X Wallpaper: Emotional Drought

CLAMP, Madhouse, X, Kamui Shirou Wallpaper
CLAMP Mangaka Madhouse Studio X Series Kamui Shirou Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Attention...Pom 's not dead...well its beeen a very long time since I uploaded a wallie here ...
I haven't internet about a month now so its kind of difficult to maintaine my site and submit regullary wallies

well the wallie is online at my site over a month now
Its time to re-new the interest of minitokyo-ers to overview my worx...
wallie talk now
First of all I must say that creating this wallpaper was something else , something strange lead me to make this dream-like abstract idea to this wallie ! The idea came to my head when I first ever looked this scanned pic (which was in bad condition and I ve spented a LOT time to make it looks good , which I think it's in a good condition now ) I came with the idea a of a half drowned angel ! Well the first idea was to add to the water some blood , to seem like the Kamui is bleeding or something but it wasn't fitting whith the colors . The mudd was created by filters , brushes and a loooot of experimentation ( its good isn't it ? ) Hope in future to get the gothic ( with the good way not the newlike way ) and make something so emotionally inspired work .

The wallpaper is absolutely dedicated to Seth, without her it wouldn't be the same . (^_^)'

plz everyone mind that i dont have an internet connection so i wont be able to thank everyone in personal...

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  1. Captain-Harlock Mar 28, 2005

    My favorite wallpaper ever! it is so damn beautiful....really...i love this wallpaper...and i bet it is going to look really great on Lucifer ....it looks great on kira and on Seto!!!
    it really gives out sth angelic...and desperate...desperation....
    heh..and it's not an angel sanctuary wallie!and i don't pretty like kamui..but damn..the wallpaper is awesome...
    your best work...imo...try to make more "dark" wallies...if you like...
    great work again mr pom....

    "Falling, drowning, deeper and forever
    Choking, sinking, deeper into this ocean
    Screaming, crying for someone to save me
    Reaching, hoping, calling to no-one"

  2. YugureKaze Mar 28, 2005

    wow it looks amazing!
    the scenery looks dark and mysterious
    the detail on the night sky looks like it took a lot of work
    wonderful job!

  3. twinklebyte Mar 28, 2005

    This wallpaper is beautiful! I wish it were widescreen so I could use it on my laptop, as it's awfully rare to find a good wallpaper that isn't all dark and bloody in the X fandom.

    Great job. ^_^

  4. darkwaterbunny Mar 28, 2005

    Lookie, a X wallpaper...:D
    Nice job! I love the effects that you put into this, the sky looks great! And I like the stars/sparkly things coming out from him XD Looks so nice!
    I just thnik that random feather looks a little too big.
    Loving the moon :3 everything else looks really great,
    Awsome job! Fav from me ^_~

  5. moonstaru Mar 29, 2005

    Great wallpaper!!!!!
    The bg looks great!!!!!!
    I like the moon!!!!!
    Great job!!!!!!+FAV!!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!!!

  6. MagicianFairy Mar 29, 2005

    guao, this is amzing, the bg looks great, and the pic too
    this is one of my favotites too!!

  7. frozenwilderness Mar 29, 2005

    wow, I love this! the water looks simply great and the sky is very pretty too ^^

  8. Rella Mar 29, 2005

    Ahhh...I really like the bottom where the waters are!! The feathers and everything looks so nice. Thanks for sharing! ^^

  9. heavens-Dragon Mar 29, 2005

    Wowies! It;s very nicely done! Wonderful job! I love the night sky and the reflections of the water and the feathers! Very nicely done! Kamui looks really good here! Great work! Keep it up!

  10. euna Retired Moderator Mar 29, 2005

    omg omg.. i luv it!!! the starscape looks so so good!!! (makes mine look really bad >__<)
    the waters and the reflections look great!!
    the scan looks really cool and the er... trees are marvellous!
    I luv it! *fav*

  11. KittyCyn Mar 29, 2005

    Hi friend! this is Beautiful! :D I love the way you've made the water! how did u do it? OX
    Ummm...also the sky is fantastic and the colors...just Gr8!
    +Fav 4 sure ;)

  12. Sandra Mar 29, 2005

    Wow Pastor i see next great wallie from ya ! Nice bg i like it :) It's favorite for me !

  13. Liz Mar 29, 2005

    Its really well done! I love the background and the character its amazing :)

  14. ayumu1 Banned Member Mar 31, 2005

    Bah. I envy your wall and all the time you have
    nice pic.. nice pic.. nice pic.. nice pic..
    nice pic.. nice pic.. nice pic..
    nice pic.. nice pic..
    nice pic..

  15. jinhui Mar 31, 2005

    cool wall, it is a very good wallpaper

  16. GintheTwilightswords Apr 01, 2005

    Gothic-Guuuuud XD !!! The bg is phenomenal, I like the ripple and reflection effects in the water. The trees are nicely done, the mist and lighting effects are great, and I like the sparkles around Kamui. Plus, you did an excellent job reworking the scan to make it look better. Spetacular work Pastor, and glad to hear from ya once more ^uu^

  17. HailStoRm Apr 02, 2005

    WB Pastor, i was wondering where you'd disappeared to. Anyways, fantastic wallpaper as usual :).

    It almost looks surreal, which is what i think you intended :P

  18. semanga Apr 03, 2005

    one word i love it a lot sweety you are wonderful ^^

  19. bakaonigiri2 Apr 03, 2005

    Nice wallie out of a silly anime!! Bit really nice wallie, nice feeling, nice colours, nice background, well, nice work!! ^^

  20. silent1134 Apr 19, 2005

    amazing wallpaper....i love the background and kamui the angel under teh moon light is splendid...

  21. damian-atm May 05, 2005

    i like the background its real nice, but the kamui its really blurry and i think its a rael backstep for the wall

  22. lthnadml May 07, 2005

    Coooooool wallpaper !
    I really like the background and the water is perfect :)
    Very good job :D

  23. Janus911 May 20, 2005

    Great wallpaper!!!!!
    The bg looks great!!!!!!
    I like the moon!!!!!
    Great job!!!!!!+FAV!!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!!!

  24. Sunira May 24, 2005

    Those tree brushes(?) are firggen awesome. Best set I've seen. Care to share the origin? Also, you made the starfield quite lovely. I really like the layout of the piece as well. Its very balanced. Good job. :)

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