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hi hi! Kaolla here with another wallie called Same Direction. This feature some concept art from Hyung Tae Kim-sensai. I love the way this wallie came out! It's so pretty in my opinion. Anywho, I found this piccy from http://hyungtae-kim.org and I loved it from the second I saw it! I love the little girl. I named it "Same Direction" after the Hoobastank song (If you haven't listened to it, please do. It's awesome). It kind of goes along with the song too. I interpreted the pic as two girls going somewhere but not really knowing where they're going. The background is kind of like their oblivious mind. Not knowing where they are, what they are doing. Took me 5 hours to make the bg and I couldn't be happier. It took roughly 55-60 layers because I wanted the whole grungy/industrial look. All the brushing, gradients, erasing, re-doing...all for the best I hope!! If you all want to get a better feel for the meaning of the name, here are the lyrics for same direction (this was ShinN's idea, thanks ShinN!!). I hope you guys like it!

Same Direction
whenever i step outside, somebody claims to see the light
it seems to me that all of us have lost our patience.
'cause everyone thinks they're right, and nobody thinks that there just might
be more than one road to our final destination

but i'm not ever going to know if i'm right or wrong
'cause we're all going in the same direction
and i'm not sure which way to go because all along
we've been going in the same direction

i'm tired of playing games, of looking for someone else to blame
for all the holes in answers that are clearly showing
for something to fill the space, was all of the time i spent a waste
'cause so many choices point the same way i was going.....

but i'm not ever going to know if i'm right or wrong
'cause we're all going in the same direction
and i'm not sure which way to go because all along
we've been going in the same direction

going in the same direction Oh

same direction Oh

so why does there only have to be one correct philosophy?
i don't want to go and follow you just to end up like one of them
and why are you always telling me what you want me to believe?
i'd like to think that i can go my own way and meet you in the end.

but i'm not ever going to know..........

if i'm right or wrong
'cause we're all going in the same direction
and i'm not sure which way to go because all along
we've been going in the same direction

going in the same direction

going in the same direction Oh

same direction Oh

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  1. Haia Mar 25, 2005

    This wallpaper have a great angle to it! Loving the characters.....and the background is just 0.0 .......flawless man. Props! Thanks for sharing this art to us! +fav

  2. lunaregina Mar 25, 2005

    OMG kaolla-kake! This is so gorgeous! I love the color scheme and the background blending is superb! The only things I would change are the boxes with the x marks in them... they remind me too much of letter envelopes. ^^; Perhaps the text could be smaller too, but other than that, stunning job! I can't wait to see more of your wallpapers. ^_~

  3. MS0B9 Mar 25, 2005

    Great wall like always kaolla-kake!!! And like all the other walls I'm adding to favs!!!

  4. tiantito Mar 25, 2005

    It looks awesome
    i would have set the opacity of the things on the left a bit lower but the bg is really good
    great job here
    added to favorites

  5. kai81220 Mar 25, 2005

    wah!! kaolla you did a wall using his art too? T.T im not finished mines yet and my wall is completely annhilated by yours.

    but i really like this wall! effects are done amazingly! the scan choice fits really well with the bg. its very well done ^^ +fav

  6. LastDeuS Mar 25, 2005

    Awesome wall and that bg, was totally worth those hours
    As for hoobastank, i'm a fan so *speechless* your wall fully relates to the song.
    the scan?^^great choice. +fav

  7. Susan-chan Mar 25, 2005

    coool wally^^ i really like the effects, the scan, how did u use the image^^

  8. DarkEVO Mar 25, 2005

    Cool wallpaper. Dark, grungy and techie. Really fits well for this wallpaper. +Fav.

  9. ShiNN Mar 25, 2005


    This is really a nice improvement kaolla-chan ^^. There's really nothing wrong with this wallpaper :).

  10. Midori-chan Mar 25, 2005

    wow! this is really good! sugoi!!!
    i like the bg's effects^^
    and the chara is just superb!! +fav for sure!

  11. Kazuya-chan Mar 25, 2005

    good wall , sugoi desu kaolla-kake !!!
    that bg is nice ^_^ i like it ,
    keep it up u wall can make more cool ^_^
    soreja jana ( see ya ) ^_^

  12. nekohana Mar 25, 2005

    Big sister!!! I knew people would love it! Your just so cool with ur wallies! Everyone will love it I bet! But I thought u were gonna call it "Into the darkness"! You change ur mind? Into my favs it goes!!!

  13. skysong Mar 25, 2005

    Hey, that bg is soo awesome looking^^ Yeah, amazing job on the bg, and the pic is really clean and clear looking too. Great job, keep it up!

  14. anji Mar 26, 2005

    That's pretty interesting.
    I really like the original angle of the scene.
    And the merge with the Sci-Fi abstract and grungy is well done.
    I really like the monochrome colors.
    The bottom left corner seems empty, maybe you should add some lines there also.
    Anyway really nice overall. :)

  15. Tatsuya Mar 31, 2005

    nice grunge effect and techline! good job
    thank for sharing and keep it up

  16. cheshire Mar 31, 2005

    ya know everyone always says such nice things about walls unless they really really suck, this is of course not the case, the wall is ok but it could be much better if some small improvements were made. such as:
    1) the extraction on some areas of the image is pretty bad i.e. around the tassle on the hind girls pack and hand

    2) you said you were going for a tech/industrial feel but you used an abstract render, dont get me wrong its a good render (if you did it yourself) it just doesnt fit the mood you say youre trying to express. (if i ever see a giant spikey-swirly thing in a factory i'll let you know)

    3) you should use a wider varieity of tech brushes

    4) it was said that the bg blendin was good, i personally dont agree. and given your other work i think it could be better

    5) this one isnt a suggestion, just an opinion: dont post how many layers are in it because it doesnt matter and it makes you seem like a snyde jerk (but i digress)

    6) the text either should go, or be made smaller or different, or moved. or a combanation of the previous two

    well at least thats what i think....

  17. Aa-chan Apr 21, 2005

    Love the perspective on this one and it's perfect for my desktop ^__^ .

  18. Maija Apr 29, 2005

    *_* wow.....i love it......
    And by the why... I have another Chester Bennington picture.... called "Chaz" ;)

  19. Chobiits May 04, 2005

    Love the high quality wallpaper you got there.
    The background is very well done, love that "thing" in the middle, looks amazing. ^^
    The girls are well placed on the wallpaper too.
    The only part i didnt really feel suitable is the left side, it doesnt really relate to the right half of the picture.
    Overall a very good wallpaper. Thx for the hard work and sharing it.

  20. damian-atm May 08, 2005

    i like how you work on the background and the colors they all match in a kind of dark scenario

  21. ryee Nov 05, 2005

    wow...absolutely love it. nice job.

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