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Okay... I was gonna draw something new and something good at first for this contest or event thingy but i didnt have the time to do so ... so yea, sorry chara-san and eva-chan but I'm just gonna dig up someting old and submit it for the contest... gomen... X_x

anyways, I think I drew this a few months back but it kind of goes along with the theme of this contest so there... ^^;

the two chinese character the word on her forhead saids god or devine and the one on her banner and the gong like thing she was holding saids center or middle or can means fair, so yea... whatever.. kind of goes with the MOD theme here.. ^^; and hehe isnt she cute.. rofl.. XD well blah blah blah.. whatever... its something I fought it looks pretty ok so yea, hope you guys think so too... ^^;

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  1. Mordin Mar 29, 2005

    hey nice drawing Frosty, I like shading of this pic, and the detail is very nice. Looking at this, remind me of old chinese movies. :)

  2. diamarrr Mar 29, 2005

    WOW nice drawing ......perfect shading and detailing....female version of monkey god????? o_0

  3. Evanrued Mar 29, 2005

    This is really cute! I like the pose that she is in, and her costume is really detailed. Nice choice of weapon! This is really good, you have gotten better! Good luck!

  4. broken-dreamz Mar 29, 2005

    frostieeeekyunnn that's like an awesome drawing @_________@!!!! =)~~~

  5. AiLi Mar 29, 2005

    Not bad Frosty,U are telent at drawing : ) ,not like mine,simply draw only : D {hehe)
    Anyway,keep it up Frosty.

  6. Susan-chan Mar 29, 2005

    great^^ i very like it^^ the details are so cool and the shading is also good^^ nice idea^^

  7. DarkCrimson Mar 29, 2005

    Wow.Thats one cool Piece of Drawing my dear.Looks so nice^_^.
    She has a really awesome Armor there.And also a very cool looking Weapon.Add this wonderfull
    Picture from you to my Favs for sure.I hope to see more from you.
    Well done and thanks for sharing :)

  8. Athrun Mar 29, 2005

    Pretty damn good drawing, Frosty. Really impressive. :O She kinda reminds me of Magician's Valkyrie from the Yu-Gi-Oh! movie.

  9. Anjeile Mar 29, 2005

    wow. very nice. the drawing is very detailed and a nice shading, too. she has a cool set of clothes and very evil-looking weapons too. i wish u the best of luck in the competition. toodles! ^^

  10. ShiroiLina Mar 29, 2005

    hey frosty! shes very very cute! i like her boots *-* i want them! XD love the details and her oufit is great! :D keep it up and good luck for the contest ^^

  11. Devilet Mar 29, 2005

    gaaahhh, nice nice, I like the outfit and the style ^__^
    the legs look a little strange, and the fingers too pointy, but overall I like it, nice drawing Frosty~

  12. slivermoon Mar 29, 2005

    finally something more recent ~_~
    everything u had sent b4 was from like ~_~ what years ago?... ~_~
    this drawing has improved soooo much from u'r previous drawings in way back when
    the shading has improved, and so has the form, body proportions, and drawing style
    there is some balance between the light and shadow, but there is definately a lot of light but then again i always draw everything overly dramatic, so the pic ends up looking better in black and white than in colour >_>
    SOOO basically what i was saying that this drawing has much improved after all those years @__@
    and keep up the good work, i really like this ^-^

  13. MagicianFairy Mar 29, 2005

    wondeful!!, i like it, you made by yourself???...guao, is very great and pretty!!
    nice job

  14. ayanechan Mar 30, 2005

    she looks so.. chinese-i'm-going-into-war-in-my-mini-skirt-ish ^_______^x kawaii high and mighty mod!! >:3

  15. Yumi-Chan Mar 30, 2005

    Cooliee :3 She looks biggg and and x_x powerful~ hahah ^o^
    I like her spear *ish that a spear o.o?*
    Nice nice ^-^ a great job on this *nods nods*

  16. miharu- Mar 30, 2005

    Wow Frosry, this is great! the girl is so Kawaii!! Your so good at drawing! :D

  17. LunarRockStar Mar 30, 2005

    Quote by Mordinhey nice drawing Frosty, I like shading of this pic, and the detail is
    very nice. Looking at this, remind me of old chinese movies. :)

    yea, it does look like one of those outfits from a chinese movie. Its very kawaii =^^= looks great. adds to fav. =^^=

  18. Kurosawa Mar 30, 2005

    Yeah,fros your drawing style ish amazing ~ XD
    She, looks like chinese girl XD
    Love the shading too ^__^.
    Good work frost and good luck on the contest ^O^.

  19. Electrastar Mar 30, 2005

    Cool. I really like her costume and her accessories. Very original and much better than what I could do. Nice drawing indeed.

  20. DarkVirus Mar 30, 2005

    i like the drwaing u made Frosty....
    the shading is nice...
    keep practicing on ur drawings...

  21. chisana Mar 31, 2005

    Wow, it looks awesome!!! She looks really kawaii, just like a mod :D Very nice! It surely deserves a fav!! And good luck at the competition!!

  22. Rex Apr 01, 2005

    this looks great

    love the details you've added on to the drawing!

  23. walkure245 Apr 01, 2005

    She is so prettty! >_< You gotta love the hairstyle. Plus all the armaments, I don't know what to look at first. There is so much to look at. I like her haughty expression and the shading is so nice. This is really superb, Frosty~ You are so talented at drawing. ^.^

  24. chibi-lizard Apr 02, 2005

    omigosh !! lizzie ish speechless !! it's sooo pwettie ! XD
    the shading and her details ish so so .... :x <3
    *hits the favvie button* XD

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