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Key (Studio), Kanon, Mai Kawasumi Wallpaper
Key (Studio) Studio Kanon Series,Visual Novel Mai Kawasumi Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

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I remember Kash saying sumthing about not submitting walls for like 6 weeks last time...
mmm... lemme see mine... last submitted wallpaper... 10wks and 3 days ago... :D
Looks like I've bet him by a month! XD XD XD

Anywayz, I promised a new wall during the Easter break and here it is...
Not the best I've made, but it will do.. Personally, I don't like it that much... >___<
Well... about the wall...

Layers: about 16
Hours: um....4-5?? dunno...
Programs used: PS7 for most of it and Terragen for the mountains in the back (if you can see them! >__<)

Anywayz, hope you guys like the wall.
Comments and favs are always welcome (you guys know that, don't you?? XD)
Sorry I can't reply to every comments and favs... but thanks a lot. I really appreciate them.

More resolutions will be available at Antique. Fairy Tales http://antique.darkfaerytale.com/

PS - Oh ya, my bro was saying that the position of the moon and the shadings on the chara didn't make sense.. i told him "I don't care" :P I really had no idea how to fix it >__<

UPDATE! - I've fixed A LOT... well... the starscape might be a bit messy, but just to let you know.. it's an old starscape i did (which you guys have never seen :P).. the comets were redone and now look more realistic. The scan was sharpened a bit and the planets - i added a lil bit of colour so they don't look too repeated >___< and i changed the font a bit. HOPE it looks better. AND I WILL FIX MORE OVER THE WEEKENDS! >__<

Old version: http://img96.exs.cx/img96/8526/kanonawaiting4nk.jpg

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  1. Paolo Mar 27, 2005

    yay! *hugs big sis* its been so long T_T since u made a wallie. like how the bg is made here. and to think its only 16 layers. i like it ^^

  2. Deen Mar 27, 2005

    Euna-chan submit again and attract all people XD
    Good Work for nice wally

  3. meteorcloud Mar 27, 2005

    nice wallpaper euna ^_^~!
    the rocks looks nice =) the scan is nice too =)
    i like the big planet and that ring ^_^~! but but...the small...planet =O.....doesn't really fit...anda I think the shadow and highlight of the little planet isn't correct =O.....
    ow well...nice job ^_^~!
    keep the works euna =)

  4. Celessa Retired Moderator Mar 27, 2005

    For some reason, I just love the clarity of this wallpaper.

    None of that fog patching work, no sophisticated effects and constant strikings of those very unique brushes and the sorts - I hope not. lol - Just clean and clear, and under control. **Nods**

    The scan could probably do better with somebody else, but I'm not complaining.

    Eunasahng - Nice job! Sugoi! ^_^ - Keep up the great work.

  5. Tatsuya Mar 27, 2005

    nice background and good composition! indeed!
    thank for sharing and keep it up

  6. DarkEVO Mar 27, 2005

    Hey, nice wallpaper and very good background as well. Like the planets as well. +Fav.

  7. ShiroiLina Mar 27, 2005

    hey! long time no see! :D the bg is awesome! love how you did the planets *-* great wall! keep it up!! :D

  8. MadWiz Mar 27, 2005

    nice work on this one~ been a while yep!

    the scan is pretty nice~
    and I like the rock.. and those mountains~ yeh I can see them! XD
    another plus from me is the text font~ though I don't know about the title :X

    so now.. some critiques from me~ :P
    first, those falling stars.. I wonder how they can bend so much.. maybe they could.. but looks weird to me hehe~ The "head" could be brighter too.. seems too dim
    and another thing is the planet.. and its moon? or another planet :X you need to make them look more spherical, they look a bit flat and small one looks like a resized of the second one quite obviously :X I don't know if thats the idea though.. the shadow on the smaller one at the bottom right corner is wierd.. cause the black is between the orange surroundings and the planet/moon

    I guess thats enough rant from me :X hope you don't mind those critiques~ cause I find it easier to say what I don't like! its just how I decide things too~ eliminate..
    Keep up the good job too! And have a nice day anyway! ^^

  9. Criox Mar 27, 2005

    Well its so cool to me! Especially the planet and the stars, it looks beautiful! The color tat glows round the planet is veri mytic! onli thing tat bothers me is the falling stars! U could make it straighter. ^^; The scan tat u use is pretty well done though i do not noe wat anime it is. XD

    Edited: Yup! It looks much better! The falling stars is perfect! ^^

  10. shinta Mar 27, 2005

    Whhoooo wallpaper from Euna! Nice work on it! Rock formation looks really neat! The planet is...weird. ROFL But the rings are cool (coz I have a hard time making mine look like that rofl) I think the comets need to be a lot brighter too. The starscape can still be worked on if you're up to it. Hehehe! Great job sis Euna! ^__^

  11. shiwei Mar 27, 2005

    nice wallpaper u have make...
    like the background very much... and with 3 stars ^^
    the wording is great... *thumb up* +fav

  12. Kazuya-chan Mar 27, 2005

    good wall , that background so nice , and that idea so good , good job keep it up eunasahng-chan , soreja jana , see u again bye bye !

  13. Athrun Mar 27, 2005

    Oi, a wall from sister eunasahng... :O anyway the wallpaper pwns. Love the space BG and the mountains fit in well. The particular one she's standing on looks cartoonish. :O The comets are cool, but they don't really stand out, since they kinda look dead. lol

  14. mentis Mar 27, 2005

    :nya: Beautiful image eunah!!! Your composition is excellent here, and the atmosphere is wonderful as well.

    :nerd: My only suggestion would be to pay attention to the lighting in this particular scene, as the character is lit from the opposite side that the planets are lit from. But it doesn't detract from the piece, it's just a little tip, he he. Well done!!!

  15. ayanechan Mar 27, 2005

    i think if you flipped the char horizontally.. it'll look better.. meaning she'd be facing the planet.. and the lighting for some reason, just isn't right :X i too can't seem to find out what is wrong.. lol ^___^ but great job on it anyways :3 the planet looks beautiful!

  16. kai81220 Mar 27, 2005

    its a planet wall!! i love those! lol im biased towards these kind of walls XD the planet is nicely done and i like the rings. the comets are nicely done too =P although maybe you could have fliped her facing the other way might be more effective. edit the image by flipping horizontally.

    awesome job!! planets rock!!! XD XD XD

  17. Yina Mar 27, 2005

    I like the rock where the girl is standing and the planets on the bg... the fog gives the wallie a touch of mystery, really great work +fav

  18. Sandra Mar 27, 2005

    Yaaay like Paolo saids ;) Great wallie ! I love the view you made and chara looks preety too !

  19. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Mar 27, 2005

    unnii unnii~

    FINALLY yu made a wallie .. xD now saki gots to poke pinkiiee and yune alive ..

    okiiee dokiieee ... saki's pointers!! *-* roflz .. >.> dont run away unnnii .. ;_;

    the scan looks bad .. >.> it looks like it's been blurred too many times .. xD and stretched out .. butbut if yu change the blurred layer's capacity!! ITD LOOK GOOD!!

    mountains rock~ font sucks .. xD ill send yu sum of my great fonts .. xD xD cuz it looks like a word .... scrunched up .. :3

    starfields = good and comets = good .. xD

    .. ... mountains rock! *-*

  20. darkwaterbunny Mar 27, 2005

    !!! eunasahng made another wallie!!! <3 yeah!!!
    I love it! Very nice ^_~ but...the shooting stars kinda look like tadpols...*forget I said it*...
    But everything else is just great!!! I love the space theme and the way everything comes together!! Great job!!

  21. broken-dreamz Mar 27, 2005

    wow it looks really prettieeeeee enuasahng-chyann~~~ the planet is too =3!!~~

  22. heavens-Dragon Mar 27, 2005

    Wowies! Wonderful work once again! I love the concept and the texture on the planets is really awesome! Looks so realistic! I love the background too! The mountains in the back are really nicely done! Great work eunasahng!

  23. UndyingShadow Mar 27, 2005

    awesome bg, the comets looks great and you did a good job adding that ring to the planet. great use of the scan. nice wall!

  24. Mordin Mar 27, 2005

    hey nice wallie sis euna, the texture is very nice, and my lord what a beautiful bg, the color theme is amazing. The blending looks good, and the mist create a great mood on this wallie. I like the planet, their alignment is fine, I don't see anything wrong about them. good job sis. :)

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