Gift (Series) Wallpaper: Drops Of Jupiter

Mitha, Gift (Series), Riko Fukamine Wallpaper
Mitha Mangaka Gift (Series) Series,Visual Novel Riko Fukamine Character

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Artist Comment

Allright, wallpaper #8.

As the title suggests this wallie has been inspired by Train's song "Drops Of Jupiter". I really didn't plan to draw this (I was working on a totally different wallpaper that will probably be submitted next week), but I've kinda "had to" do it after my mother saw my previous wallpaper Valhalla. She liked the starfield/sky and almost begged me to draw one of the same kind just for her desktop -_- . So I ended up making this one ^^ but I thought that I would share it Minitokyo's community :)

So as you can see, it's a starfield! Heh, I know it's everything but original, but I actually tried to do my best since I am a total newbie (second wall featuring a starfield). Anyway props to Greg Martin for the wonderful articles and tutorials for starfields and props to Shinta for the tutorial on comets @ Imanimations.


[Edit] I've fixed a bit the three comets and retouched the scan, thanks to jackalx66 for the input!

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  1. sukie Mar 26, 2005

    i just LOVE the background...the moon is nice and the stars are soooo cute....and bright...nice scan...*fav*

  2. UnknownFact Mar 26, 2005

    Yes it's cool thanx 4 sharing
    (nex time put the char. on the left :p )
    but really, it is very good

  3. Shinobu13 Banned Member Mar 26, 2005

    hum really nice your wall, but it seems like your old wall, but the starfield is really nice and the planet are well done
    great job man :)

  4. ocelotisun Mar 26, 2005

    Wow... Very nice ShiNN84... :D ... The starfield and the planets are great! ... Greg Martin Articles are awesome... aren't they? ... :D I just love his work... :) ... Anyway ... lol... Got a little off there... :D ... sorry... I like the fact that you put the girl sitting on the "rock" and didn't put too much glow on her... I think it's something different for "celestial wallpaper"... Well, great work as always... Ooh... almost forgot... Happy Easter.. :hugs: ... :D ... Take care... :waves:

  5. Haia Mar 26, 2005

    This is such a great starfield wallpaper! I love the girl........she's so kawaii~~~~!!! Thanks for sharing this to us!!! although I kinda feel the left side very empty.....dunno why? Anyway, still good work of art Keep it up!!! +fav

  6. Stolen Mar 26, 2005

    Aww, its gorgeous. Definite fave for me.

    I don't care if most star scapes and what not aren't original, this one still has a lot of character behind it, and although it might not seem like it, there is still planning, effort and time gone into it, so I will go through what I think of this wallpaper, no matter if you say it is original or not ^_^

    The song is a beautiful song, and this is a beautiful scan you've used for this wallpaper. It really fits in with the red colour scheme you have, and since jupiter has such a deep colour to it, it really matches very well with it. The sparkles and the stars seem to really encompass how huuuuuge the galaxy is, and just how many stars people are dreaming upon. Girl is beautifully extracted, and although she's slightly see through, its a nice touch, just like she is dreaming about being up there or something. Totally believable ^_^

    The rocks and the planets have a most awesome texture to them, and this really helps with the realism of the picture, it has a nice texture, it has some movement (Comets) it has a lot of character and depth. It has everythign a good wallpaper could possibly want.

    The writing really suits it, because its the kinda writing you expect to woosh out, like a comet, and really fits in (well, it is a star scape!).

    I'm just taken back by the colours, they are so beautiful @_@ all the reds, pinks and oranges, the blending, the vastness...very pretty.

    I can't believe this is your second star scape, its so amazing. Congratulations! ^_^ I'm so happy with this. I am actually that amazed with it, its awesome!

    Thank you for submitting it! *hugs*

  7. Barbara Mar 26, 2005

    That's very nice wallpaper, the bg looks so good, everything goes really well together. Nice job, keep it up :)

  8. Celessa Retired Moderator Mar 26, 2005

    The atmosphere is definitely amazing. You know, sitting on those rocks has got to be uncomfortable. How is she sitting there all relaxed when you know humans can't breathe in space? lol

    Use your imagination - I know, I know. I just can't help saying that. ROFL

    Anyhou, I love the red atmosphere and the way you placed the planets and the stars randomly in the sky - magnifique. Go Shinn go!

    Guess the n00b title should be appropriately upgraded to the Wall Masher Title. Haha! Until then, you keep up the great work. **Grumbles over her morning order** Yeah, yeah, its the morning, I know. **Snickers**

  9. shiwei Mar 26, 2005

    wow... this starfield walls is awesome....
    i love the background very much and she cute... the blending is good,
    keep it up... hope to see ur great walls again .. ^^
    add to my fav...

  10. kai81220 Mar 26, 2005

    wow nice scene wall O.O its so cool! all the scenes are so realistic and done amazing! the little rocks just add to the realism! awesome job! ^^

  11. ElaniMoonstaf Mar 27, 2005

    Wow, that spacey background is awesome, and the scan is so cute XD Great wallie!

  12. Tatsuya Mar 27, 2005

    wow, nice star-field background and the planet is nice too, good job!
    thank for sharing and keep it up

  13. chingetscook Mar 27, 2005

    Haha at the comment about your mother made you do it, I know just how that goes. Well anyway, I am glad your mom did make you do it because it is a very nice wall. Added to favorites.

  14. anji Mar 27, 2005

    Oh That's a sweet wall!
    I have to say I prefere this one to your other stars field.
    I like the idea of the girl on the meteor.
    Everythings seems to work well togethere in this.
    Thanks for sharing ^_^

  15. zaira Mar 27, 2005

    wow!! this one is nice!! i like the spacey bg!! those comets are sooo cute! the scan is also cute! this wall is great!!+fav!

  16. Kiako Mar 27, 2005

    hej great wallpaper, i like it the composition of it and the way it looks, the background and the position of the girl.
    keep it up

  17. cygnus Mar 27, 2005

    Awesome bg! Except the girl... ^^' maybe you can get rid of the girl and put the plain bg as the stand-alone wall ^^

  18. cygnus Mar 27, 2005

    Sorry double post ^^'

  19. nekohana Mar 27, 2005

    Yay! More fantastic work by ShiNN! I love the bg and how its a mixture of colors! Keep up the good work(u roc^^) `~fav~

  20. Susan-chan Mar 27, 2005

    what can i write?? the quality is very good, the planets looks very nice, the spacescene become very nice too and the scan is very pretty:D

  21. asianspirit Mar 27, 2005

    ah, man! it's all your fault, shin! you made another cool wallpaper! XD

    this wall looks better than the other one, though. i think it's because it's mostly about the sky, stars and planets. it's all too pretty!

    you're terrible, shin! you're making me fav-ing it again! XD darn you! haha. and by the way, drops of jupiter is a cool song!

  22. chibi-kyo Mar 29, 2005

    I like it, the typo could be better, but the background is really nice and I like the girl floating in the space on this meteor XD

  23. Ying Mar 29, 2005

    You're just getting better and better! :)
    Love the way you made all the different colors blend together.
    Did your mother like it? ;)

  24. tiantito Mar 29, 2005

    great starfield
    the planets and the lightning is great
    but again i dont know about the color...
    well for me i would have done it in blue.. but is just me...
    great job anyway
    added to favs

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