Gravitation Wallpaper: Yuki Eiri - A Man with a Past

Maki Murakami, Studio DEEN, Gravitation, Eiri Yuki Wallpaper
Maki Murakami Mangaka Studio DEEN Studio Gravitation Series Eiri Yuki Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

< copy-paste >
okay, so i really enjoyed gravitation. and in celebration of me being able to by the whole series domestic for less than $40 i bring you a gravitation wall!

no you're thinking..."where is shuichi? the pink haired goofball!"
well, while i really enjoyed the romantic and funny aspects of the series, what really drew me in was the mystery and pain radiating from yuki.
i wanted to create a wall showing just that.
it's not a spoiler, but it's at the end of the series.
if you've seen the series, you'll know exactly what it is, if not, it's not giving anything away.
< /copy-paste>

well, apparantly in an other forum that wasn't tnough of a description, so i bring a better more direct description...

if you havn't seen gravitation, then only comment on the actual wotk put into the wall. composition, positioning and mood should be left alone, because you don't get the wall.

if you have seen it, i hope it brings back that part of the anime to your mind :D

okay, eiri is small for 2 reasons...one would be to enhance the lonliness, and 2 would be because i kept the same proportions that the screenshot i worked from had. had he been bigger in the screenshot, i would have made him bigger int he wall.

and regaurding the shadow (i checked this myself) while he's being lit, he's sitting up against the wall, and the light isn't falling on his head. he's just being lit by the light reflecting off the floor, and from the windows.

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  1. Haia Mar 21, 2005

    Oh! A mysterious and dark wallpaper! I just love it....the background is created nicely. Great thing you got here! Keep it up! +fav

  2. sylvacoer Mar 21, 2005

    You did such a fantastic job with the cityscape backround, but I can barely see Yuki! Might it have been possible for you to find a bigger scan of him? Like I said, fantastic job - dark, angsty, and fitting for the scene in that episode, but...

  3. tru-chan Mar 22, 2005

    Wow, this is amazing. I just love the details you put into the windows and the reflection. <3
    You did a fanatasic job with that. ^^

    *I'm one of those people that have not seen Gravitation... >_< Now I wish I had.

  4. hiei0021 Mar 22, 2005

    Lovely piece of eiri in his dreary moments of New York's flashbacks. Too bad shu isn't there too..hehe..nice

  5. asianspirit Mar 22, 2005

    gotta agree with everyone here. the background and scheming is fantasic! it love the angsty atmosphere it gives off. like sylvacoer said, eiri is too small. a little bigger than it's perfect!

    anyway, it deserves a fave and yes, gravitaion rocks! XD i had to add that...

    edit: now that i think about it, where's eiri's shadow? ^_^' i mean, since we can see him through the light fromt he window, shouldn't there be a shadow? ok, sorry-- i'm being the dork XD

  6. exentric Mar 22, 2005

    hmm... very detailed and very nice texture I'd say.
    the wall, the floor, curtain, very nicely done indeed.
    wats need more work is the window. looks a bit weird. I think it shud have been more transparent, despite the snow or anything at all.
    other than that, its an amazing wall. ^_^

  7. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Mar 22, 2005

    It gives a very detailed and dark vision in this wall even though the image is small, the bg works together with the image itself!
    Love the colors and great job as always Kalico! :)

  8. ShiNN Mar 22, 2005

    Very original concept. Everything is ok but the windows are a bit weird, I would have worked more on the glass and grunged it a bit as well, since it looks too clean if compared with the dirty and grungy room. Yet it really conveys feelings and atmosphere, and that's the real goal afterall :)


  9. DayBreak Mar 23, 2005

    This is very nice Kailco..i shall go all Critque on you >_<
    well lets see... The buildiings is inside is very detailed.
    But the curtains i find something weird about them, i can some white lines showin.
    It kinda throws off the feelin of the wall.
    The scan of him, is very clean. On the shattared windows part.
    Thtas awesome to, but the feelin of adding snow is kinda weird : /
    you could of added some mist outside, or..FEATHERS! < naw im kddin..
    im a feather freak i know. Great Job.

  10. Hikari-Sakurai Mar 27, 2005

    Ah..... a lovely angsty Yuki wall. I think it's the first one I've ever seen.
    Good work. It's nice to see the darker more serious side of Gravi being walled as good as this.
    I love the windows, the broken glass the New York skyline and the snow. The whole wall just captures the mood of the scene in question (and Yuki's entire persona) very well.
    A fav from me ^_^

  11. takerzmuse Apr 08, 2005

    *sparkles* Eiri-san! An angsty Eiri-san, at that! *purrs* The Grassy loves it, even if Shu-chan isn't in it! There aren't enough angsty "Gravitation" wallpapers out there, na no da...

  12. irisauau May 16, 2005

    It's really nice! i like the atmosphere alot! Yuki in dark! Good work

  13. ObedientEnslavement Jul 12, 2005

    I really like this wallpaper. One of my favorite scenes from the anime came from this moment. Very nice.

  14. HitomiEyes Jul 31, 2005

    Really nice wallpaper..I really really love it..no doubt about that..SUch a great bg too

  15. sekhmet11 Aug 18, 2005

    This is a great wallpaper. The background is fantastic. The scene reflects the cold desolate feelings that Yuki must be experiencing at this time (at least that's what I think :) ) Fabulous choice for a wallpaper. Thanks for sharing this one. Have to add to my favs.

  16. cloverfann Aug 25, 2005

    this gives an impression that it is very scattered and dark. the darkness and solitude

  17. kaworuchaos Sep 09, 2005

    Well done. I remember that part of the series and you did a really good job conveying the emotion of it. I like the image of Yuki that you used. Only thing that could be touched up a bit is the windows (like a few others mentioned). But it's still a great wallpaper. ;)

  18. Nyuu-chan Sep 27, 2005

    Amazing! Love your idea for it. Colors are suits with scan! Excellent work!

  19. yueki Nov 23, 2005

    THIS is my favorite scene in the anime Gravitation! That episode when Yuki travels through NYC always makes me sad but I also love that episode so much because the animators did such a great job recreating NYC. The winter time, in the dead of night and snowing in NYC really is sometimes like that.

    Anyway, I think you did a awesome job capturing the mood in this wallpaper and I do find it nostalgic. Thank you so much for sharing it! =]

  20. Suga-Blozzom Feb 23, 2006

    I remeber this part. It was so sad but cute! ^^

  21. LeeAnn Apr 28, 2006

    darkness is my best friend!

  22. Akatsuki-ne May 21, 2006

    lovely and it suit Yuki well.

  23. Melanie1993 Jul 12, 2006

    Awesome. That SO suits Yuki. Great idea! Good job!

  24. Ryoko1 Aug 08, 2006

    I love this one!

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