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Meet Melchior, Gaspar and Balthazar. ROFL! Someone asked me to make a space bg for a Starfire image (Teen Titans) she wanted. Anyways, this is the BG I made. I made the light the point of the whole BG and made the planets from there. Then make the starscape and brushed a little here, blurred a little there, erased a whole lot of those damn dots...to make the atmosphere of space. Of course thanks to Greg Martin for the tutorial. ROFL, I bet everyone's just tired of hearing his name...ntm space bgs. >_<

Silhouette of a girl in the text is actually Starfire! Buahahahaha!
Oh yeah. My first 1600x1200 wallpaper! Happy Easter everyone!

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  1. Mordin Mar 27, 2005

    Hey shinta, so this is your new wallie, very nice :) It was worth the wait. :) The bg is very nice, I can see the lining of the planets are actually correct, and i really like the color effect of your sun. This is a very nice work, and thank you for such nice Easter present. :)

  2. euna Retired Moderator Mar 27, 2005

    sista shinta~~~ wow!! O____O
    Awesome... <------ first thought...
    This looks fantastic!
    I like the perspective and how you put that zoom effect... looks so so cool!!!
    I wubb the colours and everything..
    that lil planet at the left top corner looks cute :D
    VEry nice.. I gotta fac this!

  3. meteorcloud Mar 27, 2005

    ..... ._. sugoi...sugoi +_+~!!!
    shinta made a great wallpaper =D~!
    the clean work....detailed and nice =)
    keep the works ^_^"...

  4. dans Mar 27, 2005

    zomg !! really good. the text, and the bg look awesome.
    very nice work. instant fav. :D

  5. Kazuya-chan Mar 27, 2005

    wow nice shinta-chan , so good that wall is perfact , good job , thank for that wall soreja bye bye !

  6. Athrun Mar 27, 2005

    Woah... nice... it kicks ass... Love the colors and starscape. Starfire's silhiloutte is a pretty cool addition as well. And happy Easter! XD

  7. ded113 Mar 27, 2005

    Star fire!! Cool intergalactic wall!! The colors and the planest are well used and made. Its worth the wait!

  8. Sandra Mar 27, 2005

    Nice view i can see here :D And i like it very much ! Nice wall really Sandra likes it :D

  9. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Mar 27, 2005


    ne neee~ shintiiieee .. it looks like real space .. xD
    *JUMPS IN AND floats around* @__________@

  10. Haia Mar 27, 2005

    oh lalala!!! I love this starfield!!! Look at those planets!!! Interesting concept.........it's like something just blew up or something! Kawaiiiiiii~~~!!! Thanks for sharing this! +fav

  11. itsDchlorine Mar 27, 2005

    hey shinta great work, but the planet with the ring aroudn it there seems to be a piece of misplaced ring, but the whole thing looks awesome, ^^ great job +fav ^^

  12. skysong Mar 27, 2005

    ooo very cool space wall! The detail is just so amazing, down to each planet and galaxy in it^^ it looks very cool! Nice lighting effects as well! wow, its soo cool to look at^^ Great work!

  13. StarCentury Mar 28, 2005

    Where the hell have U been, shinta? T_T I missed you and your meeping! ^_^' BTW, awesome space wallie, ooooh and it has Starfire too? Cool, Teen Titans is my fav action cartoon series! XD The planets look very realistic and it feels like it's being pulled by the very bright nova on the far right, which is a very cool concept in my honest opinion! Man, I gotta show this to my kawaii sista, Starfire! She'll love it so much! ;) Oh yeah, great work shinta! It's so nice to get to see you back on MT again! :)

  14. kenzuke Mar 30, 2005

    First 1200x 1600?! rofl... ^_^' .....Anyway, your wall Rocks!!..hehehe.....hmmm...The details are kewl....fav as usual....:)

    >_> ..wish it was vacation already so I could also make wallies.... T_T

  15. Juclesia Mar 30, 2005

    hy....i like it very much and the resolution is great XD big enough for my screene *happy*

  16. GintheTwilightswords Mar 31, 2005

    In space, no one can hear you break wind, lmao XD . Sorry for that XP . Anyway, this wall looks wonderfully, the planets are very goregous and the resolutin is great. Plus, I like the lil Starfire Silhouette behind the text. Excellent work Shinta-san ^uu^ .

  17. gundex Apr 01, 2005

    ahhh wow space is always the best scenery... very beautiful shinta-san... i like it a lot... thanx a lot for the awesome wallie.... :D

  18. JEG-DE Apr 02, 2005

    impressive, nice resolution too, finally something i can put on my desktop

  19. Kerox Apr 02, 2005

    Wooooow !!! :o
    It's gorgeous !!! the background with stars, planets... Great !!

    Good work

  20. chibicow Apr 03, 2005

    Wow! What an awesome new beaut' wall ready for my desktop! Nice work on the star field, excellent detail and the planets look cool - could just "maybe" be a "bit" better, but its all good! Good Job, +favs!

  21. miharu- Apr 04, 2005

    Cool! I like it. The planets are great, and I really like Silhouette of Starfire! :nya: Anyway, Great wallpaper!

  22. cremp Apr 10, 2005

    very nice . . . :)

    space . .much space ;)

  23. cremp Apr 10, 2005

    very nice . . . :)

    space . .much space ;)

    damn fire fox. . .sry for the double post . .

  24. lordfurby Apr 29, 2005

    I love the sense of motion you can feel in this art. Thank you for sharing.

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