Mahou Sensei Negima! Wallpaper: Asuna (contract)

Ken Akamatsu, Mahou Sensei Negima!, Asuna Kagurazaka Wallpaper
Ken Akamatsu Mangaka Mahou Sensei Negima! Series,OVA Asuna Kagurazaka Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Well, from the vector I posted before comes a new wall... .whaddo you know.

I crumpled up a few pieces of paper and scanned em for the bg. Then added a slight goldish colour underneath to give it a slight aged look. I used the proper spelling for Asuna's name (not the latin spelling) but all the rest of the text is direct from the card. So it the magic circle behind the text, which I actually vectored from the card, with the help of some other pics of star signs and some of the manga chapters where you can see the center of the circle...

Now time to do the manga page vector walls XP

And for those who'd like a red Pentagram, http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/96061/

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  1. Limality Mar 24, 2005

    Hello Hello

    heh good wall katz, nice to see someone walling negi =3 owww asunas uber hot. i like the vector ^^ look really clean (duh) and the background looks....paperish? also nice font there. did you make that pentagram yourself? i'd say you should have taken a hexagram for that though =\

    well here goes my rating's:

    Background: 10
    - no objections its simple and clean (Utada hikaru :3)
    Scan/Vector: 15
    - Great, i just love azuna >_> first time i ever gave a 15 out of 10 XD
    Effects: 8.5
    - Simple but good =3 like that pentagram and the paper? effect in the background
    Text: 10
    - Yes the text is well placed and the font is well chosen!

    First View Rating: 7.5
    - allthough you have fairly good xD ratings on the elements of the wall this didnt really have the uber something which makes me fav it ^^" BUT i dont want ne noob walls to get to top fav and this not >) so this will get faved dude

    keep it up ^^" and dont forget some pantsu in your next wall ><

  2. lanxx Mar 24, 2005

    hey this wall is realy good...
    the background is kinda simple but the effect is great....
    realy luv asuna
    realy luv the wall

  3. gdinod2001 Mar 24, 2005

    i like it very relaxing, keep up the good work! thanks for sharing again!!!

  4. MuZ0NaZ Mar 24, 2005

    the fact that you can see through the vector gives some more depth, i like it. just i think a red/orange-ish (kinda burnt out, just NOT blue <_<) magic circle would work better, but meh, thats just me >_>

  5. Nakayori Mar 24, 2005

    xD;; You crumbled up a piece of paper and scanned it? Weird, but awesome. ^o^;; The wallpaper turned out really good with the crumbled effect thingy, and I love the vector you did. Yaaaay for Katzbalger. X3;; :: Throws confetti. ::

  6. chingetscook Mar 24, 2005

    Nice, I like the way you did it so it looks like the whole thing is on a crumpled bit of paper, very cool idea.

  7. Athrun Mar 24, 2005

    Wow, interesting idea for a BG. Overall the wallpaper ownz. 8D Great job, Katz.

  8. BlackNinja Apr 19, 2005

    Great job man. I can't tell what that is in hte background but it works.

  9. wasaru Banned Member May 20, 2005

    the fact that you can see through the vector gives some more depth, i like it. just i think a red/orange-ish (kinda burnt out, just NOT blue ) magic circle would work better, but meh, thats just me

  10. janicehamtaro May 29, 2005

    Nice Asuna wallpaper you have there. I could have sworn i saw one just like that in another website.

  11. Darknemo2000 Jun 08, 2005

    Oh my...nice Asunas wallpaper..I really like it and it sure looks great to se her in that pose without being painted on Pactio card...cool...

  12. Zerox0714 Jun 20, 2005

    That is a huge sword Asuna has but anyway love the pic. ^__^ I saw a card with that Asuna on it .

  13. witsarut Jul 01, 2005

    Oh very good......
    Sword asuna it the big . wow wow wow
    ^-^ o_O 3_3 -_-

  14. revolver Jul 14, 2005

    Your wall is the best negima wall everrr !!!! love it add to fav ^,^

  15. Sanin Aug 24, 2005

    wow mad wall lookz great.!!

    da background Lookz great.!!

    n da guRl lOoK znice.!!

    makez mi wana watch Mahou sensei evn mOre.!! >,<!!!

    MAd walL Lookz great.!! ^^

  16. koager Sep 06, 2005

    very nice ^^
    but i dont get y she uses the fan when the pic always have her holding a sword.......

    do u think u can make a kataro wallpaper ^^?

  17. T-kun Feb 25, 2006

    This walli looks very awesome!^^
    Thanks for sharing your work with us!^^

  18. t3tSu863 Apr 19, 2006

    Wow! Very nice wallpaper! Great idea for the background..added to favourites ;)

  19. cassandraronald Apr 29, 2006

    nice wall

  20. IcyBlade May 25, 2006

    very nice nee~!

    I'm looking for a quality negima wallie and at last i found it.

    5 stars/5 stars for u!

  21. Bellatrix Aug 27, 2006

    hum... we know that ken akamatsu loves harry potter... "bellatrix..." I'm so happy that a mangas like this one exist ! ^^
    very good wall !

  22. galuizo Sep 19, 2006


  23. Adnana Dec 09, 2008

    I always liked Asuna's Pactio stance. Nice wallpaper indeed.

  24. stivsall Nov 06, 2009

    me encanta asuna-san ............ ah ah.......... kiero una igualitica...........
    jijijiji XD

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