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Hiromu Arakawa, BONES, Fullmetal Alchemist, Roy Mustang, Vector Art Wallpaper
Hiromu Arakawa Mangaka BONES Studio Fullmetal Alchemist Series Roy Mustang Character Vector Art Source

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I wanted to make a Roy wall cause I don't often see many of those. So here I was lookin through the gallery and I saw this cute pic of Roy and Ed. Of course the quality wasn't good so I vectored it. And I liked how it turns out. So I wanted to make a scenery. So a combined stock sunset and clouds and some effects ot get the sky and a town shilthouse. Thats all. Well and for the title, it's from Evangelion's ' When I Find Peace of Mind.' Very soothing to listen.

More resolutions at imanimetions.net soon.

EDIT: so I decided to add the sakura trees ppl been askin about. So I did.

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  1. Evanrued Mar 25, 2005

    I believe that the vector of the original image you did is perfect. I see no flaw nor mistake. And I love the expression on his face, it makes me feel sorrow for some reason. But kinda in a good way. Strange yet. And to note the background, it ties with the vector so well. I love the street lamp, and the sky is ever so enchanting, I love the texture of the clouds and the colors blended so well to make is seem so real. The trees are a lovely tribute. They suit the wall well, and look good with the street lamp. Completly a perfect and amazing wall. Cant wait to see another one.

  2. wakkoloco Mar 25, 2005

    Its a good wall i hadnt watch the serie yet but somebody told me is a really gore one so is rare for me to see a wall so calm of the serie

  3. wildarmsheero Mar 25, 2005

    I like the way Roy looks in this one. The expression looks very real. Very well done, indeed.

  4. artgeek12 Mar 25, 2005

    A very nice vector. Just what I expect to see from ded113! The sharp edges and clarity of Roy go well against the slight blurriness and darkness of the BG. All the colors within the wall (both the BG and the scan both) are dark but not too much so. They are all very consistant with the the color scheme found at dusk.

    i think my favorite part of this wall (although probably minimal) is the way you created the title. The technique that you used for the "Fullmetal Alchemist" and the "when I find peace of mind" is very simple and elegant. It's a nice little touch that adds some class to this wall. Although I like the Ed wall, i think you've done better with this one. :)

  5. bromithia Retired Moderator Mar 25, 2005

    Woow. Nice work Ded! I love the vector work on Roy *<3<3<3*, and the backround matches perfectly. The lamps look nice, they blend in very well. I can tell you put lots of effort into this, which is really good.

    Keep up the good work!

  6. irian Mar 25, 2005

    Your vectoring skills never cease to amaze me. Roy looks incredible. The stock you used for the background suits the image very nicely. It achieves a very moody and melancholic atmosphere.

  7. XDarkDestinyX Mar 25, 2005

    kai!! I love your vectoring here, so smooth and clean~ The wallie is amazing with the mixes of color~ It's such a calming wallie... ^.^ Great job with this!! ^.^

  8. shinta Mar 25, 2005

    OOOOOoooooooo!!! Purdy!!! I like the atmostphere! Ya should've released this last Valentine's Day. ROFL >_<

  9. DarkEVO Mar 25, 2005

    Nicely done wallpaper. The background is nice and attractive. Fits perfect. +Fav.

  10. jackie-lyn Mar 25, 2005

    Wow, looks so nice. The first word that crosses my mind when I see this wallie is "serene". Really soothes my mind. Roy's kinda cute too. A great job done.

  11. gadgetgirl16 Mar 25, 2005

    that is verry beautiful! i love the sunset colors and the city lights.....good job! *savs to favs*

  12. Kazuya-chan Mar 25, 2005

    good wall , sugoi desu ded113 !!!
    that bg is nice ^_^ i like it ,
    keep iy up u wall can make more cool ^_^
    soreja jana ( see ya ) ^_^

  13. AkinaSpirit Mar 25, 2005

    Pretty colours and nice scenery ded! :D
    Me likes the atmosphere ^^

  14. DayBreak Mar 25, 2005

    The Vectoring on ROY is perfect.
    But the bg it self..not so close.
    The sky is great, but the trees are kinda distracting,
    and the low quality building is low quality..
    Maybe you chould of turned those black trees into a... Well amde cherry blossoms.
    and vector those buildings..than its good.
    Great job.

  15. Electrastar Mar 25, 2005

    Thank you so much for this. I'm a total Roy fangirl and I loved the original image of this so the vector looks clean and perfect. He looks so sweet in the image and the backround you created is very nice, it almost looks like he's walking in the streets of Central City delivering flowers during a beautiful sunset to that special someone (and I'm only guessing who that could be).
    Basically, this wallpaper is beautiful and you're right, we don't see too many wallpapers of Roy around, he should get more attention,after all, he's the second most popular character in the polls of the fma manga and he's number one in my heart :D

  16. StarCentury Mar 25, 2005

    I never knew Roy Mustang can be very romantic! X) BTW, the stock images you chose for this wallie are clever, and give off so much class like artgeek stated! ^___^ Plus, the vector of Roy looks very well drawn and fits the scenery lovely! No wonder U have the hots for him, deddy! ^^; Nice work! ^_~U

  17. skysong Mar 25, 2005

    hehe, i bet those roses are for me!! lol, just kidding^^ Great job on this wall Ded! I just love it! The bg is so pretty, with the soft colors of sky, and the beautiful scenery, it looks soo cool^^ and Roy being in it makes it even better!! :D

  18. lunaregina Mar 26, 2005

    Roy is so sweet and cute! Great job on the vector ded! I love how you combined stock with vectoring. ^^ Looks like he's bringing roses to his date... Shadowdude has a point about the sakura trees though - they would add more of a romantic air to the wallpaper.

  19. lialiakicks Mar 27, 2005

    *drools* Wow, that wallpaper is SO adorable!!! =^^= Oh, and adding the sakura trees was an excellent idea. Keep up the good work! :3

  20. lialiakicks Mar 27, 2005

    *drools* Wow, that wallpaper is SO adorable!!! =^^= Oh, and adding the sakura trees was an excellent idea. Keep up the good work! :3

  21. youngdo Mar 27, 2005

    Great job~~
    Roy is really cool in this pic~
    Thanks for your sharing very much~

  22. Patty-chan Apr 01, 2005

    Oh, boy, Wish Mustang would give me those flowers... but I now It's hawkeye that really deserves them XD (and I think that he wants to give them to Ed, but, anyway... XP)

  23. tiredofwired4 Apr 02, 2005

    i love it. So perfect in every way. It would be great to see another similar one, this time with ed in teh picture as well... maybe change the name on the card to "roy" (hehehe).... maybe change the date on teh calander to february.... (mwahahahah)- please pardone the fangirl in me. This wall is perfect. I love the feeling, I have it up right now. Very calming.

  24. erikipikis Apr 05, 2005

    thisone is great!!!..thanks so much for share this...
    Roy is just amasing...

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