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Naru Nanao, Circus (Studio), Da Capo, Utamaru, Nemu Asakura
Naru Nanao Mangaka Circus (Studio) Studio Da Capo Series,Visual Novel Utamaru Character Nemu Asakura Character


Artist Comment

Wow, I've been vectoring this for a week because of school and stuff, so I was really glad when I finished this. ^_^'
I think I'm addicted to the pen tool. Anyway, I might wall this, but I'm kinda losing interest, so feel free to use it if you want to.
Sakura's hair was kind of a pain, but Utamaru (the cat) was fun to vector because he's so cute. XD Stumpy kitties are awesome.
If it sucks, well....sorry? XD
I got the original scan from Anime Project Alliance.

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  1. meteorcloud Mar 25, 2005

    .....what can I say =O???
    great job anda......thnx for the vector XD??????
    keep the works ^_^~!!!

  2. Haia Mar 25, 2005

    You really got talent and it shows very well...look at the vectoring of this thing.Excellent job! Looove theem!!! Kyaaaaaa~~~!!! +fav

  3. anji Mar 25, 2005

    This is a really nice vector zephiris so much details in this.
    I like the cat ^_^
    i am amazed by your patience.
    Thank you for all your work!

  4. ventures Mar 25, 2005

    nice vecterin zephi ~~ the gurls r very cute... n ur vecterin looks really clean n neat..
    good job..

  5. Athrun Mar 25, 2005

    Holy... O_O

    . . . . .

    Well you've outdone yourself this time. Vector's awesome, even tho it's over 2,000kb... but heck, it's clean and very wallable.

    I'd prolly end up walling it.

    . . . . .

    As soon as I learn how the f**k you make scenary BGs... but anyway. *favs*

  6. Acuni Mar 25, 2005

    the two look so great
    and the cat on her had is so cute. the shadows on them are great.

  7. Yumi-Chan Mar 25, 2005

    Great job on this dacapo vectir, zephy! I really love it =)
    And this really doesn't suck at all! Gosh, you're one of the greatest vector masters around here x____x!!
    The line art's really fine XD I spot no mistakes..rofl rofl.zephy is the best ^-^ *huggles*
    Of course yumi will give ya a fav for a fantastic piece of work ^____^~~

  8. DarkCrimson Mar 25, 2005

    Ahhh I waited for a new Vector from you my sweety.There are always so beautiful :D
    I just love this one.very cute looking Girls and hehe adorable Cat on her Head. XD
    Add to Favs my dear.Cant wait for your next one :D

  9. AkinaSpirit Mar 25, 2005

    Cute vector Zephy!! XD
    Good job n' the neko is soooo cute~! XP

  10. DayBreak Mar 25, 2005

    I have nothing to say but a perfect vectoring on them. ^^
    at first i thought it was....fro AIR TV >_>

  11. ryannzha Mar 25, 2005

    Quote by ShadowdudeI have nothing to say but a perfect vectoring on them. ^^
    at first i thought it was....fro AIR TV >_>

    neat vector..!!

  12. yoshimitsu Mar 26, 2005

    whoaa!! you gotta be kiddin me, this stuff is so professionally drawn it so beautiful!!1 :) :) :) im adding it to my favlist for sure!!!i luv vectors!!!

  13. semanga Mar 26, 2005

    OX OX OX wow very cool sweety very cool love your draw style ^^

  14. MouriRan Mar 26, 2005

    whoa!!! thats so awesome!!!
    the girls are sos so so so prettyful!!!!!
    n the colouring is too awesome 4 words!
    looking very professional!^^
    adding it to my favie 4 sure!
    keep up the great work!

  15. shinorei Mar 27, 2005

    I wuv this vector! It's way beyond amazing...can I say absolutely fantastic and breath taking? :D Oh God, you're so good at this! banzai!! ^__^ +favvie..I wuv this! -pokies-

  16. Devilet Mar 29, 2005

    holy crap! that's amazing *__*
    i wanna take your skills XD waiiiwaii! Zephie is so good at this~
    adding to my favourites, can't see any flaws.. colouring is quite spectacular aswell ^__^

  17. walkure245 Mar 30, 2005

    Amazing vector as always! You always picked good one to vector. I like their eyes and expressions. The kitty on her head is so kawaii and funny. Superb work~

  18. harakiri Mar 30, 2005

    Very beautiful and clean vector. I especially like the lines because they are so ... I forgot the word ^^"

  19. LunarRockStar Mar 30, 2005

    this looks really fantastic. your vector work looks so professional that is just so amazing. =^^= must adds to favs. ;)

  20. miyaira Mar 30, 2005

    wooooooooooooooowwwwwww!!!! XP XP XP XP
    its so cute!!!!!!!!! they are very sweet!! and that kitty cat thing, very prety (and adorable). XP XP XP
    good job! :)

  21. ioi Mar 31, 2005

    wow, it is huge, and it's very nice, clear and clean!!
    Very cool, excellent work!!

  22. yuoko Aug 23, 2005

    thanks you for this beautiful vector !!! Great work
    i used for my wallpaper http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/164466/
    see ya around

  23. Koenken Oct 06, 2005

    Nice job vectoring. The colors look great.
    You did good with all the details.
    Very cute.

  24. jeffng9 Nov 21, 2005

    Another nice awesome vector from you~
    You really did well especially the details and stuff
    keep up the good vectors~!

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