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Goto-P, Air, Misuzu Kamio, Doujinshi Wallpaper
Goto-P Mangaka Air Series,Visual Novel Misuzu Kamio Character Doujinshi Source

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

My apologies for deleting my previous version of this wallie.^^;; I improved it and now this is the result. XD It has 74 layers all in all and the layers are kept in 9 different folders. As you can see, I added some elements, edited some other elements and changed some elements. XD I still don't understand this weird concept of mine in this wal.^^;; But this is a fantasy/abstract/heaven wall.^^;;

To begin with the details of how I edited it, I added mist.^^;; And another bird. I resized the other birds too. The trees were also edited. I made them look more random.^^ And... I forgot some..XD I'm sorry about the blurry font!>< By the way, I made the castle myself! XP

Anyway, here are the credits!

* A BIG thanks to the owner of this scan: the scan - bensnow

* Thanks to Zuri-chan, Bromithia and MadWiz for their opinions and for helping me out!.^___^

*Thanks to Truly Sarah, VBrush and Insomniac Brushes for the other elements.^^;;

*Thanks to my pc, Adobe PS7, patience... and most of all, to the people from #minitokyo especially wuwu, daddy oshi, jack, MW, brom, Chopz, my slow ping buddy sammo (oh please don't ban me!><), Lima, Alex (Criox), Tama-Neko, chibi`kyo (Happy Birthday!), frozen, Katz and a lot more!^____________^ I love you all!XD This is for you!XD

Sowwy daddy oshi and jack for the small reso.. T_T

And finally, the dedication section!

I dedicate my wallie to Miwwy!^______^


If you want other resolutions, here they are:

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  1. jackalx66 Mar 21, 2005

    no comments for u >:3
    nice concept with the bg
    and u combined it with nice scan :D
    my complain just the res
    bigger is better >___<
    *pokelz einna coz make small res*
    and u use lot of brushes i see :3
    thats is nice tho
    thx for ur effort and share it in here

  2. Criox Mar 21, 2005

    Wat can I say? Its kawaii! ^^ Put more snowflakes on it, it will be better! ^^

  3. levitan Mar 21, 2005

    really neat wallpaper, like the bg, luv da colours (blue colour on the hair near shoulder) n da composure, >> gud work >>keep it up^-^

  4. pegassuss Mar 21, 2005

    Lovely! ^^ The atmosphere it creates is so lovely ^^ The background fits very well with the scan and it's very nice ^^ good work!

  5. Osiris Retired Moderator Mar 21, 2005

    ooooo purdy soft colors ^__^

    <--sucker for soft colors XD

    nice wall einna, kinda small though x_x

  6. deathe Mar 21, 2005

    awww shes so cute!! so simplee. she even has an angel ring on her headd so cuteee hehehe.

  7. mini-kagome Banned Member Mar 21, 2005

    kawaii its sooooooooooooooooooo cute just more snowflakes

  8. chibi-kyo Mar 21, 2005

    Waiii, that's just too cute, I love the soft clouds, want to jump on them XD

  9. DarkEVO Mar 21, 2005

    Looks better than the first. the background is much prettier. +Fav.

  10. volrath77 Mar 21, 2005

    This wallie is really soothing to my eyes. I like it! :) Fav'ed.

  11. ynk Mar 21, 2005

    I don't see mutch difreces..:P however Theare some detalis thst makes the wallie prettier:D Good job^^

  12. AngelKate Mar 21, 2005

    Oh cool, you changed it! :) It's very pretty, I liked it before but I like it now too! I like what you added. Nice job!! :)

  13. Espritdumort Mar 21, 2005

    The wallpaper gives off a nice soft feeling. The background is really good. Keep up the good work!

  14. Holt Mar 21, 2005

    Like I said last version, the scan is really beautiful and so is the background. The clouds look even better! Well done!
    The text "an angel's dream" is a bit hard to see though...

  15. Kiako Mar 21, 2005

    nice wallpaper, the background looks very beautiful, i like the clouds and the rainbow and the birds and everything and the trees on the botom look interesthing, it all suits the cahra.

  16. MouriRan Mar 21, 2005

    wowzers! very very kawaii wallie einna!^^
    i love love the scan! shes so prettyful!^^
    n the background is so fantastic!^^ very very awesome!^^
    hehehe.this ones on my favs 4 sure!
    keep up da great work!

  17. Mordin Mar 21, 2005

    ah!!!! you took out the castle, I love that castle and the rainbow, it still look good, but what happen. :D I see you improve it, but I missed that rainbow. :)

  18. StarCentury Mar 21, 2005

    Einna made a better version of my fav wallie! :D Well, I couldn't see the changes you made from your previous wallie, mebbie my eyes aren't trained for this! >.< However, you're new wallie looks much brighter and elegant than ever! I just wish the resolution was bigger! T_T O well, nice work einna! [+ 2 favs]

  19. sword Mar 22, 2005

    the scan is a bit blurry but it blends well with the bg. all in all a pretty good wall.

  20. bromithia Retired Moderator Mar 22, 2005

    Hi Einna. Even though I already commented in the IRC, I'll comment right here also. Here it goes.

    First, I love the idea, the clouds, rainbow, birds, and all together heavenly atmosphere. My favorite part about this wallpaper is the clouds actually, them and the castle go awesome together. The rainbow could be alittle larger and more visible, but it looks great either way. The characters quality is one thing I'm not so crazy about, you said the original scan was small, so I know it's hard to work with small scans. The leaves and trees are bleh, they look out of place, but at the same time they blend nicely. The font fits awesome, I love it. The title is very nice as well. It looks like you tried to do walls or something around the castle? It's just not very visible, which is blends nicely. If it were too visible then there'd be too much going on in the backround. Overall this is a very nice wallpaper Einna, I love it all. I hope to see more works like this from you soon ^^!

  21. Paolo Mar 22, 2005

    nothing beats celestial wallpapers! ;) big sis makes beautiful celestial walls! *hugs* ^^

  22. ange-argente Mar 22, 2005

    Ooh, so pretty. I love how soft it feels. The colors work out really nice with the scan, and the clouds and the light look absolutely gorgeous!

  23. Chopstickz Mar 22, 2005

    hehe sorry for the late reply
    anyways its pretty
    and the girl is cute
    the sky looks great
    but there should be chopsticks in the ground instead of trees XD
    awesome wallie ^_~

  24. Stolen Mar 22, 2005

    Hey einna!

    Wow, I thought when i opened it up i had already made a comment on this one, but it's nice to see that you've taken the time to improve it! That shows a great artist in the works! ^_^

    The scan is really kawaii (I'm totally sure i said that last time as well), and i think the mood of the wallpaper really helps to aid that thoughtful romanticising look in her eyes. The misty background adds a heavenly feel, and the birds just remind of those childhood days down by the seaside >< ignore that, it is a good thing really!

    I love the colours you have used for this - the pureness of the whites, the pastel shades, the pure modern colours really keep the angelic girlie look to it, although I think if you seriously had it on your desktop it could blind you >< but thats not necessarily a bad thing once you have gotten used to it!

    Liking the little halo too - didn't think that was on the original, but had to mention it anyway, she does look like the epitome of a little angel! The clouds really give the impression of the heavens above - maybe she is an angel walking among us.

    Thank you for re-submitting it, it looks awesome!

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