Fullmetal Alchemist Wallpaper: FMA - Never Look Back

Hiromu Arakawa, BONES, Fullmetal Alchemist, Alphonse Elric Wallpaper
Hiromu Arakawa Mangaka BONES Studio Fullmetal Alchemist Series Alphonse Elric Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Poor Al doesn't get enough of his own wallpapers so here's my contribution to him. I'm surprised at how well this wallpaper came out considering the size of the original image. First, I vectorized Al as best as I could and looked at some other photos as references for detail. I didn't want anything too fancy for the background, so I made a grass texture with my own modifications of course, and added some dandelions and a few patches of bladed grass. The title Never Look Back came from the second opening song, "Ready Steady Go" by L'Arc-en-Ciel.

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  1. Haia Mar 26, 2005

    Nice concept you have here..........and indeed, there's not many Al walls out there! I love his shadow and I didn't noticed it but just after I stared at it for awhile. Thanks for giving tribute to the underrated brother! thanks for sharing this to us also....Great job! Keep it up! +fav

  2. darkwaterbunny Mar 26, 2005

    Wow! I love it! The concept is great and Haia is right, not a lot of Al wallpapers, just a bunch of Ed's...but anyway, I like it! Its a nice theme, I would just recommend working a bit more on the grass, looks a little weird. But anyway, great job!

  3. FALH Mar 26, 2005

    hmmm nice
    but the shadow of Al is not dark enough...well a very good wall


  4. luckycharm Mar 26, 2005

    That is the cutest wallpaper of Al, ever. Personally, it's the best i've seen. I would love to see a larger scan of the original image. Very good work luna. *puts to favs and desktop*

  5. ElaniMoonstaf Mar 26, 2005

    Oo that's really cute....and yet sad XD Very zgood Wallie!! ::addy to favs::

  6. TinoLee Banned Member Mar 27, 2005

    It's so cute and nice! XD I like the background, as a green grass.
    Well done!^__^

  7. kaolla-kake Mar 27, 2005

    I love this sooo much. Al is such a sweetheart! This is a really awesome wallie, of course I'm putting it on my desktop (as well as my favs ^__^)! You've really made my day with this cute/beautiful wall! Thanks for sharing luna-chan!!

  8. KevLar Mar 27, 2005

    This wins. Great work with the scan and grass. This is the best wall focused on Al that i've seen. Great work, keep it up.

  9. Susan-chan Mar 27, 2005

    what a lovely wallpaper^^ the grass looks great and the scan is sweet^^

  10. d611691 Mar 31, 2005

    Nice vector. :) Little Al is so cute that I can't remove my eye from him. o_O Thanks for the contribution of Al. XD I love this wall so much, thanks again. ^O^

  11. Electrastar Mar 31, 2005

    Lemme say this like a Japanese school girl...KAWAIIIII

    This is so cute. Great vector and texture and a wonderful tribute to the gentle soul that is Alphonse. And he looks so innocent in it as well. Beautiful.

  12. Patty-chan Apr 02, 2005

    WoW *_____________* It's marvellous! Really, really good! Yeah, there aren't enough Alphonse wallpapers out there... but this one is definetly worth it!

  13. lin1011 Apr 02, 2005

    Whoa, great job! The shadow behind Al is very nicely drawn, and I like the expression on his face.

  14. DarkCyradis Apr 04, 2005

    Aww, that's a lovely wallpaper! What a dramatic image... armor Al's posture here is so proud, so strong... that's what our cuddly, baby Al is really like, I'd say. He's meant to grow into that strength and steel... (well, not literally being made of steel, but~~) ^^ Good job!

  15. Asahi Apr 08, 2005

    very good work ! the concept with his shadow is great. nice perspective too <3 . good job done, get a fav ^^

  16. charmyc Apr 09, 2005

    Wow it's really an amazing idea you got there ^^ nice job ^^ the idea is simple but it turned out pretty good keep it up

  17. Elves Apr 19, 2005

    I think that your title is right on par. That is such a neat idea to have his shadow be the armor. I really like how you decided to go with a full grass background, but how about some varying legnth to the grass or is Al in a neatly manicured lawn? ;) No matter, it's a personal preference anyway. I just thought that it would help to break up the background somewhat. Also maybe put a little glow to your logo, it's lost in all the grass and that would help it to stand out. I still really like the concept of your wall and it's really well composed.

  18. melfice Apr 19, 2005

    The shadow is really funny XD yeah, poor Al, getting converted into that huge armor.

  19. Firefly Apr 20, 2005

    such an amazing wall!
    is there another for Ed?
    like the angle of it too!

  20. Shinta-chan Apr 21, 2005

    Ahhh...It sooo cute ^^
    Where do you get such good scans?!
    The shadow of the wall is very cool. Good Work!

  21. Skillzpay Apr 25, 2005

    Wow, love this concept, just wish that the shadow wasn't so flat and solid. You certainly deserve props for how you pulled off the grass and for the difficult perspective of this wall.
    Great stuff again from you and definitely fav worthy.

  22. glamdring Apr 30, 2005

    wooooow very beautiful wallapaper very good work my friend thanks a lot !!

  23. FutureGirlie May 15, 2005

    w0000t~!! I see Edward everywhere.. its great that you made one of Alphonse :) Really cool.. so cute.. thanks for sharing~~!!!! :d:d:d I like it very much.. That shadow.. heh.. cool :)

  24. RabienRose May 23, 2005

    hey this is a really good wall. i like how u showed the shadow of al in the suit of armor apposed to himself as a regular kid! good job!

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