Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Wallpaper: till daybreak

CLAMP, Bee Train, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Touya Kinomoto Wallpaper
CLAMP Mangaka Bee Train Studio Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Series,OVA Touya Kinomoto Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

extracting this guy was torture, there was the big huge cloak, and the decoration pieces flying arround all over the place, plus ther was sand flying on every inch of the guy..... and why did i do this??....... i don't know..... T_T
the sky and ground didn't even turn out the way i wanted to either :( the sky was suppose to look like a sun rise and the ground looks a little too flat, does anyone have/know any tutorials for creating the sky and/or ground??
*pls take a closer look on the bg and give me u'r critiques, it would really help alot! ^-^

stock img, done on PSP XP

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  1. kuclo Mar 27, 2005

    hello my dear friend it is been long time.i am lucky in be the first in post here .i like so much your wallie ,actually was a hard work right?well nice colors and a good resolution ,see you later

  2. Haia Mar 27, 2005

    I love this wallpaper! Tooya looks so great in here.......it's an unlikely theme for him but it turned out great! Thanks for sharing this to us!!! Kyaaaaaaa!~ +fav

  3. Ray-Gonzaga Mar 27, 2005

    This wallpaper is soooooooooooooooo cool!I love the background!Touya looks great!I love the wallpaper!Keep it up with your works!

  4. Athrun Mar 27, 2005

    I'd give critics about the bg... but considering I've never done one, I don't think I can... anyway, it's not bad. But the scan quality seems kinda low. o_o; And man... that looks like some hard extraction. XD;;

  5. MoonlightEternity Mar 27, 2005

    hey i think the background turned out great! ^^ i can never get mine to have so many colours :|

    ok anyways about the actual wallpaper... it sorta looks like Toya is floating in mid air, cuz u dont really see the ground ^^'' plus, it seems like theres one section of the image that wasn't cut out properly... its like greyish part under his sword >< not sure about that one, cuz i haven't seen a pic of toya like that.

    awesome job! ^^ trc rules

  6. Paolo Mar 27, 2005

    i see wat u mean, pretty hard O_o. i looks good i dun see anything wrong here ^^

  7. darkwaterbunny Mar 27, 2005

    Nice wallpaper.
    Ok! I'll tell ya what to improve on, :P I like giving back feedback. The background is good!
    But really only the right side of it, the left, eh, the gray area looks kinda weird o_O. Maybe you should keep the sand theme with the sun coming out from the back and make sand blow, wow, that would be awsome. You might want to ask other members how they clean up scans (I dont know how ;-; sorry!). That way the scan would blend in better. Lovely sky ^_^ you did a wonderful job on that, just dont like the hand that you out to glow o_o why is it glowing??? Anyway, hope that helps! Maybe you should make a new wallpaper with the extraction so you can compare and its just a thought you dont have to listen to miss bunny here. Anyway, great job!

  8. Kazuya-chan Mar 29, 2005

    good wall slivermoon , pretty background and scan is veru good ++++fav

  9. Frosty Mar 31, 2005

    nice and pretty looking wall ^^
    very clean and nice overall, this is your best work yet. ;)
    great work on this piece. ^^
    +fav for a job well done.

  10. YugureKaze Mar 31, 2005

    very nice wall!
    the bg looks really nice behind the guy...is that guy sakura's older brother??
    well, anyway he looks really cool in that outfit and with that sword @_@
    wonderful work!
    keep up the great work!

  11. semanga Apr 03, 2005

    great sweety
    i love the soft colour sky it is the nice to my eyes and the scan i love this scan so much thanks so much sweety that you have make a so nice wall from this ^^

  12. chisana Apr 04, 2005

    Wow... such a great wallie!!! :D It looks so nice, my fav part of it is the sky! It's really beautiful, especially the clouds and the colors! :) Great job on it! Like the extrection as well! The only thing.. well... maybe you should put the scan just a little lower on the wallie. That's all! Nice wallie, it deserves a fav! Thanks for sharing it here!! :)

  13. SirMackerel Apr 13, 2005

    I always thought that Touya's sword in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle looked awesome..

  14. DarkSephiroth Apr 19, 2005

    Very cool character and I really like your BG. Its very nice and peaceful looking. Although its sorta odd the the background has such light and peaceful colors while the guy is dark but it still looks good.

  15. Bla-demer May 23, 2005

    Great. Good job. You rely are good.

  16. Habibah May 26, 2005

    The background is kinda simple, but it is so nice..!
    I like the position of the text..!
    And the feeling..
    Thanks for sharing..!!

  17. DancingBlades May 28, 2005

    Quote by Kazuya-changood wall slivermoon , pretty background and scan is veru good ++++fav

    Err... it seems that everyone said what I wanted to say... so... Great job! ^-^ (I think he's sexah)!

  18. TheClow Jun 04, 2005

    this is very cool wallpaper. Touya looked great with that sword. nice!

  19. sunku Jun 14, 2005

    WOow!!!!!!! Toya, very nice wallpaper it's so sooo cool!!!!!! XD

  20. KuroNeko Jul 04, 2005

    Ooo la la~ Touya-sama~ What a big sword you have~
    Your torturous efforts were not in vain. This is a superb wallpaper! Kudos~ ^^

  21. DaRkKaWaIiMaHa Restricted Member Jul 28, 2005

    wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow nice wall
    love it
    great job ^.~*

  22. merelie Aug 08, 2005

    anything tsubasa is so very welcome right now. i'm loving this series so much. i really like your use of light and colour play. :)

  23. nanapan Aug 22, 2005

    WoW!!!!!! very SMart!!! He Look great @!!! Thx for wallpaper ........^^

  24. EverInTheShadows Aug 25, 2005

    Ever: Toya!!!! He looks even cooler here than in the anime!!!

    Shadows: Well, actually it could be the artist took the picture and added the background...

    Ever: I don't care!!!! The picture and the background matches perfectly!!!!

    Shadows: i guess you're right.....

    Ever: Ha...i'm always right...(fingers crossed)

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