing! That is truly, a perfect drawing for a noob! :nya: It's so detailed as well! (another plus^^) Waaa...good luck with the competition!! :D

  6. Osiris Retired Moderator Mar 30, 2005

    lol yumi XD

    he's not only a noob but a mouse killer x_x

  7. Anjhurin Mar 30, 2005

    muahahah so funny...... cracks me up his "wtf" and his expression, while he's snapping the mouse !!! really well done, though still a bit rough around the edges, i like it a lot :)
    gambatte for the contest, true there are many splendid submissions, but good luck nevertheless XP

  8. evasion Mar 30, 2005

    Ahahaha - this is great! Very nice work - great concept and character design ^_^ +fav+

  9. Mordin Mar 30, 2005

    That is just too realistic, you just draw how I was the first time I came on the site. :D My heart is broken now that you made fun of me. :( it is death on correct for noobs, great job Yumi-Chan. :)

  10. LunarRockStar Mar 30, 2005

    LOL. ^_^' this drawing sure looks like me right now. XD yup, a noob like me. :nya: this cracks me up too. =^^= good one yumi-chan. :)

  11. Kazuya-chan Mar 30, 2005

    hei.....Yumi-Chan , is nice wall i like it u make it u self is good thk it !!! XD

  12. AkinaSpirit Mar 30, 2005

    Ahhahaah *snap* poor mouse XD
    haaha nice artwork~ it kinda reminds me of how my teacher told us a story of how an adul attending evening classes picked up the mouse n' placed it on the screen n' moved it about x_X

  13. phl Mar 30, 2005

    I like it! Ish really funny!
    You draw sooo well! I envy you. -_-; XD

  14. Devilet Mar 30, 2005

    keekee XD that's too funnyyy rofl! good one Yumi =D
    i like the style and how everything is put together, brought out nicely, haha.. that person better stay away from my comp ;__;

  15. Stolen Mar 30, 2005

    Hey Yumi-chan!

    Wow, this is awesome ^^ reminds me of my first days here! I love the little parts to the picture which make the girl seem even more helpless ^^ Such as the mouse breaking, the girl poking the screen, the mess around her feet - but I guess everyone is like that at some point!

    Nice proportions in the body, and cuuute expression. And the clothes really suit her for the context - the fact they seem much larger than her makes her looked overwhelmed, which is totally true!

    Aw, so memorable. I'll have to fave this as a salut to all noobs!

  16. darkwaterbunny Mar 31, 2005

    lol!! ^____^ too funny!! This was me....<_< or maybe not, yeah, we all were like this (just minus the mouse part <____<). I like the style, just put some more detail into it :3 anyway, nice job!

  17. Frosty Mar 31, 2005

    okay.. riiight.. lol... XD
    yup, thats a noob alright.. XD and a computer killer... XD
    thats pretty funny. ;)
    good job on this one yumi-chan. ^^
    keep up the good work. ^^

  18. d611691 Mar 31, 2005

    hahaha It's really funny. XD Fortunately I'm not a Noob, my mouse is still working. XD *just kidding ^_^'* It's a good idea, and the drawing is also nice. :D

  19. semanga Mar 31, 2005

    that is so funny ^^ thanks for sharing ^^

  20. GintheTwilightswords Apr 01, 2005

    Bwahahaha XD XD !! I luv it !! Reminds me of a chimp trying to figure out how to reach the banana at the top of a change. You did a greta job on it, and his/her expression is hilarious. Superb job Yumi-san ^uu^

  21. tenchigirl15 Apr 01, 2005

    lol!!!!!!! :D thats funny!!! :D :D :D great drawling of the "noobs" ;) *claps* :)

  22. shinorei Apr 01, 2005

    O_O So nice!! Yumi..you can draw!!! Amazing fact!! XD Poor MT noob..i don't think such creatures exist in real life. :)

  23. Hita Apr 02, 2005

    poor mouse T_T but *heheee* its cool :Db

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