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Drawn for the MT Doujinshi competition: the MT noob! Just like my old english teacher says... "What's a virus?" Sorry I wasn't able to color it. =P

Haha, the little trophy on the left that the virus-teddybear is carrying is something for Akina ^_^.

To all of you - thanks for the support. I have really appreciated all the feedback that you have given me - it's what makes doujinshi so much fun. ^_^ Hope to see you around!

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  1. Stolen Mar 27, 2005

    Hey Evasion,

    Cool picture, especially love the shading you've done. It's really helped to colourise the picture without having coloured it! Expression is kawaii, and sort of reminds me of my ditzy moments ^^ such as 'peas on earth' etc.

    Beautiful flow of clothes, nice movement, cute little toys as well. I think this is quite cool ^^ good luck with the contest,

  2. Susan-chan Mar 27, 2005

    i agree with Stolen-chan:D this is a very nice drawing^^ and i prefer b&w pics than colored one:D

  3. Aa-chan Mar 27, 2005

    Well, the drawing is excellent and the character looks so sweet ^^ .
    Excellent and a favourite from me ^^ .

  4. Yina Mar 27, 2005

    that's really cute!! I like the pose of the girl espacially the hands!! +fav^^

  5. Kitaan Retired Moderator Mar 27, 2005

    very cute drawing evasion ^_^ I like the little creatures their adorable ^_^ nice job

  6. Yumi-Chan Mar 27, 2005

    ROFL this is so cute XD!!
    Hahahaha really good idea on this ^___^
    Awwww lucky Akina =P Bet she loves this ^-^~
    The sketch was really well done XD But I'd love to see the coloured versione one day ^o^
    *nods nods*.. marvelous job! keep up the great effort ^^

  7. levezzali Mar 27, 2005

    She's cute, she's sweet, she's completely noob!!! xd

    i wouldn't think on something funnier!!! well., congrats about this one evasion, very good! not only the art, but the concept!!

    Very good, congrats!

  8. Yoh Mar 27, 2005

    It looks great, also very funny! A virus? Cute? XD Very funny, hope to see a colored version! :nya:

  9. DayBreak Mar 27, 2005

    O.O im speechless...
    This is excellent piece of art!
    So detailed, i esp love the hair.
    I have nothing more to say but...a fav

  10. AkinaSpirit Mar 27, 2005

    Gosh :o
    Those virus teddy bears are soooo cute with their round eyes ^_^ Wouahhh~ teeheehee so this is the golden prize! I love it~ ^___^ Thankyou evasion! haha *hugs* The teddy bear is carrying something for me? Can I take the teddy bear with me as well as the trophy? *waltz away with the trophy n' virus teddy bear* Weeeee I can heal it ^_~

    Really nice detailed artwork O_o
    The girl is so cute and I like the sketchyness of it~
    Her dress is pretty too @_@ How did you draw the dress with detail... you weren't walking around shops looking at girls dresses were you?! ^o^ j/k
    A great entry to the doujin competition ~
    Weeeeeeee ~ now me runs away with the free virus teddy bear + trophy!! (>^^)> c(o_o)

  11. pinkangel Mar 29, 2005

    wow, I love it. She look so adorable. and the little teddy bear and sooooooooo cute too. Well, good luck in the competition. ^_^ cya around and I hope to see more drawing from you.

  12. belmikry Retired Moderator Mar 29, 2005

    fabulous!!! >_< [giggles] i love the n00b representation,. and of course- i bow to your supreme doujinshi talents!!!!! >_< awesome! ^_^

    instant fav, keep them up! more more! >_<

  13. GintheTwilightswords Mar 29, 2005

    Your technique is excellent man, I like the character style and everyhting. The girl is mage cute, I luv it ^uu^. Hmm, I have teachers that aisk dumb questions like that XD rofl . You drew the teddies for AkinaSpirit? They look cute ^uu^, and it looks like Akina luvs them too. Marvelous work Evasion :)

  14. frozenwilderness Mar 29, 2005

    ohh wow, that's a pretty picture! I love her outfit!
    haha that sounds like an mt noob to me.. dunno anything XD
    lovely work :)

  15. studio Mar 29, 2005

    Waa, so cute evasion!! ^-^ She is sooo adorable! And massive curves 0_0...
    Outfit is lovely too, and pencil lines are well done, as usual. ^-^
    Good luck with the comp too. *luffz**

  16. renato Mar 29, 2005

    *jaw drops*
    Damm thats uber cute!!! XD
    you have some seriously impressive drawing skills my friend ;)
    a virus-teddybear ...scary O_o! +fav

  17. Kiako Mar 29, 2005

    wow the drawing looks very beautiful, i like the position of the girl and the animals look so cute^^

  18. Anjeile Mar 29, 2005

    excellent art! i can't find any flaw in it! she looks so cute, and so are the little teddy bears. also, i love the shading u've done. it looks very realistic. i love it! i wish u the best of luck in the doujin competition. toodles! ^^

  19. Devilet Mar 29, 2005

    wow, I love your style evasion ^__^ it's so sketchy and nice, she is really cute XD
    lovely drawing much expected from such a talented artist, awwww, you should colour colour~
    + favie for me =D

  20. tiantito Mar 29, 2005

    sorry double post

  21. tiantito Mar 29, 2005

    great drawing
    now is just the cleaning
    and the cg or vectorizing of the drawing
    great job
    added to favs

  22. Frosty Mar 29, 2005

    wow!!! XD This is by far the best sketch art work I have seen from you evasion ^_^'
    It looks so cute and its just so dam nice. XD
    The shading work is so awesome as well, looks like you put alot of work and effort on this one.
    aww.. its oo cute.. *geting dizzy looking at it.* OX lol.. :nya:
    a+++ and +fav for just a fantistic awesome work. ^_^'

  23. Yura Mar 29, 2005

    super cute
    great charac and cute teddies
    i like ur techniq
    the clothes is great and great movement

  24. evasion Mar 30, 2005

    Hey everyone! Thanks so much for the feedback! I really appreciate it! *hugs all*. I'm sorry if it takes me quite some time to respond to your comments - but I will eventually ^_~. I enjoy reading all your comments! Although, MT can get pretty slowly in getting back to you ^_^. Thanks again!

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