Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Wallpaper: Destruction Angel

Studio DEEN, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Rena Ryuugu Wallpaper

1024x768 Wallpaper

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Well ! My next wall *_* And i really hope you will like it because it took me some time and layers too :D Enjoy !

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  1. Stolen Mar 24, 2005

    Wow, I love the textures you've added to it ^_^

    The girl is a nice choice, especially the way that it adds a lot of movement (her skirt moving around like that kinda gives the impression either the doors have swung open or theres a lot of wind)

    Extraction is good (in fact, its hard to tell if it was extracted at all, it fits in really well with the rest of the wallpaper!) and the wings give her that nice characteristic that she's some sort of angel...why she's carrying a cleaver will always slightly worry me though! Like the sun in the background as its not too bright, and the clouds that go over it make a nice effect. The colours you've used really give off a warm autumn night (sunset sort of thing).

    Unsure of what to say to improve really - the only thing I can't really find words to comment on is where she is standing, I thought it could be made a little clearer, but I guess since this wallpaper seems to be quite conceptual anyway, maybe you don't really need to! I guess its something to think about hey?

    Thank you for your submission!

  2. Freedeal Mar 24, 2005

    Wew! I can say it really nice pic. It look very good (maybe because i like angle ) :D

  3. Alpha Mar 24, 2005

    Thanks for this great work, like always I like your work very much... + fav indeed.

  4. belmikry Retired Moderator Mar 24, 2005


    this is fabulous! its unlike most walliews i've ever seen! the texture and soft light, mixed with the scan- itw fabulous! i love the sunset-like colours, gives the piece a great feel! ^_^ kind of interesting that the shapes on the sides are approximate balance, gives a bit of variety to it >_<

    fav! >_<

  5. Mordin Mar 24, 2005

    ah nice wings, because both wings are balance in the same proportion. The bg is nice, but I can't tell whether it is raining or a glare from the sun behind her. :) Nice colunms in the sides, the details are very good. good job Sandra.

  6. darkwaterbunny Mar 24, 2005

    Looks really good. I like the colors that you used and the awsome effects. Scan extractions looks really great too ^^. Nice job, yay for the soft light!! Great job!!

  7. chibikko Mar 24, 2005

    i know the scan and must say you didn't change much, did you? so i suppose it's quite simple. the colors make it look interesting though. let's say it's nicely done, nee

  8. zaira Mar 24, 2005

    weeee!! sandra's new wallie!! the scan is soo cute!! m.. she looks so sad...... well bg is soo nice! i like the texture!! this wall is great!+fav!

  9. exentric Mar 25, 2005

    huhu ;_;
    sorry I didnt put any comment before. I was on my lazy mode. but since da wall was so since I just cant leave it alone *_*
    so now I'm not in lazy mode, comment time~ =P

    the wall is really nice! really!
    but I just can imagine how the bg was potrayed ._.
    da door and rain like feel. ._.
    really nice work but... @_@

  10. Aztec Mar 25, 2005

    Very nice wall.
    I have to say its really creative.
    Bg looks very nice.
    C ya later.

  11. rythem Mar 25, 2005

    looks great sandra XD
    the colours looks very nice to the eyes~~~^__^
    bg n girl is adorable~~XD
    a favie 4 u~~^__^

  12. Tirkyth Mar 25, 2005

    A very nice wall, that's for sure.

  13. NanakiREDXIII Mar 27, 2005

    Tres mignone et sexy, j'aime beaucoup les couleurs, bravo a l'artiste.

  14. chibi-lizard Mar 29, 2005

    whoa !! nice bg ! .. the theme ish pwettie :)
    lizzie likes the faded off wings
    but the rain ish a lil too much >.<
    other than that ... the rest ish reallie pwettie :D

  15. camacho Mar 31, 2005

    looks good nice texture but i think that the girls is to nice and beautiful for a angel of destruction

    nice the girl look nice jejejejej good wall

  16. Cyruz May 26, 2005

    Wow, love the theme of this one. I'm a fan of orange-red-ish concepts.

    Great work :)!

  17. Esperling Jul 24, 2005

    She's very pretty!
    It looks very cool!!!!!!!!!!

  18. theredchild Sep 08, 2005

    i like the artwork done here. It has awesome vibrant colors , i hadnt seen it before but it looks great. Congrats. Totally hot . +fav

  19. theredchild Sep 08, 2005

    i like the artwork done here. It has awesome vibrant colors , i hadnt seen it before but it looks great. Congrats. Totally hot . +fav

  20. hydetenshi Sep 11, 2006

    nice color and texture, her face looks sweet and innocent and yet she is a "destruction angel" hehe... in the same way that one wing is black and one is white.. I like it! ^^

  21. BlackSponge Dec 21, 2007

    Originality, is all I can say about this superb wall.
    I applaud you, Sandra.

  22. carl123abc Mar 19, 2008

    the effects and art owrk are great. thx for sharing

  23. Furiz Feb 01, 2010

    that is my favorite outfit from the entire anime

  24. NelaChan Mar 11, 2010

    Omg. Rena is an angel! Sweet!

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