Anime Wallpaper: Chaotic Serenity

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1024x768 Wallpaper

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Just thought of cooking up a wall again. I had an urge to it.

I think it came out quite nice, but busy as usual. Your eyes gets strained watching it O.o

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  1. sukie Mar 26, 2005

    wow the colours are sooooooooooooooooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep it up...*fav*

  2. Haia Mar 26, 2005

    I love this wallpaper! I like how busy it is........the color mixture looks g@@d! The girl looks so techno and I just worship it!!! Thanks you for sharing it!!! Keep up the great work!!! Kyaaaa~~~!!!!! +fav

  3. FALH Mar 26, 2005

    nice color...warm color
    very nice bg
    i love it....very good job


  4. Stolen Mar 26, 2005

    Hey Massive!

    I see what you mean by chaotic ^_^" theres quite a lot to it, and a lot of detail over one side of the image. The colours are beautiful though, makes it look kinda cyber-ish, and futuristic though.

    Scan I have seen before, but its cool in different contexts! Extraction is nice, especially around the sword where you have elaborated, which looks like a sudden explosion of different things! The modern futuristic parts in the background really give it a surreal look, and really help to edge off this picture's context, considering the girl looks quite like she could be froma mecha anime.

    The smokey bits really help to encourage a sense of heat - the crazy light particles you've added, and the white blotches and lines - the smoke makes it feel like theres a lot of light coming off these bits, like they're so hot they're that white. Crazy idea, I know,but its kinda what I'm getting from it!

    The little sparkles you have added are a nice touch, and add a little more detail to it.
    Very very detailed, I'm not sure I can cover everything. A real nice submission, encourages lots of different emotions and ideas from it.

    Thank you for submitting it, and keep up the good work,

  5. UnknownFact Mar 26, 2005

    like it...but what a device!!! we humans like voluptuosity huh?? ^^'

  6. Ichiru Mar 26, 2005

    The colors and blending are very nice, as with the character you chose to put in the wall, great job with this one.

  7. Shinobu13 Banned Member Mar 26, 2005

    awesome this wall, all blend together
    really good job
    of course to my fav ;)

  8. darkwaterbunny Mar 26, 2005

    Very nice! I like how all the colors blend XD
    Nice choice of scan, really fits in with evertything else.
    Nice effects too!! Everything looks so greaT ^-^
    Wonderful job!!

  9. pegassuss Mar 26, 2005

    Beautiful wall! ^^ I love the colors! and all blends together so nicely! ^^ yep, nice background. I also love the scan :) Great work!

  10. Mitsu Mar 26, 2005

    lol. Very good!!! I like the effects you put into it. (It dos make my eye a little dazzle into it...) Keep it up!! your not bad at all.. Well cyea.

  11. ElaniMoonstaf Mar 26, 2005

    That's coolies!!! I really like the colors.....Great Job!!!!!!!!!

  12. Rella Mar 27, 2005

    This wallpaper looks really nice. The colors and effects in the back looks really nice. Well done! ^_^

  13. bucket-shot Mar 27, 2005

    Massive-san! XD Long time no see.

    Ahh~ pretty wall. :) Though, contrary to what you seem to think, I actually find it rather soothing on the eyes. XD Hehe~ must be the colours. I love purple/blueness.. and those colour overlay effects in general~<3 Love the level of your detail - it makes the image all the more surreal, and it compliments the fine lines of the scan's image perfectly. Ah! That said, most of all: very nice integration of the scan into the bg proper. ;) Great work!

    (btw, is that font Deadly English..? XD it's awesome~<3)

  14. ShiNN Mar 27, 2005

    Very nice abstract wallpaper. No flaws at all and airbrushing is very convincing and well done. Good job :)

  15. Susan-chan Mar 27, 2005

    woow^^ the backgroundeffects looks great^^ i like those modern lines and the colors are cool:)

  16. Electrastar Mar 27, 2005

    I adore the colors, they blend in so well with each other and the character is very well chosen, looks likes she's on stage giving a concert or something. Very good massive.

  17. Asahi Apr 06, 2005

    i only dont like your font-style on it the rest is very nice colorfull work ! like the abstract art in the background =) . keep it up

  18. AnimeGoddess Apr 24, 2005

    i reallllllllyyyyyy luv this one!!! definitly! i love the colors you picked for it and its so very....hmmm how should i say it?????? shiny XD

  19. Chobiits May 07, 2005

    This girl and her pic sword is just cool.
    With those 2 colour effect added to it, its even better.
    Nice wallpaper, thanks for sharing.

  20. spektro Oct 12, 2005

    fantasctic and great wallpaper....efectos muy buenos que le dan un muy buen toque a la imagen....


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